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Donate Your Filthy Money To PA!

If you have some money, give it to us. Please?

Actually, we're not looking for hand outs. Frankly even thinking about asking you to send me cash goes way below my moral-o-meter. But this web server isn't run on candy bars and love, and I don't exactly make a whole lot of money to spare on web server junk.... and cards... and Super Big Gulp... and the occasional PS2 game... So if you think the best thing you can do to help PA! is to send money and not by doing something ridiculous like visiting it every day or telling your friends about it, then we've set up a PayPal thingy for you to do just that. "Just that" meaning sending money.

But don't expect anything special by giving me money. By doing so, you're basically telling me "Hey Nick, have a hamburger for lunch, it's on me." and not "Hey Nick, I donate the most money, I deserve to be webmaster now." Nor will it get me to do things like "Send me $900 and you'll get a secret fake card!" ... And then maybe if no one sends money, we could start charging fees, like $3 for a Custom Title on the forum or something stupid like that. .... Nah, it's not worth it.

By the way for you hardcore PA!-ites, this is not a sign that PA! will try and comercialize ourselves. People have mentioned to me numerous times in the past "I'll send you money if it helps", and I was thinking to myself "Oooh! Free money!", and so I set this thingy up. If people are willing to pay for a website that they get for free otherwise, then hey, what the heck?? ... Frankly I make enough money working at my 9-to-5, so this PayPal deal is for a lunch every once in a while.

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