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To Be A Fake Master

"To be a fake mas-ta is my destin-yyyyyyy!"

Yes! This page will help you become a fake card master in no time flat! Well... relatively speaking. Actually, this page has all the tips and tricks Nick15 uses to make his fake cards, and also has a very valueable list of proper game text so that your attacks and Pokémon powers sound a bit more realistic. Shall we get started?

Symbol Placement Guide:
This section gives you the tips and tricks in order to get those symbols JUST right on the card!

Text Placement Guide:
Type the text in the proper place with this guide.

Game Text Grammar:
Cross your T's and dot your I's with this handy text section.

Attack Archives:
Running out of attack ideas? Pop by this section for some inspiration.

Stats Cut'N'Paste:
Tired of having to skim through your Game Boy's Pokédex to find the right stat (and later find out you don't even have the Pokémon)? This section take care of that task for you!

Have you always wondered how to make Fake Booster Packs? Well, now is your chance to impress your friends and family even more with custom Booster Packs to accompany your expansion.

The Backdrop Tutorial:
Make backdrops like madman! This section will teach you how to do it.

Photoshop Tips and Tricks:
Learn Photoshop ideas and tricks from the Fake Master (who also uses Photoshop!)
(Note: This section was made with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 in mind. Users of earlier versions may miss out on a few things, and users of later versions may find those features someplace else.)

Other Fake Tips and Tricks:
Other useful information can be found here!

Enjoy this handy guide! Remember, these tips come from the Fake Card Master, Nick15! They're 99.9% accurate! Boy howdy! ... Nick is REALLY taking a risk in sharing his secrets like this... he may no longer be the Fake Master!

If you want to add a tip (or point out something wrong), email us.

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