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Well, why not? .... Anyways, this page has "a lot" of banners and stuff for you to advertise PA! with on your equally-as-cool-if-not-cooler website. They come in all shapes and sizes, kinda like a box of Lucky Charms. Only with less marshmellows. ... Do me a favor though, unless you want to pay for my bandwidth, can you do me a favor and download these icons to your computer for your website rather than linking directly to them? I'll be your friend...

88 x 31 ICONS:
- Standard PA! Logo [by: Nick15]

468 x 60 BANNERS:
- Standard PA! Banner [by: Nick15]

500 x 150 BANNERS:
- Standard PA! Banner [by: Nick15]
- Propaganda Banner [by: Nick15]
- Lenin Nick Banner [by: Nick15]

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