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Because you only live once.

Normally we're nice and will reply to any email you send us. However if you email us a question about the following, then it won't get replied to.

* No, these cards aren't real.
* No, these cards aren't for sale.
* Sorry, we can't help you with your fake cards or website.
* We use Photoshop to make our fake cards.
* You can make us a fake card if you want to!
* We didn't invent fake cards, but we did popularize them.
* No, we don't need help working on PA!.
* No, you can't be webmaster or forum moderator/admin.
* No, we're not accepting fan fic submissions.
* Yes, you can send us news.
* Sorry, we can't answer all your emails.

After all that said, you can email us:
Nick15 - / AIM: nickfifteen
RyoShinX - AIM: ryoshinx
Dark Aspenth - AIM: darkaspenth
Kaizer Myuu - email/aim withheld
LittleOD2 - AIM: littleod2
MegaX - AIM: crystaliselite

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