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One Million Hits Plus:

Mega Million Hits Contest Deal Du Jour

OK, here's the contest. Be visitor 1,000,000 according to the Bravenet counter and win stuff! That's it!

The deal is though you HAVE to email me a screenshot of your 1,000,000th visit (or if you don't know how to take screenshots, just email me telling me that you're the 1 millionth person). BUT, if I get two or more people sending me a screenshot of a 1,000,000 hits, I'll know that at least one of you is faking it and NO ONE will win. This means that when the counter goes past 1 million hits, I should only have 1 person emailing me that they got the 1 millionth hit. Got it?

The prize? I'll figure something out soon enough. :)

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