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Why Make BS2?

So now I guess you're asking, "Why should Wizards make Base Set 2???"

Well, Wizards of the Coast can't be reprinting cards forever. It's just not cost effective and who knows what other reasons. So with card sets that's been around for a while, those sets will eventually become out of print (meaning that WotC will stop printing them). However, if you're a fresh player and you can cards from out of print sets, WotC always reprints them in a new edition. It's been a long tradition of WotC to reprint sets.

What Base Set 2 is a reprint of a certain cards found in Basic and Jungle. What's better about Base Set 2 is that some of the not-so-popular cards won't be reprinted in the set. This makes the entire card set for BS2 130 cards big, less then the 166 cards you can find in both Basic and Jungle (102 Basic + 64 Jungle = 166 cards).

But don't fret! Just because some cards aren't going to be reprinted in BS2, there will be NO cards banned (banned cards are cards you can't use in official PokÈmon tournaments). Nope, not one card banned.

... One other reason to why some cards were taken out in BS2 was because a good number of those cards could be found in the next Team Rocket edition! Ponyta and Rapidash are both found in TR, so is Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon! Hmm...

So if you're an old player, then BS2 isn't for you. But if you're a new player, or aren't even a TCG player yet, then BS2 is the set for you. The rules are simpler to understand, there are a lot of powerful cards to work with, and you won't be shafted when it comes to rares! Have fun!

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