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The first expansion to come out of Japan reaches the shores of the US!

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So really... what is Jungle? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 64 in the US, 48 in Japan
Jungle was originally 48 cards big in Japan, however in the US it was expanded to 64 cards since WotC decided to make non-Holo versions of the rares (which were originally holos).

Set Order: 2nd set in the US, 2nd set in Japan
Jungle was the second set. Yeah.

Release Date: June 16th, 1999 in the US; ??? in Japan
Jungle was originally planned to be released in US around August (and rumored as late as October), however since Topps was releasing their Pokémon trading cards early in the summer, WotC decided to push Jungle waaaay ahead of schedule to June 16th. ... Within two weeks, 1st Edition Jungle was nowhere to be seen. Unlimited Jungle was released shortly thereafter.

Other Goodies:
Jungle is OUT OF PRINT in North America, however it is still being produced in other Eastern countries.
• The 1st Edition print run of Jungle also contained the ULTRA-RARE 1st Edition Promo Pikachu #1. Word is that there was 1 of these to every 10 boxes. If you have it, hold onto it. Or sell it for a lot of cash!
• Proof of then-Media Factory's mismanagement of the game begins early; there's only ONE psychic Pokémon in the set, Mr. Mime. Yeeech. Not to mention all the rares were holo. It's amazing how the secondary market in Japan survived to begin with.
Jungle is one of sets banned in the DCI's Modified tournament format for the Pokémon TCG.

Symbol: The symbol for Jungle was a flower.

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