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Original cards for the original fanfic!

Take a peek at some of the characters from the fan fiction storyline Pokémon City, created by Robert H Magnusson back during PA!'s first year (1999)! A total of 20 have been made.

Card Name Pokémon Type Number
Marrilyn Marril 1
Chue Pikachu 2
Ray Raichu 3
Jiggs Jigglypuff 4
Champ Hitmonchan 5
Buzz Electabuzz 6
Charlie Charmander 7
Sandy Sandshrew 8
Tartaruga Blastoise 9
Percy Persian 10
Sandra Sandslash 11
Kruehler Tentacruel 12
Spiro Spearow 13
Lee Hitmonlee 14
Cyrus Psyduck 15
Gon Porygon 16
Spunk Trainer 17
Dr. Lucky Trainer 18
Club Thunder Trainer 19
De-Evolution Beam Trainer 20

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