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Vending Guesstimation Card List (Translations!)
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So really... what is Vending? Here are the facts:

Set Size: ??? in the US, at least 108 in Japan.
Since this wasn't a set-set like Jungle and Fossil were, we're not sure how many exactly were part of Vending. We do know that the cards were actually sold in vending machines sheets of 3 (2 commons, 1 uncommon). There were three print runs of these vending sheets, Red, Blue, and Green, each run having 36 cards in them, which is a total of 108 cards. There was also a single sheet of 3 rare cards, so it totals up to about 111 cards. But since it wasn't part of the Red, Blue, or Green sets, it really doesn't count.

Set Order: 4th set in the Japan, ??? in the US.

Release Date: Before June 1999 in Japan, ??? in the US.

Block Set: ???
Since it hasn't been released in English, it doesn't apply (yet) to DCI Block format.

Other Goodies:
• Chances are, when this set is released in English, they won't be sold in vending machines. Why? Not cost effective, and much to expensive to maintain. It would be a different thing if that's all what Wizards did, but they don't do vending machines. Which is a good thing because most likely the sheets of 3 cards would cost $1 to get, and $3 for 9 cards isn't worth it (over say $2.50 for 11 cards).
• This set is commonly refered to as "Vending" due to the fact that it was sold in vending machines in Japan. However that's not its official name.
• A number of Vending cards have already been released in English. The following were originally in Vending:

Promo Pikachu #4
Promo Mewtwo #12
Promo Pikachu #27
Master Ball (from Gym Challenge)
Max Revive (from Gym Challenge)
Promo Magmar #44
Promo Scyther #45
Promo Electabuzz #46
Promo Articuno #48

Symbol: The symbol for Vending is a Poké Ball.

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