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So really... what is Team Rocket? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 82/83 in the US, 66 in Japan.
Once again, Wizards did the holo/nonholo deal. There was also a secret "Dark Raichu" card in the set, which was the Pokémon TCG's first card created by Wizards (and not the last one, I can assure you!)

Set Order: 5th set in the Japan, 5th in the US.

Release Date: ??? in Japan, April 24th, 2000 in the US.
Toys R Us got a sweet deal, they got it a few days earlier than the rest of the US.

Other Goodies:
• The TCG's first Wizards-made card was released in this set. And surprise!; it's Dark Raichu. But although it was a Wizards first card, it wasn't totally 100% Wizards made. The art was done by Mitsuhiro Arita, one of the regular Japanese TCG artists. But the upside that the image WAS something made specifically for the card, and wasn't something that was laying around the office. Cool, none the less.
• Despite popular rumors and commonly used phrases, the Pokémon were called "Dark". This was over the plain-sounding "Bad" or the possibly offensive "Evil" prefixes.
• One popular hoax (which was what made a certain someone popular) that was started on this site had said that Rocket was going ot be released on January 8th. More on that in the PA! Hoaxes section.

Other Images:
Dark Charizard & Dark Gyarados
Dark Raichu
Australian W-Stamped Dark Charmeleon

Symbol: The symbol for Team Rocket is an R thingy.

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