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Preconstructed Deck Info

Wheee! This here is the preconstructed deck listing for the two Neo Preconstructs, Hotfoot and Cold Fusion. Enjoy!

Each deck comes with:
• 28 Energy cards, some in multiples
• 32 all-new Neo Genesis cards, some in multiples
• 10 damage counters
• 1 Poison marker
• 1 generic counter
• 1 32-page advanced rulebook
• 1 card list
• 1 Pokémon game coin.

Cold Fusion

Main Deck:

1 Kingdra
2 Seadra (Neo)
4 Horsea (Neo)
2 Totodile LV.13
2 Totodile LV.20
2 Croconaw LV.??
2 Swinub
1 Piloswine
4 Mareep
2 Flaafy
4 Cinchou
2 Lanturn

1 Eco Gym
2 Berry
1 Bill's PC

16 Water
12 Lightning

Cold Fusion ensures every one of you opponent's Pokémon won't be safe. Lanturn's Angler attack does more and more damage for each Water Energy on it. And discarded Energy from Flaafy's Discharge attack go straight back into your hand when Eco Gym is in play. Kingdra will switch out your opponent's Pokémon to damage them and Pilowsine's Blizzard can do damage to all of your opponent's Pokémon.


4 Totodile
2 Croconaw
3 Water Energy

1 Ampharos
1 Seadra
1 Kingdra
2 Lightning
1 Piloswine
1 Super Energy Retrieval (Neo)
2 Energy Flow (Gym Heroes)


Main Deck:

1 Jumpluff
2 Skiploom
4 Hoppip
3 Spinarak
1 Ariados
4 Cyndaquil
2 Quilava LV.35
2 Magmar (Neo)
2 Stantler

1 Focusband
2 Professor Elm
1 Gold Berry
1 Miracle Berry
2 Fishing Rod
2 Pokémon March
1 Berry
2 MooMoo Milk

14 Grass
14 Fire

The object of Hot Foot is to attack fast and strong with as little Energy as possible and amke you opponents fall in their tracks from status effects. In the mean time you can build up Magmar and stantler to finish off your opponent's weakened Pokémon. You can improve this deck more by adding another Skiploom and Jumpluff along with Scyther and Pinsir for quick and hard attacks.


3 Fire Energy
2 Grass Energy
2 Pokémon March
1 Fishing Rod

2 Scyther (BS2)
2 Pinsir (BS2)
1 Skiploom
1 Jumpluff
1 Ariados
1 Double Colorless Energy (BS2)

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