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About Pokémon Aaah! This is a website. I made it.

Actually this is a Pokémon website (duh) that I've been doing on and sometimes off for about 4 years now. Built on a dare back in April 10th, 1999, PA! has evolved from a little page-and-a-half info page to a web phenomenon. Then slightly deevolved about a year ago. It has recently been reborn and I don't plan on killing it off anytime soon.

This site primarily focuses on the Pokémon TCG. I guess because it's the least childish thing about the whole Pokémon franchise. We've got SOME Game Boy info, not much Anime stuff... never been too keen on the latter. PA! also has quite a history of Pokémon TCG Fake Cards, as they DID beocme popular on this site first. Not that I want to make a big deal about it.

That's about it.

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