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Monday, July 23rd 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• I asked for it! / ...and you guys gave it to me!
JUMBO SIZED FUN / 'Nother tidbit from yesterday
• Some New STS News / Possible NEW RULE Might Be Added


Hmmm.. today looks merely like a rehash if yesterday's news... funny.. I really meant to put some new stuff here. Honest I did.

Well, I'm updating again. I've got 1 tiny STS tidbit.... Check back later today to read the official PA! Report on the STS, complete with pictures, deck listing, street names, post offices, and little steeples and everything.

I'll also try to update some of the pages around here. I know the American Promo section needs a bit of an update...

I asked for it!

Well... if you recall yesterday's news there was a little thing along the lines of...

I'll even go as for as to give a prize for the first one to email me with conclusive proof of his name.

It seemed like THAT got you motivated. In the first 12 hours after I posted that I got roughly in the neighbourhood of 65 replies, the first of which came seconds after I posted it, or so it seemed. Well the final tally is in and it looks like Lawrence the Third is the clearcut winner! Let's take a look at our demographics here...

Yup.... looks like 97% of the people did indeed figure that Lawrence III was the correct name.... perhpas I missed something somewhere, eh? Of course Bob is catchy too... "Bob the Evil Brit Collector"

So then, who is the winner? Well although a large majority of you had the right answer, the winner is... Philippe Van Lieu! ...hey wait a minute! NICK! You can't win! The real winner is
PhantomX, who is the proud recipient of an Ancient Mew! Way to go PhantomX!


Ooooh... not only did I get nearly 300 people telling what what an Idiot I was about Lawrence, I also got quite a few telling me that I was an idiot about the Ledgendary Birds card.

Although I didn't mention it yesterday, I DID know that it was a Jumbo card, and thus there is no way in hell you could use it... too bad too, because it would be pretty easy to find it again, huh?

Some New STS News

Well, before I get into the full details of what happened and everything, I learned about something new concerning a POSSIBLE NEW RULE in the Pokémon TCG. (Remember, this is still being talked about by WOTC, so NOTHING is official yet.)

At the STS, the decks played there were about 85% Wigglytuff/Haymaker. Now this is a sign that the current Pokémon tournament environment has gone from bad to worse, since it doesn't allow any new and original decks to be played. Aside from those staggering numbers, many of those decks only play with Basic Pokémon, and would win not from Pokémon attacks, but from Trainer cards. The trainer cards in the deck were the KEY to winning. So because of their pure speed and massive Trainer "attacks", it totally destroys almost any deck you throw in front of it. Many players have trouble playing decks with Evolution cards (like Charizard or Fearow) since their Basic Pokémons will be KO's way before they can get evolved.


So, in an effort to increase the number of of DIFFERENT decks being played in Pokémon TCG tournaments, WotC proposed a "15-20 Trainer Card Limit" on Pokémon TCG decks.

One WotC employee was heard saying; "This is POKÉ-mon, not TRAINER-mon." in reference to how much Trainer cards have dominated the game, and not Pokémon.

Since many decks revolve around the Trainer cards, having a Trainer card limit might allow many powerful decks to become more manageable and slower to play against. The trainer card limits will single-handedly slow down Haymaker/Wigglytuff decks from dominating the game, and allow for you to evolve your Pokémon and build them up in time to KO your opponent's Pokémon. Also, having the player have only 15 to 20 trainer cards in the deck forces the player to work on better strategies, one that will allow the player to win with only 15 to 20 trainers.

So with the trainer limits, it'll force fast decks to slow down, which will allow more original decks to be played and it will provide more FAIR games.


This limit proposal is causing a lot of hot debates on many TCG sites. However, many more people seem to prefer this trainer card limit as a method to creating more original decks instead of banning/restricting individual cards.

Before, banning was the only alternative to slow powerful decks down. However, many people didn't like it because it remove cards from other peoples decks who do deserve to play with them, also many game players believed that Pokémon just doesn't work with bannings like other TCG's do. But then, this was the best way at the time to slow decks down.

However, with trainer card restrictions, it keeps cards in the game, and it also slows decks down (in the way that many "pro-Banning" people want).


But, this rule is still being TALKED ABOUT, meaning that it's still NOT OFFICIAL. But it does give you something to think about when playing Pokémon TCG.


So what do you think about it? Why not discuss it at the PA! Forums?

Sunday, July 22nd 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• The Power of One / KidsWB Presents another Hack job!
De Birds! De Birds! / Ooooh... need four of THESE in a Haymaker


Well... Nick somehow managed to get to the STS, and I'm damn sure that he will give us a full report soon... In other news, my Net access runs out in three days so I can FINALLY get DSL at home... then maybe I can update with PICTURES again... I have a lot of them too...

The Power of One

Actually, I thought it was not too bad... there were some REALLY stupid parts in it though... I'm talking REALLY Stupid. I mean what was up with Slowking's Pants comment? It was just stupid toilet humor... of course the 250 kids in the theater found it hilarious...

Anyway, all in all I was pretty pleased with it. I mean it had everything you need. Sex, Violence, Mad Collectors... which reminds me.... This goes out to everyone that mentioned it, YES my character sketch of The Echidna is loosely based on the Collector, probably because it was a pic of him that I first used... What's even scarier though is that I actually LOOK like my Picture up there... I mean sure, I'm a lot less animated, but it looks like me.

Now just a couple comments... anyone else notice the screwup in the Dance of the Bellosom Song? Is it just me, or were all the Poliwhirls saying Poliwrath? I mean do they want to evolve THAT badly... Lastly... WHAT THE HELL WAS THE COLLECTOR'S (aka Jirarudan in Japan) NAME?!?! It said NOWHERE... In fact... I'll even go as for as to give a prize for the first one to
email me with conclusive proof of his name.

De Birds! De Birds!

Ooooh... For once in my life I wish I had a WB Store around here... With any $10 Purchase you get one of these suckers...

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres!

Ooooh.. that sure beats the Neo Lugia IMHO. Anyone care to trade me for one of these... I have a bunch of Ancient Mews to get rid of...

Thanks to
Greg for the Huge scan. And I mean HUGE. It was 3.1MB before I got to it... MJ almost killed me for my mailbox being so big... well, I had other stuff in there too...

Friday, July 20th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Today's the Day... / Pokémon the Movie 2k
Promo 17! / Bloody well about time!
• STS / Words to cheer up poor Nickie by


I'm Baaaaaaaaack! Didja all miss me? Like Nick Finally said, my modem was on the fritz, or so I thought. I got a new modem, but nothing. So I thought it was my ISP... Nope. Tried my UofC access but to no avail. Anyway I still have no flippin' clue what's wrong so updates by Ech still may be a bit few and far-between.

Today's The Day

All across North America on this Friday Afternoon kids will be lined up to see Pokémon the Movie 2000! Yes, after months of waiting, (well I have been at least) the day has come and we get to see The Power of One. Oooh... I can't wait... of course, I also can't wait to get the cool new Ancient Mew card either. =)

So dear old Ech's agenda is like this... Go to work. Pretend to work until Noon. Figure out a way to skip out of work without being missed. Go to the Lawyers and drop off some paperwork. Go to the bank and get some $$$. (Yes! Dune is getting me Neo2! All I have to do is give him Money!) then go pick up my sister and her band of ugly friends and go get Pokécrazy!


Tomorrow I should have a scan of the card for you, and some commentary. Then in the next week or so if everything works according to plan, I SHOULD have something else cool in store that's PTM2K related...

Promo 17!

I'm sure that everyone had heard the Rumors about good Old Dark Persian Holo being Nintendo Power Subscribers Promo, but just like EVERYTHING The Big N does, it was delayed...

Anyway, good Old
Hackman has finally gotten his and shared a scan for all of us! Sweet! Now although you can't see it in this scan, Giovanni's Head is actually in the background too... Double Sweet.

Promo 17: Holo Dark Persian


Well the STS is right upon us and it looks like everyone's favorite Webmaster isn't going... THEN in even MORE shocking News yesterday, Nick announced HE wasn't going either! (Sorry... couldn't resist. =) )

Anyway, to try and make Nick feel better, here are Ech's Predictions for the STS... [The Echidna pulls a fishbowl from under the table and sets it upside-down in front of him.

Ooooh... I see that it will be total and complete CHAOS. People will have no idea what the hell to do and the judges will bail out almost instantly... I see thousands of little kids storming the doors with their three badges wanting in, hopefully making WotC realize what a stupid idea that was. Hmmm... the whole tournament will be overrun with decks that are cheap. I see nothing but Haymakers out there.... every deck has at least four SER in it... Not a pretty sight... not a pretty sight indeed... Surfing Pikachu will be given out as an STS Promo...

Wait, you didn't know about Surfing Pika? The next great Fake From Team Hoax?! Ack! Sacrilidge! Well... maybe because it didn't turn out too good...
Purity has a bit on info about it on The Den and I'm just working on the Gallery page as we speak.

There you have it... Nick, don't feel too bad about not going. I'd say that it really isn't worth it.

Thursday, July 21st 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• You Didn't Expect Me To Update, Didn't You? / Probably not...

... The situation goes from bad to worse. My ride needs money to go.... and he has none. So therefore, I'm stuck here without a ride to LA. ... Unless I spend $170, along with a friend who'll might also play $170, but he's a bit iffy. Or I can spend $170 on a round trip plane... leave San Francisco early Saturday morning, and return late Saturday night.... yuck.

I need to get to The STS. But I'm without a ride right now. This really SUCKS. After all this work of making cool T-Shirts and advertising.... and deck tuning.... all this for nothing. This REALLY SUCKS.

Wednesday, July 19th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Video Game Boxes Galore! / Wow!

Oh... actually Ech didn't turn on you guys. I was only joking. Actually, his modem is on the fritz, so he can't upload ANYTHING. Oh well....

Oh yeah... and today, I'll be REALLY busy getting my stuff together to leave for the STS. If you send me any email, there is a chance that I WON'T be able to reply to it. Then tomorrow, I'll be leaving, and I won't be back until sometime on Sunday. Hwah!

Video Game Boxes Galore!

Well, this is the only news I can scrounge together in such short notice. Anyway, I recently got a Toys R Us avertisement in the mail, and it had all sorts of Video Game images for upcoming Pokémon video game releases. So I'd though I'd scan it for you. Enjoy!

Click here to view the new PKMN-VG Boxes. Whoo!

Of course, if you don't believe me, just wait until you get the Toys R Us advertisement in the mail. I WISH I could see your faces when you realize that this is NOT fake. :D

Tuesday, July 18th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• PA! Version 4.15 Today! / v4.15 and Nick15. Coincidence?

Well, sna. I've got nothin'.

PA! Version 4.15 Today!

Well, not to add too much hype to this site update, but it's up 100%. Nothing much as been added, just things have been updated.

Let's see what's new or different....

Fake Edition cards got a major overhaul. Any mistakes I've made that I know of have been fixed.

• The Make Your Own Pokémon Card section got some additions. I finally added the "Preconstructed Packs" for the American Blanks. (Yeah!) I've also recently acquired a PC, so now I've added the proper font sizes for Windows.

• The Gym 1 section has split.... I've moved all Gym: Heroes info from the Gym 1 section into it's own section. Whee! Now you can see all sorts of images and symbols and stuff. Cool! Also, I've added the section for Gym: Challenge in the sidebar, although nothing is in it right now.

• Are you ready for the Super Trainer Showdown? What?? You're not? Well, brush up on the STS in the new Super Trainer Showdown 2000 Info section. It gives you the straight info on the STS and any other STS related news.

• I've also dug into some old G/S news, and I've added a new Gold/Silver Lost Pokémon section, showcasing some of the Pokémon that never made it.

• I've updated the Other Fakes section to add the "Safari Zone" packs, along with a new, never before seen Other Fake. If you want to see it, move on down to the Other Fakes section.

• And then other cosmetic and minor info updates. Try to figure out what's new!

Well, that's all I have to say. Enjoy this v4.15 update. I worked hard on it... so hah!

Monday, July 17th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• PA! Version 4.15 / Something of a Major Site Update

Bah. Since Ech isn't updating, I WILL. Humph. He has some nerve to skip out on updating.

PA! Version 4.15

Uhm.... tomorrow, you'll be seeing something new and interesting on this site... a major site update! Yup, I'll be updating almost every page on this site, and adding new sections and pictures and what not. Blah. The site layout won't change, so don't worry.

Now unlike last time whenever I'd do a major site update, the site would be down for like forever until I got everything uploaded. Well, that won't happen this time around. I have a new method in updating my site, all it costs is that the server will be down for like an hour or two in the middle of the night (well, middle of the night in the US and Canadia). But it's not like you'll be going to my site at that time. Ha!

So OK, check out tomorrow and see an updated PA!. Coolness!

Friday, July 14th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Whats in a Name / Okay... pathetic, but I'll make it up to you


[The Echidna looks at the clock. 2:57AM... He looks at his watch. 2:55AM. He askes the computer what time it is. "It's two fifty seven"]
Okay... I swear... last time!

Whats in a Name

Well... as expected I had several people email me about the real names of Steel Oyster Thingie and Stressed Out Ghost Guy.... well, by several I mean one. Only one person emailed me... I was shocked to say the least.

Anyway, thanks to
Pokémaster Nathan for telling me that SOT is really Foretosu and SOGG is actually Soonansu! Cool, I guess...

Anyway for tomorrow I will have a HUGE addition to the Neo2Dex with TWENTY Huge Neo2 Scans from
Blackstar, the one that sent in the scans of Steel Oyster and Stressed out Ghost Guy, er... I mean Foretoso and Soonansu. Hmmm... I wonder if Blackstar is any relation to Dunestar... they both have great scans!

Cheers, and make sure to visit PA! Weekend Edition for all the coolest Neo2 stuff!


Thursday, July 13th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Neo2 Aaah! / Your number one source for all things Neo2.


Ooooh... it's Thursday The Thirteenth! Scary, huh? Anyway, I would like to congratulate IVIegaX, a contributor to this site on finally turning 18 yesterday! Way to go man! You can now be tried as an adult in most of North America!

Neo2 Aaah!

Okay, I SWEAR this will be the last time I update at 3AM... it's REALLY hard to find news when you are 90% asleep...

Todays source of Neo2 Goodness comes from an
anonymous source more or less... no name on the email. =)

Here we have a couple more Neo2 Holos, and I have no freakin' clue what they are... but I have em!


The Steel Oyster Thingie!
Stressed out Ghost Guy!

...and yes, if you are wondering, those are the official English names from Nintendo. =)

Wednesday, July 12th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Two more Neo2 Scans / Oooooh... Neo...
• Finally! Promos worth Posting! / None of this Prototype crap here!


Man... yesterday's update sure sucked eh? I really got to stop doing them at Three in the morning. [Fan: "Uh Ech, what time is it now?"] ...Um, well... you see... uh... 3AM!

Two more Neo2 Scans

Well well well... My friend Dunestar has once again supplied me with yet MORE Awesome Neo2 scans... and BIG too... you don't see THESE at run of the Mill sites! Hell, if I wasn't working for Nick now, I'd be kicking some major PA! Tail with my Neo2Dex... fortunately for Nick, I'm on his side... for now. >=D

Without further adieu, I give you...


Oooooh..... Houndoom... gotta love a Dog from Hell! And Espeon is just so cute... so cute in fact, I made an Espeon card a while ago, of course using illustrations from my favorite little artist, Purity. Comeon... send her some fan mail... I dare ya!

Finally, Promos worth Posting!

I'm sure you've all seen those PTM2K Promo 'Scans' at all those other sites.... Sure, I've had them for a while...

I saw them. I mean the yellow Flavor Text... the absent 'Basic Pokémon' title... puh-lease! Sure, I COULD have posted them way back on Saturday, but I thought you guys deserved better... that's why I have THIS for you!

Actual GOOD Prototypes of the cards... you can tell that they are still Prototypes by the square corners, but at least they don't have Yellow Boxes!

That Wacky God of Ice, Articuno!
The Plucky Electric God, Zapdos!
and of course, the Blazing God of Fire, Moltres!

-Thanks to Poképus for these Awesome pics!

Have a good day everyone!

The Echidna

Tuesday, July 11th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Scizor / Pretty cool Neo Card.


<yaaaawn> So tired.... so very very tired... I stayed up all Sunday night in order to get my freakin floor plans done, only to find out that the boss didn't expect them to be done! <sigh> Hopefully there will be less errors today. =)


Ugh.... first off I think Scyzor sounds better... but still... this is a pretty cool card. I wonder if Nick already has it... I have no clue. I'm not even thinking here... just doing. =)

Anyway, here is the Neo2 Scizor for your enjoyment....

Neo2 Scizor... oooh scary

Now let's see here.... so it's not a total waste, how about a show you MY Scyzor that I made a while ago... It was of course drawn by the talented Purity. Pretty good Pic, huh? Why not drop her some fan mail and tell her how good it is...

Thanks to
Ryle for the Scizor Scan

Monday, July 10th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• Neo2 Binder / I was wrong... so very wrong...
• Site Swap 2000 site up for Citing the Swap!/ Ooookay..
Unown, the deck of the Future?! / The final word on Unown A - Z


Steal MY icon, eh Nick... well you know what they say... Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery... Besides, my icon still looks waaay cooler than your ripped off one... <sigh> Just can't compete with The Ech, eh Nickie Boy?

Neo2 Binder

Well... it's official... I was wrong... Let the Flogging begin...

Anyway thanks to the Lovely
Purity (who just happens to be doing one hell of a Job at The Den...) I have great scans of the Neo2 binder contents...

Neo2 Binder Contents

Let's see what we have here... I was right about the Eevee stuff... the Unowns are totally a surprise... and what's this... REVERSE HOLOS?!?! Woah! Sweet! I gotta get me some of those! I mean like the Southern Island Set, I'm sure that scans do it no justice at all!

Site Swap 2000 Site Up for Citing the Swap!

Okay... by now I'm sure that you've come to realize that I am not Nick15... in fact I'm taking over PA! for a bit... which led me to find a temporary webmaster for the Den... and it just snowballed....

So, in the spirit of Spontinuity we have created the
Official Site Swap 2000 Site where you can go for all your Site Swap news... and really cool modified banners to boot!

Official Site Swap 2000 Site

Unown... the Deck of the future?!

Well by now you've all heard about Unown that cute little Pokémon #201 that comes in 26 different varities... including a bunch in Neo2...

Now then every one has a cute name like Unown M, and a unique power but the same attack... Since they all have different names that means you can have 4 of EACH in your deck, or can you?

I did a bit of sluthing and discovered... this:

See that little text there? That's the clause... Let me see if my Japanese is up to snuff here...

You may have no more than 4 cards with the name Annon (Unown) in your deck regardless of the letter denominating it.

Well okay. I admit that I MAY not have translated it... Hey! I need to rebound from my Binder Screw up! Anyway what else could it be? Anyone care to confirm/disprove my theory?

Saturday, July 8th 2000

Here's What's New for Today...

• I need to do my Bloody Floor Plans! / Put them off long enough!
• Look! Nick15's Back For an Update! / Hwoah!


Well, with Neo2 out it seems like everything is happening in Pokémon this week, unfortunately this is NOT a good week for me. Sna! (Ha! Stole your quote Nick! What are you gonna do about it? Bah!)

What am I going to do about it? I'll tell you what.... HAH! I stole your icon!!

Look, I'm updating today!!

I need to do my Bloody Floor Plans!


Anyone that has talked to me on AIM for the past two weeks knows that one of the tasks I've been assigned to do while my boss was on vacation was to create floor plans of every building on Campus that we are responsible for.

Well... I've put it off and put it off... and now I just realized that he comes back on MONDAY and will probably want to see what I've done for the past two weeks. I guess I COULD show him the AIM transcripts of all the chats I've had, eh? =)

Anyway I don't have the time to do an update today, but I will honestly TRY to get one for Sunday... I have a lot of cool info, just not a chance to do it.

Cheers, and have a good weekend.


Look! Nick15's Back For an Update!

Yeah! Your favorite webmaster is back for 1 day only, to tell you about something cool....

Since not one site seems to have anything on Neo 2, I'd though I'd beat everyone to the punch and post the card list for Neo 2. YES!!! My Neo2dex™ has almost every card that's going to be in the set, give or take a few... I'm probably missing about 5 at the most. Wheee! I've also added card scans in the Neo2dex™ of what the cards look like (well... most of them are small).


Click here to go to the Neo2dex™!

Ah... dig this. You know the Gym 1 card "Misty's Tear", which sports a 'nude' Misty? Well, it turns out Misty ISN'T nude, but wearing a bathing suit. Check out my proof:

Misty's Tear Proof

So therefore, WotC WILL be printing Misty's Tear in Gym: Heroes. Cool!

Oh also... be on the look out for different changes all over my site. I've done quite a bit of site updating in my absence.


July 7th, 2000: Friday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Debut of Echidna's Quotes / Finally, something to combat Nick Sez
• Neo2 Booster Box / Yup, we got a picture, and you don't! =P

Echidna's Quote for the day:

Debut of Echidna's Quotes

Well... it's about time I did something to combat Nick Sez...

I mean shouldn't there be an 'Ech Sez' thing too? Well now there is kinda... See, anyone that knows me knows that I spout off a lot of irrelevant quotations, but heck, it makes me look smart, and it attracts females... Well, it's SUPPOSED to... stupid thing doesn't work though.

Anyway don't worry... my witty snide comments in the Comment Section are not lost, they are merely on hiatus. Basically I will alternate between real comments and Echidna's Quotes.

Sure beats Nick's Cat Tail crushing thing, eh?

BTW, if you have a quote that you think could be a Quote of the Day, share it!
Email it to me and make sure to put "Quote" somewhere in the subject because I filter it into it's own little folder. Coolness!

Neo2 Booster Box Image

Neo2 is out with a vengeance, and everyone seems to have booster pack images... but how many have Booster BOX images?

Neo2 Booster Box

Thanks to
Sharkdog for this image. Hmmm... if Shark keeps sending me this cool stuff, we will have to change the name to Sharkdog Aaah! from Neo2 Aaah!, er.. I mean Echidna Aaah!. No wait... Pokémon Aaah! That's it!

July 6th, 2000: Thursday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Echidna turning into... Nick?! / Miss a day, and you get hate mail!
• Pokémon2000.com / Finally, an official site that doesn't SUCK
• Great Site Swap 2000 / Too weird for a preview. Just read it.


<sigh> This is a long time coming... I would like to wish a belated birthday to Duisuke from the PA! Forums... I promised him I would mention his site Digimon Aaah! but kept on forgetting. Why not give him a hit! Er.... the site, not him. =)

Echidna turning into... Nick?!

Okay... I admit, yesterday there WAS an absence of an update, but I have a valid excuse, er reason...

First some background though. I usually do the update at 8 PM my time, and Upload the main.html at about 4 AM my time. (Don't ask why...) Anyway, I had a really great update planned for yesterday, but alas around 7:30 I felt a migraine coming on, and by 8 I was totally out of it. And I mean out...

I slept right though my alarm and somehow woke up at 8:25AM... five minutes before I have to get to work. Fortunately I don't abide by traffic signals when I'm totally awake, so doing it when I'm half asleep was a cinch. (Note to Kids... this is bad.... don't do this... Always abide all laws... laws are good... not abiding laws is not as good as how good it is if you abide the laws. Get it?)

Anyway to make things worse, I check my mail when I get to work and find one from Dear Ole Nickie boy (from the night before, about 10 PM) that I HAD to update yesterday with the Pokemon2000.com info. Ugh...

Now when I told him of my situation he said that he would update today, but look... no sign of HIS update, is there?

Anyway, I can assure you that I'm not turning into Nick and I will do my best to update every day... but cut me a bit of slack, eh? =)


One thing I've always noticed is that Fan Sites are a hell of a lot better than the official site. Case in point Pokémon.com and a totally Random Fan Site. Notice how the Fan Site is waaay better?

Anyway, this all might change with the opening of
Pokémon2000.com! I found out about this cool little site Tuesday afternoon by Sharkdog. This site is totally indescribable... it's an official site that is COOL!

Right now it is just in Japanese but it is assured that it WILL be in Seven different languages very soon. And to top it off... they have a tres cool trailer for Pokémon The Movie 2000... er... the Japanese one... you know, the new one. With the Dog thing. =P

However seeing as how this site will be majorly pushed... I would assume that it will be sheer hell trying to DL the Trailer... well not so PA! Faithfuls. After some collaboration with Sharkdog, ole Ech has a great place that you can DL it... right off of Nick15.com!

The Second Trailer!

Coolness! Thanks Shark!

Great Site Swap 2000

One of the regrets that I had when taking over PA! is that my little Hole in the Wall Site, The Den would fall by the wayside. I mean it's hard enough to update one site daily... let alone two!

Fortunately, I have a solution, and it begins something called the Great Site Swap! My good friend
Purity has volunteered (more or less. =P ) to throw in some updates to The Den.

Hmmm... that leaves the question... what will happen to Purity's Site,
Sugarshock? Well we have come up with a solution. See Sugarshock does not need regular maintenance, and thus it's currently right up Nick's alley. All he has to do is float in there once in a while and update it. As she put it, all you really have to do is search the forums for some odd topic and turn it into an update. Plus, the clincher was that he gets to look for compromising pictures of Team Rocket for Purity's infamous Team Rocket Section.

What?!?! You've never been to
The Den or Sugarshock ?!?! For shame! They are really cool places! The Den houses the most complete Neo Blanks on the Net as well as a large collection of Purity's Art. Sugarshock has tonnes of wacky stuff, like the TR Section mentioned above, and the <ahem. shameless plug> memoirs of my life as a Computer Tech.



July 4th, 2000: Tuesday: Happy 4th of July!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Today in Neo2 / Might as well call this Neo2 Aaah!
• Quick Ancient Mew Quip / The debate... is over?
• Neo2 Binder, Ech's Thoughts / It's about time I posted this!


Hmmmm... just noticed something. Nick's famous line in the intro, "All the cool stuff on a "one man show" can't really be applied anymore, since I'm Co-Webmaster... can it now? Looks like I'll have to find a tactful way to change that, eh?

Today in Neo2

A few things in Neo2 today... not too much though.

According to a few of the 'Major' sites out there, Neo2 Boosters were released yesterday. Hmmm... what happened to August something, or even July 7th! Man... it must be weird to have a company (Media Factory) release sets BEFORE they are supposed to instead of AFTER. So the big question is... where does this put the Neo2 binder? Is it out?

• I'd like to thank all the people that gave me the info on the 'Prerelease' Deal. From what I can gather... Media Factory was selling Neo2 Packs before the official distrobution at the World Hobby Fair this year... Now supplies were VERY limited, and thus cards are very expensive. It seems to be the case that currently $16.00 is the price for a pack. Ouch! That's almost as much as Neo1 costs here... Well.. in Calgary, the ONLY place I've seen Neo1 is Electronics Boutique and they sell them for $20-$25 a pack! I'd hate to see what Neo2 will cost!

•I received an email from
Vaporeon7 and he told me quite a bit about Neo2... including a confirmation that Dark Raichu IS INDEED a Super Rare!
It just so happens that in Vap's one pack that he was able to snag, he pulled the Elusive Dark Raichu and it did indeed have a White Star on it! Coolness!

Remember, you saw it on Echidna Aaah!, er Pokémon Aaah! first.

Ancient Mew... the final conclusion

Well after my thourough WotC bashing on Saturday for the Non Holo Ancient Mew, I received several replies, including an official Press release from Wiz!

"Beginning July 21 and continuing for one week or while supplies last, with the purchase of a ticket to the much-anticipated release of Pokemon the Movie 2000, fans can get a special coded, double-sided holographic foil trading card game card featuring the mysterious Ancient Mew."

Apparently, WotC does the art in-house, but sends it to an off site location to do the Holographic features of cards... That explains how in instuction manuals and some ads, you see Non Holo versions of Holo only cards, like Base Charizard in the original instruction manual, or the Team Rocket Guide in Top Deck.

In light of this conslusive evidence, it looks like I may have been a tad bit off base... but one can never be too careful with Wizards... I mean they seem to always have SOME gimick up thier sleeves...

Thanks to PA! Fan
Ray Tipton for the Press release and printing info.

Neo2 Binder... Ech's Thoughts

Well... it's been a few days in the making, but I am finally going to reveal my thoughts, along with evidence that the Three Ledgendary Birds are the top row...

Now... if you recall to an earlier post made by the former head hauncho here, (what was his name again? =P ) he said that the binder would be coming out on July 7th, that's this Friday... Now in addition to that, I've also heard from sources that it will come out on July 28th... on week afters Pokémon the Movie 2000 hits theaters. Hmmm... the boosters are out now, so where the heck is the binder?!?

Let's see then... Wiz promised us that we would get the Ledgendary Birds along with Ancient Mew... Now people have been racking thier brains trying to figure out what cards they will be... how about this then. Let me run it by you...

The American PTM2K WILL in fact be American first cards, but I do not beleive they will be American only... I in fact beleive that they will be the ones that comprise the top row of the Neo2 Binder. So in fact, it will be a near American and Japanese Simultaneous release!

I know it's a long shot, and I'm sure that people will in fact claim otherwise, but thats currently what I beleive. So then... to sum it up...

Articuno (same as PTM2k Promo)
Zapdos (same as PTM2k Promo)
Moltres (same as PTM2k Promo)

If you think otherwise, then Sna! I don't care.... as the title says, these are Ech's thoughts, and more than likely Ech's thoughts are wrong.

Just remember, if it's true, you saw it first on Echidna Aaah! If it's wrong, then you saw it on Pokémon Aaah! =P

July 3rd, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Ancient Mew / To Holo or Not To Holo, the debate rages on!
• Neo2, Once Again / What would a day be without Neo2 news?


Wow... A day off from work! See.. my 'union' (to which I had no choice but to join) decided that today all of their minions, er, members would get paid and yet not have to work. Suits me! If they want to give me my $120 for staying home, I'm not one to complain!

Ancient Mew, The Debate Rages On...

Well as I'm sure all you PA! Faithfuls out there had noticed, PA! was one of the first major websites to get a Picture of the American Ancient Mew. Haven't seen it yet?! Blasphemy! Well take a look first...

American Ancient Mew

Now... as it is QUITE clear in the Photo, that is NOT a Holographic card, however some guy called Nick15 (hmmm... name seems familiar...) assures me that the REAL card is Holographic...

Also, the Ancient Mew WILL be a HOLO, the only reasong why you didn't see it as a holo at AOL because all the sparkley bits will distract the viewer from the details of the card...

Oh sure Nick... that is the most convincing thing I've ever heard... =/ I mean I really hope that you are right, but I have yet to see concrete evidence one way or the other that American Ancient Mew is holo... and knowing WotC they could very well make it non holo, and you know it. Case in Point... Mew. Case in Point... Holo/Non Holo thing.

I just can't WAIT to see what happens to Southern Islands if it comes here... I mean the ONLY reason to buy the set is for the Refractor Foil Cards... just imagine what Wiz could do to them.

Neo2, Once Again

Man... it seems like you can't go a day without more Neo2 news popping out of somewhere...

Today we have a couple of scans from my friend
Dunestar... Dunestar sent me a cryptic message, (As usual. =P ) but two really cool scans. First here's what he said...

...and discovered they had some Neo 2 Prelease cards and bought a pack. And I'd send y'all pics of them. You'll notice the new expansion symbols on the cards themselves...

Woah... what's THIS now... there are Prerelease PACKS?!??! Did I miss something here? What's the story... can anyone clear this up some more?

Anyway, here are the scans he sent me...

Dune's Mysterious 'Prerelease' Cards
Hey! Our Friend Omanyte... but BIGGER!

Still pretty sweet none the less... Anyway, since I got real News today, I can save my cool Neo2 Binder thoughts for tomorrow... Aaaw.. aren't I mean?

July 2nd, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Nick15 vs. The Echidna / ...or "How misconceptions are born"
• Yet More Neo2 / Nothing concrete today, just some Ech's specs...


As you can see... I've decided to keep my logo here as a constant reminder of who is doing the update. On the off chance that Nick does it then he can remove it... Make's a a lot easier to know who to yell at. BTW, if you click on the Picture, you can email me! Coolness!

Nick15 vs. The Echidna: Round 1... Fight!

Well in my current reign of PA! Webmaster I have already receive a few hate mails... <sniff> I'm so touched, last time it took me a whole week to get them.

One that was of particular interest was from someone who shall remain nameless to ensure his Privacy. It portrayed a good example of the misconception that Nick and I may have led you all to believe.

"Ech, i hate u and so does everyone because you hate nick!!! i dont know why he choose u to update his site. u must have been his last choise!!!!"

Wow... does everyone think that way? Anyway, let me clear things up then my PA! Friends. Nick and I DO NOT hate each other. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Nick and I are good friends and we just like to take shots at each other. I mean that's what friends do... or so I'm told. =)

Nick asked me to take over PA! for a bit because he wanted to work on the inner workings of the site, as well as just take some time away from it all. Me, being the naive person I am, agreed in an instant, forgetting how much work it is to update on a regular basis. I mean I could let
The Den go for days without updating as I only got a couple hundred people a day... PA! on the other hand gets quite a bit more, and thus it needs constant updates.

I suppose that's where you guys come in. Seeing as how I too have a full time job, I have sort of lost touch with the Pokénews community and thus cannot always get the coolest news. So then... here is your chance to have your name in lights, or at least with a blue clicky-link... Just send me cool news and if I use it, you'll get your name on Echidna Aaah!.... er... I meant Pokémon Aaah!... I really did. =P

Yet More Neo2

Man, if it weren't for Neo2 this place would be boring...

After my 'Leap of Faith' Friday and I went out and posted what I thought would be in the Neo 2 Binder... looks like I have to reiterate a tad...

There is NO way that the Dark Raichu will be in the binder. There are no if's ands or buts about it. Dark Raichu is a 'Super Rare' card as I have seen a good picture of one (damn... can't find it now) and it is clear to my that it has a White Star... sorta like it will be like the TR Dark Raichu and numbered 57/56.... if Japanese cards were numbered that way.

So then... where does that leave our Neo2 Binder contents... well
Sirius Nader from the Forums has an interesting idea...

... That this set will be like the other one, where the rows of Pokémon all have some kind of set? Yes, the Legendary Birds will be at the top. Connection: Legendary. Second Row: Eevee, Umbreon, and Espeon. Connection: Eevee's new evos. Now my guess for the last row is; Pichu, Igglybuff, and Cleffa. Connection: Baby Pokémon...

Hmmm... interesting... but why not Smoochem, Elekid, Bubii, and the others? Good old Sirius has a solution for that too!

...The reason it won't be Elekid, Smoochum, or Bubbii is that they evolve into strong basics. Pichu, Igglypuff, and Cleffa are not only connected by Pokedex numbers, but they can evolve twice...

Sounds logical to me anyway... So then my current Neo2 Binder lineup is...

Tune in tomorrow where I reveal even MORE info about the Neo2 Binder... I'd tell you now, but then I might not have anything for tomorrow! =P

July 1st, 2000: Saturday: Happy Canada Day, eh!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Neo2 Massive Update! / How does EVERY CARD IMAGE sound?
• American Ancient Mew / Good ole AOL...


Well for all you Canucks like myself out there in PA! Land, I'd like to wish you a Happy Canada Day... Go out there and watch Joe Canada do the infamous Canada Rant one last time... <sniff>
Don't worry all you Americans... I'll make a note of July 4th too...

Neo2 MASSIVE Update!

Aaaaah man... you just got to love eBay...

One can find so much neat stuff there as demonstrated in the
PA Forums yesterday by none other than Chan... someone I knew from my PokéGym Days...

In an eBay auction... someone had the ENTIRE Neo2 set up.. and Pictures of all the cards! Sweet! What's even sweeter is that we have the images for you here and now!

Close up of a few Neo2 Holos...
Ooooh... all the Holos...
Can't forget the Commons and Uncommons!

Now sure... I'm sure that there are a FEW left out... or are blocked by other cards... but as you can see... nearly every card in the 57 card set is accounted for... including the Dark Raichu... guess that shoots my Promo Theory...

Check out the Neo2Dex!

Now Nick... you only told me to edit the main.html so I'll leave the Neo2dex to you... also... I need new PA! Watermarks... I lost mine... And one last thing... you told me to store the images on your site this time... but you didn't say where! And the innards of PA! is so confusing! Email me, ok.?

American Ancient Mew

Well thanks to our <cough> friends at AOL... we got a sneak peak at the New American Ancient Mew card... and quite frankly, I'm upset...

American Ancient Mew
Thanks to Maxrpg and The Rob for the Scans

Well... I would say it's legit.. because of one key factor... It's NON FREAKING HOLO! You can tell by the picture! WotC has screwed us over once again and made Ancient Mew, one of the most coveted Japanese Cards... a Non holo worthless piece of paper.

Now of course WotC can still redeem themselves... and perhaps this is a Prototype... but if they don't, I can assure you that this Echidna is NOT going to be a happy camper when it comes time to watch PTM2k...

So what do you think WotC excuse will be? I mean they surely can't use their standard "It's for the Players" since there is no way that Ancient Mew will EVER be legal... Nope... it's all a bloody marketing scam. If they release Ancient Mew just as Media Factory did, then it will not be worth as much... that's what it boils down to, $$$.

Let's see you justify THIS one Nick!


-The Ech

June 30, 2000: Friday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Reign of Terror / You knew it was coming... Nick couldn't protect you forever!
• Neo Blanks / Shameless Plug to combat Nick's Echidna Bashing
• Neo2 Folder Contents / Woah... maybe some real news...

You know... I STILL don't know what goes here... I mean Nick has put in that stupid Cat thing for the past two weeks... is it some sadistic joke spot or what? If so, I'll turn this into the Nick Bashing Corner and keep all my Nick bashing in this one little area...

Reign of Terror.... Part Duex

Finally The Ech has returned to Pokémon Aaah!
...thanks to the millions... and mill-

[Nick: "Uh... not quite millions..."]


[Nick shakes his head]


[Nick: "I got two requests to have you back.... one from you and one from someone called Andihce...who I think is also-"]

It doesn't matter what you think... because The Echidna is back... and in control!

Okay... that's probably all I'll actually do for ranting and that... I'll actually try to be somewhat serious... although it will be hard... =)

One thing that comes to mind though is while I'm filling in for Nick what will become of my beloved
Den... Unfortunately I have been forced to come to a decision... <sigh> It looks like effective Midnight tonight, The Den will not be getting regular updates... in fact the updates will probably be few and far between.

As it stands right now I will use The Den to distribute my wide array of Neo Blanks, and perhaps add some witty Nick bashing comments that I can't do here...

Who knows though... it all depends on what happens here too... I may get fired after today. =P

BTW, I really can't stand The Rock... his catch phrases just seemed to really fit in nice right here...

Neo Blanks!

Speaking of the Beloved Den, how many of you have checked out my archive of Neo Blanks?

I mean if you've been there then you can see why Nick is jealous, referring to his post on Wednesday...

Also, the Echidna has made me mad. He has turned my fans against me with his Neo blanks. ... Now I've decided to show him a thing or two.... I'm going to really pound Ech into the ground with new Nick15 Neo blanks. They'll be so much cooler, Ech will run away to his mommy-wommy. :D Take that Ech.

Tisk, tisk Nick... envy is one of the seven deadly sins you know... but I can see why you would be envious of my Neo Collection... I mean let's take a look here... We have 6 of the 9 types done now... and I'm not stopping there! Grass is like 75% done... and I have a surprise for old Nickie boy... anyone that has been to the PA! Forums recently is sure to have seen the collaborative efforts made by Purity and myself that includes TR NEO! Take THAT Nick!

Neo2 Folder Contents...

Well... how about some real news now?

I'm sure we've all thought about those elusive contents of the Neo2 Premium folder.... in fact, Nick posted my thoughts here recently. Let's just reiterate, shall we?
First off... I said that the set up would be similar to the Original Neo Binder... that being each row belonging to one family or at least being related.

Now then... the top row I still SWEAR is Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Even though I've heard comments that it is 'Proof Positive' to be Entai, Suikun, and Raikou. I don't buy it. I mean the Legendary Dogs are new...while the Birds have been hacked to bits recently. I mean HOW many Legendary Bird Cards are there now? I'm sure that 3 more wouldn't kill the market. But there is so much that can be done with the Dogs that it would seem a waste to already make them easier to catch than Mew.

The second row is Eevee, Umbreon and Espeon. I still stand by that, and no one wants to contradict me.

The final row could prove to be interesting though... especially with the announcement of that Dark Raichu... I'm going to go out on a limb here once again and say that Dark Raichu WILL be in the Neo2 Premium folder...

So then... that begs the question... will there be other Dark Neo cards... and did Media factory use my blanks for them? =)

Thanks to
Sharkdog for resources.

Check out the Neo2Dex!

June 29, 2000: Thursday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Bone Chilling News! / There Comes A Time In A Fan's Life...
• 24 Neo 2 Card Update!! / Not no Simple 1 or 3 New Card Update...
• No More Stalling... The Fan Fakes Are Up! / I Don't Care What You Say Now

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

Bone Chilling News!

Well, there comes a time in a fan's life where they must say good bye someone who they closely appreciate... and that someone is...


Yes... late I've grown weary of constantly updating PA!'s news and stuff. Mainly because it cuts into my time to update all the other pages (that's why it's taken three days to get the Fan Fake Up today). So this mean... until I say when, I won't be updating the news at PA!. But don't worry, I'm not totally leaving. I'm just going to take some time off to update the other pages here. Heck, I might as well start Pokémon USA back up, writing the fan fics and such.

Fan: But... who'll update now?

Oh, yes... there will be a person to update while I'm taking my leave of absence. And that person is none other than...

The Echidna!

You probably remember the Ech, he's the guy who updated for me while I was in Europe. Anyway, starting tomorrow, the Ech'll be updating the news while I'm updating the other sections. Wheee! Don't worry, I'll make sure he behaves.

OK... I'm done rambling.

24 Neo 2 Card Update!!

Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 24! Yes, thanks to the coolest Pokémanaic from the Netherlands and frequent PA! Forums goer, Sharkdog, we've got a giant scan of 24 Neo 2 cards! Let's take a look...

Click here to view the Big 24 Neo 2 card image!

So who's in the set? There's:


... and a bunch others.

Coolness, none the less. This'll make really good stuff for my Neo2Dex™!


What? You don't know what Neo 2 is? Well click on the link below to find out!

Click here to go to the Neo 2 Info Page!

No More Stalling... The Fan Fakes Are Up!

Blah blah blah. The Updated Fan Made Fake Cards page is read for youse mugs. Enjoy!

Click here to go to the Fan Made Fake Card section!

June 28, 2000: Wednesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• A Bunch of Important Announcement / Blah blah blah
• Another Fan Made Fake Card Update / See your name is lights once again!
• 2 New TCG Mistakes! / More Famous Errors Covered
• Neo Imakuni? Trainer Card / What the...?
• New Neo 2 Cards / The Title of this is a combination of the last two titles!
Gym: Heroes Advertisement / Wheee!

Sna. I've got so many announcements, they deserve it's own News sections.

Here goes nothing....

A Bunch of Important Announcement

Let's see what's up:

  • Based on the rave reviews I've received from my cool Flash Intro page, I've decided to add a bit more Flash junk on my page. First up will be a Flash version of my sidebar. Coolness!

  • Also, the Echidna has made me mad. He has turned my fans against me with his Neo blanks. ... Now I've decided to show him a thing or two. Starting sometime soon, I'll begin rumbling with an update to the American Blanks. They'll be much cooler than before, and I'm also going to add "Team Rocket" Dark Pokémon blanks and also American versions of Neo Dark and Steel Pokémon. Then with that out of the way, I'm going to really pound Ech into the ground with new Nick15 Neo blanks. They'll be so much cooler, Ech will run away to his mommy-wommy. :D Take that Ech.

  • Rumors have been floating on the PA! Forums about the Gym: Heroes Card "Misty's Tears". Many of you might have heard about it already from school, it's the one with Misty without clothing (yeah, I think it's disgusting also). Word has it that this card will not be in the set when it comes out in English, for obvious reasons.

    ikr2punk from the PA! Forums says:

    This is straight from a friend (who remains un-named) at WotC:

    "Misty's Tears (much like Mew) will be left out of the upcoming Gym Series because of its obvious content. Many believe that this card is just to display the beauty of nature, while others say it is porn and should not be displayed to such a young group of children."

    Although I'm inclined to agree with WotC to leave the card out, the image could so easily be changes to have Misty with a bathing suit on. But I guess Media Factory said no to that....

OK, I'm done announcing.

Another Fan Made Fake Card Update

Boo hoo hoo... I didn't add this section yesterday. If you don't like it, then... grrr... I can't say it on a children's web site.

Anyway, I've updated it for today's update. So there.

Still working on it... come back later to see it!


2 New TCG Mistakes!

These TCG Mistakes both come from Wedow from the PA! Forums. Wheee!

So what are they this time? Well, it's covers the VERY rare Dark Dragonite misprints, and the Missing Jungle Symbol on many Jungle Rares (I'm sure many of you people out there have seen these already).

Dark Dragonite Error "To Be Holo, or Not To Be Holo"
Missing Jungle Symbol Error "Have You Seen This Symbol?"

... What? You want to see other TCG Mistakes? Then click on the link below to see it!

Click here to go to the TCG Mistakes page!

Neo Imakuni? Trainer Card

Eh? What's this?? A new Imakuni? Trainer card?? Cool! Let's see... Val.landicho from the PokéGym MB brings this info into light...

In stores in Japan... beginning today (June 28th 2000), the famous Japanese singer Imakuni? will have a new CD with music for the new Neo 2 card set. Wheee! Included in the CD is a really cool "Dance! Neo Imakuni?" promo card, with 2000 HP! Whooo!

Here, dig the picts.

Dance! Neo Imakuni? card and Neo CD

Sna. I've got nothing.

New Neo 2 Cards

Today's New Neo 2 cards come from XMAN9999@aol.com. It's Houndoom, Soonansu, and Doburu. If you want to see them, mosey on down to the Neo2Dex™.

Click here to go to the Neo2Dex™!

Gym: Heroes Advertisement

Thanks to PuffCenter.com again, we've got the full page advertisement of Gym: Heroes. If you want to see it, click on the image above. Hah!

June 27, 2000: Tuesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• PA! Flash Intro / Wow!
• Another Fan Made Fake Card Update / See your name is lights once again!

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

Oh, you know what? I've decided to do more "sparatic" updates. That means you'll have to come by more often to see all the updates for the day. Trust me, it'll be worth it!

PA! Flash Intro

Well, if you didn't notice already, I've got a really cool looking Flash Intro. One that blows all other Pokémon Flash Intros away!

Kid in the crowd: "Don't bet on it!"


Well, if you want to see it again, click here.

Another Fan Made Fake Card Update

Still working on it... come back later to see it!

June 26, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Dark Raichu... in Japanese?! / More Neo 2 Surprizes
Gym: Heroes Symbol / Cool, Huh?
• Promo Eevee Mistake / I'm Beginning to wonder about WotC...
• A New TCG Mistake Added / Jungle Electrode in the Spotlight

Right now, I've got nothin'.

Tomorrow, be here for another Fan Made Fake Card section update! More of your cards to be showcased at PA!

Also later on this week, I plan to go through all my pages and update any outdated info and add new info that I neglected to add.

And just a reminder, that Surfing Pikachu is hardly a rumor. I made it up... that's why is said the words "FAKE!" all over it. Boy, if you were still fooled after seeing that card, even though the words "fake" were still all over it, you're really, REALLY stupid. (I'm sorry if this is new information to you.) And don't give me that "I can't read yet" excuse like many people tell me, because I highly doubt that a 1st grader looking at my page would not understand what I'm saying.

I mean.... what's the point of making fake stuff for fun when everyone is so gullible* as to think everything is real?

* (gullible means someone who thinks that everything they hear about is real)

Dark Raichu... in Japanese?!

Guess what's new with Neo 2? DARK RAICHU!

Yep, based on what was said and shown to me by XMAN9999@aol.com, a Japanese Dark Raichu will be in Neo 2.

Here's what was said:

Hey Nick its old The Rob here with a lil info I dont know if you know this or not but which came first... The Japanese Dark Raichu or the American Dark Raichu. Attached is An I mage that I wish I faked but I didn't.Its one of the newest cards from Neo2 if u can see the symbol. It was in one of the booster packs that was sold at one of the Japanese Trading Show that is being held thhis Weekend.

And this was what was shown:

There's no doubt about it, there will be a Dark Raichu in Neo 2.
[Click here to view the English Dark Raichu]

... But now I'm sure you're asking:

"Why is there a Japanese Dark Raichu? I thought it would be English ONLY!"

Actually, Dark Raichu was English FIRST, and not English ONLY. Remember, the Pokémon TCG is still Media Factory's game. Wizards of the Coast (the people who make the English Pokémon TCG) is only allowed to translate it.

So therefore, Media Factory has every right to translate Dark Raichu into Japanese. It's still cool though!


What? You don't know what Neo 2 is? Well click on the link below to find out!

Click here to go to the Neo 2 Info Page!

Gym: Heroes Symbol

On loan from PuffCenter.com, we've got what looks a scan of the Gym: Heroes logo (not the Edition Symbol... which we already know).

Cool, huh?

... What? You don't know what Gym: Heroes is? Well click on the link below to find out!

Click here to go to the Gym: Heroes Page!

Promo Eevee Mistake

This also was brought to my attention by the PuffCenter.com... it seems as if WotC's frequent habit of rushing cards has flaked off on Promo Eevee. Er... this means that there is yet another mistake on yet another Pokémon TCG card.

Well, it's not really major, just a tiny bit of error on the card.

OH NO!! Promo Eevee's Pokémon Power lacks the "'" in the word "Pokémon". Take a look for yourself... it's not there!

Like I said, it's no real big deal, but it's still fun to point out!

A New TCG Mistake Added

This is another old TCG Mistake, back from the days of 1st Edition Jungle (wow... has it already been a year?!)

Well, back in 1st Edition Jungle, there was a famous mistake concerning nonholo Electrode. For some reason, it had Base Set Electrode's picture! Take a look for yourself. (Thanks to Alysha, HTML Queen for the scan!)

Click here to go to the Jungle Electrode Error

... What? You want to see other TCG Mistakes? Then click on the link below to see it!

Click here to go to the TCG Mistakes page!

June 24, 2000: Saturday (Afternoon)

Here's What's New for Today...

• Today's "Lost Episode" / Gnya!
• Neo 2 Binder Ideas... / Who's That Pokémon?
• FAKE Surfing Pikachu Promo / Another Fake Card By Me!


Today's "Lost Episode"

Let's face it, this episode should have stayed lost. (Hah Ech, I stole your quote!) But oh well, who am I to complain about it? Well, let's just hope that Legend of Dratini gets translated. Pity the Porygon episode won't get translated... and even it if was planned, Rachael Lillis (the lady who plays Jesse and Misty) swore she'll never dub it.

I've got nothing else to say about this.

Neo 2 Binder Ideas...

Hmmm.... The Ech, whom we all know and love, thought of what might be in this Neo 2 Promo Binder that you see here. Let's see if I can remember...

Like the 1st Neo Promo Binder, each row of cards might all belong to the same family set.

The bottom row, with Pichu, will probably also have Pikachu and Raichu.

The middle row, with Umbreon, will probably have Eevee and Espeon.

Then for the top row, it might have the 3 Birds there, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. How do I... er... How did Ech figure this out? Simple. Notice on the top of the binder, what looks like 3 birds? Look closely... the one of the left is Zapdos, the one in the middle is Moltres, and the one on the right is Articuno. Hmmmm...

Cool, huh? Pretty easy to figure out once you think about it for a second...

And remember, the Neo 2 promo binder is going to be released in Japan on July 7, 2000, and the packs will be released on August 5, 2000.

FAKE Surfing Pikachu Promo

REMEMBER, THIS CARD IS A FAKE! It's not a real promo card! It's all FAKE! FAKE I tells ya! And this card is FAKE, as in NOT REAL! There... I think I've said it enough. ... FAKE!

Well, the Pokémon League is right now in it's 7th Season, and the promo card that will be released for it was the Promo Eevee. I'm sure you got one already.

Now word has it that for the 8th Season of the Pokémon League, there will be yet another Promo card for it. ... And it's going to be... Surfing Pikachu!

Check it out! I've got a scan for you. It's promo #20, and it'll be released during the 8th Season for the Pokémon League.

Click Here to See Surfing Pikachu!

June 23, 2000: Friday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Wanna Read Some PA!4 News? / Forward into the past!
• Pokémon the Movie 2000 Soundtrack Info / Yet another crap CD
• Fossil & Rocket Get The Go At STS / Consarnit.
• Better Promo Eevee Scan / With Real Glycerin Vibraphones!
• Oh Yeah... and More Fan Fakes! / This outta keep you busy.

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

Well, I'd though I'd muscle together an update for you guys. And remember, the really new "Lost Episode" will be on tomorrow on KidsWB! Prepare your VCR's, because this'll be probably a once in a life time event! (Consult your local TV Guide or something for the time. I really have no idea.)


Wanna Read Some PA!4 News?

Well, do you? If you do, then take a look at some of my older news (since 3-25-2000) and get the lowdown on some Pokémon news that I neglected to add to my pages. Maybe you'll learn something new that you didn't learn before! Gya!

Get the Z-News, PA!4's Past Updates

Pokémon the Movie 2000 Soundtrack Info

Well, I got this image in my email from Joseph Zollo of the Pokémon the Movie 2000 Soundtrack cover:

Meh, it looks OK. But wait... it gets worse.

Bulbagarden.com has info on the soundtrack listing. It doesn't look very good.

1. Donna Summer "The Power of One"
2. Alysha Antonino "Dreams"
Dream Street "They Don't Understand"
Angela Via "Wonderland"
plus ONE "With All Your Heart"
Luura Pausini "The Extra Mile"
Westlife "Flying Without Wings"
Youngstown and Nobody's Angel "Pokémon World"
Devotion 2 Music "Blah, Blah, Blah"
Weird "Al" Yankovic "Polkaman"
The B-52s "The Chosen One"
O-Town "One Heart"
Denisse Lara "One"
O-Town "Comein' To The Rescue"
Dance Of The Bellossum from Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Score
16. The Legend Comes To Life from The Power Of One Score

Well, the only good ones look like Weird "Al" Yankovic and the B-52's (I'm a big B-52's fan), and the musical scores. The rest doesn't look very appetizing. Oh course, the soundtrack is for you little kiddies, so I guess it's OK.


Fossil & Rocket Get The Go At STS

Well, due to the plea of many little young ones, WotC finally give the OK to use Fossil and Rocket cards at the Super Trainer Showdown in Long Beach CA. I was FedEx'd a letter explaining it all. If you want to read it, then keep on reading. [slight pause] Yeah.

Pokémon™*: Fossil™ and Team Rocket™ cards?
In the Super Trainer Showdown?

Dear Master Trainers,

It's true! Due to the amazing customer feedback we've received, we have decided to include the Fossil and Team Rocket expansions in the Pokémon card sets that you can use at the Super Trainer Showdown taking place at the Queen Mary, July 22. All age groups can use Base Set, Base Set 2, Jungle™, Fossil, and Team Rocket expansion cards. In addition, you can use all promo cards that have been produced by Wizards off the Coast as well.

We feel that this will create the most exciting and interesting play experience for all of the Master Trainers coming to the Super Trainer Showdown.

Good luck, Master Trainers, and have a great time!


*©1995, 1996, and 1998 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK. Pokémon, Fossil, Jungle, and Team Rocket are trademarks of Nintendo.
Wizards of the Coast is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. ©2000 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Well, this was just about the FedEx'd letter they sent to me. Rejoice, it's official!

Also in the FedEx package was a blue sheet, explaining more of the STS rules.

Super Trainer Showdown Tournament Rules

The Super Trainer Showdown tournament rules are very similar to the Pokémon™ Mall Tour Qualifier rules with slight modifications to accommodate the swiss format.

  • You cannot have more than 4 of the same cards in your deck besides Basic Energy cards. All decks must be exactly 60 cards.

  • You may not use proxy cards in the Super Trainer Showdown. You may use Japanese cards only if you have the English version of the card available, set aside from your deck, for your opponent and a judge to reference.

  • If you use card protectors such as card sleeves all cards must be in the same color card protectors.

  • No marked or worn cards may be used.

  • Super Trainer Showdown is played in a swiss format. In this format, even if you lose some matchers, you may continue to play in the tournament until all rounds of swiss have been run.

  • If neither player has taken all six prize cards, the player who has taken the most prize cards at the end of a 20 minute round will be declared the winner, but given only 2pts, instead of 3pts for winning. In the case of tie, the match will be declared a draw and each player will receive 1 pt.

  • Tournament rulings are final.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Pam Wilson at 425-204-7628 or at pamelaw@wizards.com

Well, it does clear up a lot of questions I had with the STS, except for one... I wonder if I can use French cards in my deck (since I bought all that Pokémon TCG stuff when I went to Europe)... I guess I'd better ask! :D

Better Promo Eevee Scan

Thanks to ikr2punk from the PA! Forums, we've got a nice large picture of Promo Eevee #11.

What? Don't know what Promo Eevee is? Well, stop by the American Promo Index to find out! There's also info on other upcoming promos also!

Oh yeah... the picture. :D


Oh Yeah... and More Fan Fakes!

Yep! I took the extra time to update the Fan Made Fake Card section with more of your fake cards! Yippie! I think I've got like over 30 new cards... I'm not sure (I lost count!).

Remember though, the section is still incomplete, so PLEASE don't complain to me if your card is not in there. I really DON'T want to hear it.

Click here to go to the Fan Made Fake Card Section!


June 22, 2000: Thursday

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update Yet Again / Buh.

Again... no update. I'll bet you're losing faith in your favorite webmaster... but duty calls.

If you don't like it, well, tough it out.

June 21, 2000: Wednesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update Again / Sna.

I've got nothing.

No actually, I've just been busy within the past few days. Heck, I can't even keep up with emails. There are quite a few people I need to talk to.

And I know you want to see more Fan Made Fake Cards up. God knows I want to add them. But it's just something I can't manage right now. I'll see what I can manage for tomorrow, but I can't make any promices as for content.


June 19, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update / Mochimasen.

Did you know that "Mochimasen" is more or less the Japanese equivalant to "I've got nothing"?

I'm just extreamly tired.... I can't manage an update today. I'll see what I can pull together tomorrow, maybe more Fan Made Fake Cards, along with more goofy "Nick15's Sez" stuff.

June 18, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• 4th PA! Contest... / Something's wrong with the Fake Edition
• Lost Episode to be Shown / You Probably Have Been Told...

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.


Yes! The Internet's Original Fan Made Fake Card gallery is back up, with new fan cards for you fans! [pauses to think about what he just said]

Right now, I'm working out the ground work, and I only have about new 25 Fan Cards in there right now. Unlike last time, there will be no card thumbnails (because frankly, making them are a pain in the neck), and it'll be a bit more organized... separated by last names or nicknames in alphebetical order.

And since the FMFC is not finished, DON'T complain to me if your card is not in there. It's still a work in progress, I still have like 400 other fan made fake cards to go through and upload!!

Anyway, enjoy this new section! Also send in your fake cards for a chance at being in the FMFC!!

Click here to go to the Fan Made Fake Card Gallery!

4th PA! Contest...

Yep, starting this July 1st, I'll be starting a new contest here at PA!. What is it? Well, read on.

[story mode on]

Let's see... a while back, I had this strange feeling that someone's been hacking into my server and attacking my Fake Edition fake cards. How can I tell? A lot of my Fake Edition cards have some text errors on them that I don't remember adding.

However just recently, Nick15 (the plucky PA! Mascot) nabbed the culprits trying to make another hack on my cards. However they've escaped and are now hiding somewhere at Pokémon Aaah!.

The problem is, there's just too many cards for Nick15 and I too try to look over to find all the hacked mistakes. So we need your help to get every last bit of hacked errors that those hackers did. You'll need to search through my Fake Edition cards and see what the hackers messed up on my cards (they aren't so obvious, so you need to look hard!). Then write down your findings, and head off through my web site to try to find the culprits. When you've found the hackers, email me with their location and what they messed up so that I can take card of them.

Now as an incentive to try to help me, the person who finds the most hacked errors on my cards along with the hackers will get a reward. However, I only have rewards for only one person, so you'll need to work hard if you want to win!

[story mode off]

And... that's about it. The contest doesn't start until July 1st, so I won't be accepting any entries until then (this means you, Bill).

Lost Episode to be Shown

If you didn't know already, KidsWB! will be airing a "Lost Episode"... which happens to be "Holiday at Porta Vista" or something of the sort. It wasn't originally aired on American television because of a certain.... ickyness level to it. If you want to read it, go to my Pokémon TV Lost Episodes section.

June 17, 2000: Saturday

Here's What's New for Today...

• More Neo 2 Info / Promo Binder Picture and Release Date
• 3rd Pokémon Fake Card Contest Winners / Hoo-Haa!

Ok... now that the card contest winners have been announced, it's time to work on the Fan Made Fake Card section! Check back tomorrow to check out out!

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

More Neo 2 Info

Let's see what I have... Thanks to Tyler Vogler, I've got some more info on Neo 2...

Like the first Neo, Neo 2 will have a special 9 card promo binder with 9 special promo cards. (See left). In it will obviously be Pichu and Houndoom (or is that Umbereon?). Ho-Oh might also make an appearance... but I doubt it. It will be ¥600, approximately US$5.64, CAN$8.27, £3.73, and AUS$9.31... :D

The binder is slated to be released in Japan on 7/7/2000, and the packs will be released on 8/5/2000.


3rd Pokémon Fake Card Contest Winners

Well... it was a tough decision... there were quite a lot of entries. I mean... wow! We've got some talented fake card creators out there!!! Let's see who won...

1st Place

Purity's Ehsse (by: "Purity")

Gah! What can I say? It's a good card! On a rating of 1 to 10, it's a 10's! As for Purity's Ehsse, bonus points are awarded for a nicely drawn picture and card originality, along with an overall well done card.

2nd Place

Dark Gengar (by: Rocky Raccoon)

Wow! Another great card! I mean... WOW! SERIOUSLY, if it weren't for the 1st Place tie between Starmie and Ehsse, this would be in 1st place! Heck, on a scale from 1 to 10, this would be a 9.999999999999999999999999.....!

But I mean a 3 way tie for 1st?! I can't afford that, plus it just doesn't work... but still, Rocky, you did a WONDERFUL job on Dark Gengar! The picture is nice (and creepy), and game text is awesome, and just everything rocks!

Honorable Mention

305th Bomb Group (by: "DB144") &
Cleopatra's Mike Tyson (by:
Joshua D. Rivera)

Now Honorable Mentions don't get a prize, but the reward is that you get a a Highly Honored mention by the Wizard of Fake Card, me! You can tell all your friends that "the guy at Pokémon Aaah! really likes my cards!" and then go "Nah naah na na naahhhh! Ppbptttt!!"

Anyway, I give a thumbs up to "DB144", who honored his grandfather on Memorial Day with this fake card. I really like a guy who respects and honors his elders (especially enough to make a fake card of their grandfather's bomb group!). Yeah!

Then there's Joshua here with his "Cleopatra's Mike Tyson" fake card. Man, I don't know what this person was thinking, but this card is weeeeeeeird! Hah hah, good job buddy!

June 16, 2000: Friday

Here's What's New for Today...

• WotC Chat Report / I've got nothing.

Well, today's something of a bust. Nothing to talk about. Oh yeah, I graduated. Blah blah blah. Now I have all the free time in the world to update PA! constantly!!!

Oh yeah... the 3rd Fake Card Contest is over. Any you cards you send in to me will not be accepted into the contest. Then as soon as I can, I'll go through the cards and figure out which ones will WIN and which ones will be posted on the new Fan Made Fake Card page. It'll be tons of fun!

Speaking of the Fake Card contest, tomorrow I'll announce the winners, and by Sunday I'll work on the Fan Made Fake Card section.

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

WotC Chat Report

If you didn't already know, WotC does these Pokémon chats things every Thursday where really good WotC employies get paid to answer somewhat mindless questions from little youngens. Oh well, I hope the pay is good. :)

Fortunatly, many useful information is leaked out from the chats, which makes for a smashing update. Now thanks to Hackman and Puff3000, we've got some of that info for you.

  • For the North American Pokémon the Movie 2000, there will be 4 promos. Ancient Mew, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Ancient Mew will not have a collector's number, and will be exactly the same as the Japanese Ancient Mew, except for the copyright information. As for Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, they will also be 100% English first (like Dark Raichu was). The numbers for the promos will be 21, 22, 23.

  • The next two Pokémon TCG sets will be called "Gym: Heroes" and "Gym: Challenge". Heroes will be released on August 14th, and Challenge will be released sometime in October, possibly October 16th.

  • There is still come confusion over what sets are legal in STS. My invitation says that in all age groups, only Base and Jungle cards are allowed. However in the chat, Master_Trainer_Mike (one of the guys from WotC) said that for the Ages 15 and older group, all English cards are legal. ... I still don't know what's going on.

  • As for those who are keeping track on Ditto, Master_Trainer_Mike said that the Neo rulebook had a interesting ruling on Ditto. What I remember in the chat, MT_Mike stated that during the same turn, if Ditto was one Pokémon, it counted as that Pokémon until the end of turn, even if it's switched to another Pokémon (or something along those lines). I personally am not sure if that is what the American Ditto ruling will be, but is sure is something to think about.

  • And the coolest question asked was "What do you think about Fake Card makers?". MT_Mike said: "As long as you only use them for fun, then go for it. BUT try anbd make mopney or spoof amnyone and your karma will go down!!!" Dang! So much for my eBay scheme! :P J/K. Anyways... phew. I'm sort of relieve to get a "final word" like this from a representative from WotC... so now I know what I'm doing is OK, just as long as it's for fun. ... But I wonder he meant with that "spoof" part. What can't I spoof? Hmmmm...

Well, so much for that. With that said, there's a few page updates I need to make (like that P2K Movie promo info) and that Gym set info. Check out tomorrow for that info.

Well, toodles!

June 15, 2000: Thursday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

Click here to go to the Contest Page!!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Final Fake Edition Card #200 / An adventure unlike like anything on this world...
• New STS Info / Here you go WotC, FREE ADVERTISING! :D
• Pokémon the Movie 2000 Promo Info / It's not what you thing.

What?! Nick15, Student is evolving! ... Nick15, Student evolved into Nick15, High School Graduate!

[evolved fanfare music]

Go, Nick15, High School Graduate! Use your Don't Pay Rent attack! Quick, counter with Sleep-In Late attack!


Today's it folks! Three things are coming to an end today! First off, I'm graduating from high school, ending 13 long hard years of... going to school for free. Then there's the contest, which ends tonight (send in your entries!). And then above all, today's the end of the Fake Edition card set. Wow man.... June 15th will be a day that will live in infamy. Like... like... that other day that will live in infamy. I think it was on Toonami.

I've got nothing. Oh... for Saturday, I'LL TRY to announce the winners of the contest, and lay out the ground work for the ALL NEW Fan Made Fake Cards section! (Who knows, your card might be in there!)

Also, keep an eye out for the 4th new contest at PA! which will happen some time soon. Trust me, it won't be another Fake Card contest.

Final Fake Edition Card #200

Well, today's the day. After almost exactly one year, the famous Fake Edition, the first fake Pokémon card set to appear on the Internet will come to a close. sniff Has it already been about a year since I first created my classic Missingno. fake card? ... Like, wow...

So now it all it's glory, Fake Edition card #200, the last card out of the entire Fake Edition. .... Oh, so you want to know, right? Well... I can't tell you, but I'll give you a hint. It's a card type that has never been seen in the Fake Edition. Enjoy!

It's a Surprise


That's that. So what's next up? After summer's out, I'll unveil the next new fake card set, Mayakashi Edition, featuring fakes of Gold and Silver Pokémon. Rock on!

But in the mean time, I'll fulfill your PA! fake card needs with some more Wacky Fake cards and other stuff. Possibily more other fake stuff! Enjoy!

New STS Info

Well, yours truly will be one of at most 240 different people (720 total) across the entire West Coast of the US to be "officially" invited to the Super Trainer Showdown in Los Angeles. Rock on!

First off, there is a 85% chance that I will be able to go to the STS. Of course, LA is still quite a ride from San Francisco, there there is an outside chance that I won't get a ride. However there is a high possibility that my friends and I will go on a road trip down to LA (also to try to play, I hope), so....

Anyway, I got my STS Invitation through FedEx yesterday afternoon. This was because I was one of the top four players in my round at the Pokémon TCG Tour (not much to gloat about, there were only about 25 something people in my round). Inside the FedEx packet was a really spiffy invitation (which I have scans of), a letter to my parents about what I've received in that FedEx package, a really cool "Wizards of the Coast® Consent and Release Agreement" and Registration sheet which I have to fill out, an envelop to sent the Registration in with (where I need to supply my own stamp), and a really nice information booklet (which I'll be more than glad to share with you).

Let's see... first, here's the scan of the nice little invitation card I got in my FedEx package.

Invitation Outside
Invitation Inside

Now here's some basic info that I will share with you about the STS.

The Showdown will be held on the
Queen Mary, a really nice ship! Yep, I'll be playing on a ship. Based on the description, it sounds pretty nice.

Who Can Enter:
You don't have to be a top winner at the Tour to participate in the STS (although it helps)! If you're in the area when it takes place, you can enter under any 1 of 3 other conditions!

• Earn three or more badges in the Pokémon League. If you have at least the Bolder, Cascade, and Thunder Badge from the Pokémon TCG League, you can enter! (Of course, you need to prove it to them to enter, so have your badges on you!)
• Be one of the Top 10 DCI Pokémon players. Uh... for many of you, I doubt this is a possibility.
• Be an international player. If you live in England or anywhere else, you can spend a lot of money to fly over to LA, get a room in a hotel, and take all the time to arrange for all this, to get in for... now get this... free!

The entire STS takes place on July 22nd. Sign-ins are between 8 AM to 11 AM, and the games begin shortly after at 12 Noon. The tour is expected to end at around 5 PM (give or take), which the awards show following.

Tournament Info:
Decks for the showdown can only have Base Set, BS2, and Jungle cards. Yep, none of that Fossil, Team Rocket, and Promo card stuff. We've got European players playing here! This isn't so much of a problem for me, besides 1 Gambler and 8 TR Healing Energy, my Wiggly deck is purely pre-Fossil. But for a lot of you who never lived in the pre-Fossil days, this will be tough, especially those who forget that there was a pre-Fossil Haymaker. :)

A plus side to the tourney is that it's going to be mostly a Swiss-draw tourney, meaning that you aren't kicked out for just losing one round. Hoo-ray! It's based on points (3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss), and the top 8 players after about five or six rounds will head off to the Final Finals (which will be single elimination). I doubt that I'll make it up there, knowing my "luck". There are tons of prizes though, but if you lose just one game, you can really kiss that 1st Place prize good-bye.

To add more fairness to the game, the tourney will be separated into three age groups, Ages 10 and under, Ages 11 to 14, and Ages 15 and older.

There will be about five or six rounds (depending on the number of players at the tour) before the final single-elimination rounds. Each of those rounds will be 20 minutes long... So for all you Insane Stall players, I say "HAH!".

As for prizes, there is a lot of them.

1st Place: 32 Booster Packs, an Event Jacket & cap, and a special edition binder. There will also be a nice golden medal given out. Wheee!

2nd Place: The same, but only 28 packs and a silver medal.

3rd/4th Place: The same, but only 20 packs and a bronze medal.

5th-8th Place: An event cap, the binder, and a plaque. And 16 packs of cards.

9th-16th Place: A certificate and 12 packs of cards.

17th-32nd Place: A certificate and 8 packs of cards.

33rd+ Place: A certificate and 4 packs of cards.

Well, you get 4 packs of cards for going all the way through, that's not bad.

That generally sums up the Tourney part of the STS.

But Wait... There's More!
The tournament is only 1/10th of the fun! Here's other info about what goes on at the STS...

Pokémon Central: Free Pokémon Gifts!
Pokémon Center Stage: The place for deckbuilding tips, game play strategies, and "Brock's Challenge", a Pokémon trivia contest.
Create your own Pokémon card art!: Guess. It's the "official" WotC version of Pokémon Aaah!, so to speak. You can make your own cards, and get tips from their "Create a Card" experts!
Dark Raichu Photo Op: Take a picture with a really big version of the Dark Raichu card! You can get a Polaroid photo or a digital photo on disk!
Misty's Fun Zone: It's not what you think.... but it's a kiddie play zone for you little 5 year old and younger fans.
Pokémon Game Boy Tournaments: Don't care for the TCG (what?!)...? Well, you can play in their GB tourneys. There'll also be Pokémon Stadium stations too.
Wizards of the Coast Store: Have some money that just scream "Spend me on Pokémon stuff!"? Then here's the spot.
Pokémon League: Can't get enough of the Pokémon TCG? Then check out their League stations to play and win and stuff. Maybe you can get that Thunderbadge you need to enter.
Pokémon TCG King of the Hill Tourneys: More TCG tourney madness! This tourney is instead "King of the Hill". Don't ask me what it means.

So really, if you get KO'd in the main event, you can check out some of the other stuff there! You're guaranteed NOT to get bored, or your money back!

Fan: But we didn't pay anything!

Well... somebody better give me some money! :D

Wow... that's a lot of typing. .... Uh... I guess all of this stuff sums up the STS. Remember, I'm going, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Fan: Hey! How come there is no STS for the East Coast!!

Oh that... uh... WotC said in one of their chats (I believe) that there will be something similar to the STS for the East Coast'ers, so you have nothing to worry about. .... I'm gonna see if I can get in. :D

Pokémon the Movie 2000 Promo Info

Coolness! Not only will people who watch Pokémon the Movie 2000 get the Ancient Mew and Legendary Bird Promos, other people watching it will be getting Igglybuff and Hitmontop promo cards!

Fan: Waiiitt.... what's the deal here?

Well... this is true, but I've twisted the truth a little. The Second Pokémon movie in the North America will be called "Pokémon the Movie 2000", and the Third Pokémon movie in Japan will also called "Pokémon the Movie 2000". Swift, huh?

Anyway, some of the promo cards that Japan will get for their movie will be Igglybuff and Hitmontop, while we get the Ancient Mew and Legendary Birds promo cards.

Wanna take a look at them? Sure! Here you go... thanks once again to The Pokémon Universe for the card scans!


As soon as I can, I'll add these to the Japanese Promo card list. (Sheesh, that needs to be updated!)

Enjoy the rest of your day!


June 14, 2000: Wednesday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

Click here to go to the Contest Page!!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fake Edition Card #198 & #199 / 1 More To Go...
• Neo 2 Info Page Added / With scans you can find elsewhere!
• New Pokémon G/S Names Added / With some questionable ones!


Well, technically I'm done with school. I need not worry about another dang thing ever again for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long while. (You can tell I'm excited!) Actually all I need to do is stay at school for about an hour or two so that I can practice graduating and then I'm scot free. YEAHH!!!

In other news... Japan has more-or-less officially announced Pokémon Stadium 3, or "Pocket Monster Stadium GS". Wow! ... I've got nothing.

Enter in the contest! Remember, it ends on the 15th, this Thursday night!! Tomorrow's it!!

Fake Edition Card #198 & #199

You'll love these next two cards.... well, the first one is one Big Basic Pokémon (BBP), which is Haymaker ready. The other card is... well... I'll keep it a secret. :) Trust me, you'll love it! It's simply a cult classic here...



Mister E.


Stop by tomorrow for card #200, the final Fake Edition card... which will also be a card you least suspect. Taa taa! :D

Neo 2 Info Page Added

Pppbbt. I figured out that the symbol for Neo 2 was the Native Central American temple, and what credit do I get. Sheesh. Why do I even bother. :(

... Well anyway, thanks to the good folk at The Pokémon Universe, I was able to get scans of certain cards from Neo 2. Wheee! Dig them cards...

138 - Omanyte
141 -
177 -
Xatu (read below on GS names)
201 -
Unown (A)
212 -
Scyzor (promo)
228 -
235 -
Dooburu (promo)

Trainer - Egg Fossil

So what's cool with this set here? Besides more GS Pokémon, Omanyte and Kabutops are the first Pokémon cards to switch types! YES! Now Omanyte is a Fighting Pokémon, and Kabutops is a Water Pokémon. Rock on!

Let's see... Tomorrow, I'll have more stuff from The Pokémon Universe, like Pokémon the Movie 2000 Igglybuff and Hitmontop promo card scans. ... Huh? You don't know what I'm talking about?? Well stop on by tomorrow to find out!

New Pokémon G/S Names Added

So what's new in the Pokémon world? New Pokémon names, what's new! Dig the list...

Japanese Name (PKMN#)

English Name

Togechiku (#176)


Neitei (#177)

Xatu (pronounced Zah-two, one really cool name)

Neiteio (#178)

Xoqo (pronounced zo-ko, another really cool name)

Mokoko (#180)


Mariruri (#184)


Himanatsu (#191)


Yanyanma (#193)

Dunsparce (I'll give a cookie to someone who can figure out the meaning of THAT name.)

Muuma (#200)


Haganeeru (#208)


Niyuura (#215)


Hapinasu (#242)

Blissey (I still like Forchunsey better.)

Yoogirasu (#246)


Sanagirasu (#247)


Wow.... just a few more to go and we're all set!

I personally think that "Xatu" and "Xoqo" are those Pokémon's right names, since those names sound like a Native American name, and those two look very Native American (well, depending on the region).

Click here to check out all the other new GS Pokémon's names!

June 12, 2000: Monday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

Click here to go to the Contest Page!!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fake Edition Card #197 / 3 More To Go...
• More TCG News / More Gym 2 News. More, I tells ya!

Uh..... I don't feel too good right now.

Enter in the contest! Remember, it ends on the 15th, this Thursday night!!

Fake Edition Card #197

The countdown for the last 4 Fake Edition fake cards has begun.... today is card #197, Electabuzz.



Now it's not so much of an impressive card... but it'll be setting you folks up to one really cool final #200 card...

More TCG News

Here's some more news on Gym 2...

Over at http://www.the-pokemon-universe.com, there are some new Neo 2 card scans. Hey hey! They include Delibird, Unown(!), and others. Hopefully I can get copies of those scans and add them to the new Neo 2 Page (which will be made available some time soon).

.... I'm too tired to talk.


June 11, 2000: Sunday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• G/S Pokédex Has Begun / PA!'s G/S Pokédex is uh... you know... uhm...
• Some TCG News / Promo Eevee Release Date and Gym: Hero's Info
• Possible New Pokémon TCG Set? / A new FAKE image!

Let's see.... if all of you "old skool" PA! Fans, yesterday was technically the 1st Anniversary of PA!.... well, it was the day when PA! was beginning to constantly be updated every day. Prior to June 10, 1999, PA! was just there... no updating of any sort. But since then, it's been updated on an almost daily basis.

Also, remember that the 3rd Fake Card contest comes to an end THIS THURSDAY NIGHT! If you haven't entered in the contest, it's about time you did!

Speaking of contests... on July 1st, I'll have a new contest. However it won't be a Fake Card contest, although it does concern fake cards. I'll have more on this later.

Also later on this week, I'll have a count down to the end of the Fake Edition with the final 4 cards. I'll only release 1 card a day until the 15th... so it'll be a surprise every day.

I'll also have some more Wacky Fake cards to share later on also.

That's about it.

G/S Pokédex Has Begun

Another sidebar update has taken place. Today, the beginnings of the new PA! G/S Pokédex is underway. Right now, it only has a compilation of all the currently known English G/S names. There's still quite a ways to go.

Speaking of new English names;
A long time ago, back in say... October 1999, I had predicted that the English name for Kirinriki, that two headed Pokémon, to be "Girafarig". Guess what? It is! Weee heee! I feel good.

Anyway, the G/S Pokédex is only about a page long. Sooner or later, it will be updated into a separate pop-up window, like the older G/S Pokédex was (for those who remember), and will also include info on Pokémon that didn't quite make it into G/S.

Click here to go to the New PA! G/S Pokédex!

Some TCG News

Some amazing Pokémon TCG news, if you ask me! Two bits of juicy info from you fans out there... let's see....

Jplata13@aol.com tells me that:

Promo eevee will be released in the 7th season in the pokemon league as i said before. That means on June 24!!!

All right! Within a week or two, Promo Eevee will be yours! (Only if the Price is Right!) :P

Here's some even cooler info from CC2002NET@aol.com:

Well I wanted to give you the date of when gym leaders will come out so you can give me some info about it when you update your site. I love your site and it is the best site on the web.

((And then there was a Forwarded Email...))

> CC2002NET@aol.com writes:
> > The new gym leaders card set, is coming to the
> > U.S. in the fall. Will the gym1 and gym2 sets be
> > separte or will them be combined into one big
> > set?
> I can't tell you what cards will be in the set,
> but I can tell you that Gym Leader is coming out
> on August 14th.
> Thanks,
> ******************************************************************
> Alex
> Wizards of the Coast - Game Support
> Website: http://www.wizards.com
> Game Support E-Mail: custserv@wizards.com
> Game Support Phone: 1-800-324-6496
> Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 7 PM PST
> Corporate Phone: (425) 226-6500
> Online Store Phone: 1-800-250-7589
> Online Store Email: ordersup@wizards.com
> Please quote this e-mail in any reply.
> ******************************************************************

So apparently, Gym: Heroes, the next Pokémon TCG set, is going to come out on August 14th! Yes!! 2 more months and it's here!! Man... I need to save up my money for this set...

Possible New Pokémon TCG Set?

THIS IS A FAKE! (Just warning you ahead of time...)

... While snooping around WotC's web page, like I always do for news, I came across this hot little item. It's an advertisement for a new card set called "Safari Zone". Curious... I don't recall ever hearing about a Safari Zone set in Japan. But while reading through the advertisement, I noticed a few Pokémon that I've seen on the "Vending Machine" set cards. And then it clicked. WotC is planning to translate the Vending Machine sets!! Sweet!

The web page with the advertisement was talking about the set with very vague details. I do know that the set will be released after Gym: Villains (aka Gym 2), probably around the December 2000 holiday season.

And as WotC always does, differences have appeared between the two sets. First off, it won't be sold in sheets, but in 11 card packs. There will also be a better rarity ration, there will be rares and rare-holos in the set (normally the VM set only had Commons and Uncommons). However, the symbol will be staying the same, with the upside-down Poké Ball.


Oh, you want to see the advertisement? Sure! Click here:

Click Here to see the "Safari Zone" Pack Advertisement!
Remember... THIS IS A FAKE! It's NOT real!!

June 10, 2000: Saturday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update / Yes...

Once again there's no update today. Oh well. I'll see what I can pull together for tomorrow.

Or perhaps I'll just update later today. Keep checking back for updates, then!!

June 8, 2000: Thursday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• Vending Machine Info Added / The basics down...
• 3 New Fake Pokémon / Replacement and All
• New Mistake Found / And older one has been discovered.
• Neo 2 Promo & Edition Symbol? / Another new section...

Let's see... nothing new to comment on...

Well, there are a few new sections in the side bar... two of them will be announced today. However, the "Mayakashi Edition" page will be left unlinked until it's official release date, September 2, 2000. So you'll have to wait until after summer to see some of the new G/S Fake Cards. Boo hoo... oh well... I need a break from fake cards for a while. ... Also, I plan to finish off the set on the 15th, so keep an eye out for that.

OK, I'm done. Enter in the contest! :)

Vending Machine Info Added

Today I've got some (and I mean SOME) info on the Vending Machine sets.

What, you don't know what the Vending Machine sets are?? Well pop in and take a gander!

Click here to go to the Vending Machine Info Page!

3 New Fake Pokémon

Yes, three new fake Pokémon cards have been added to the pile. It's Porygon (which has taken over the #175 spot), Voltorb, and Electrode. I like the picture I did for Electrode, it's sort of done in the style of my favorite Pokémon artist, Sumiyoshi Kizuki, the person who did the Koffing, Diglett, and Slowpoke pictures in the Team Rocket edition. Well, enjoy!







New Mistake Found

Thanks to the scanners of Alysha, I was able to get a picture of the elusive "Edition D" Butterfree. Even though it's mistake was just due to a bubble in the black ink, it was still quite a commonly know mistake, so it deserves a place in the TCG Mistakes page. Thanks a lot, Alysha!

The Butterfree Error ("Plan B from Edition D")
Click here to go to the TCG Mistakes Page

Neo 2 Promo & Edition Symbol?

Have we seen signs of the next Pokémon TCG edition, aptly named "Neo2"? Well, just recently, a new "Hasamu" card has been released....

Wheee! And besides that, using my skills in guestimation and photomanipulation, it looks as if the symbol for the new set is one of those old Native Central American towers, as seen on the Neo2 advertisement. Here, I think it's going to be something close to this:

But... but but but... it seems as if that this card is just a promo cards.... usually cards with text in the bottom right hand corner are promos... hmm.... we'll see about this.

Also, I've added the unlinked section for Neo2, once new stuff comes out, a page will be made available. But for right now, it's not worth it yet.

June 7, 2000: Wednesday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• No Pudate / Er... I mean update.

Nope... no update today. I'm kind of busy as of late. I'll see about making some fake cards for tomorrow's update.

Speaking of fake cards, I've got two things... first, card #175 of the Fake Edition will be replaced with a new card. Serebi does not fit the bill as being a Fake Edition card. However... it will be card #1 of the new "Mayakashi" Edition, which is the next Gold/Silver fake card set ("mayakashi" is Japanese for "fake"... tee hee!) It's symbol will also be a bit strange, a telephone. :P

See? ... This set will begin production some time in September once Pokémon starts is Gold & Silver season on KidsWB!.

Aside from that, I've got a few surprises concerning the Japanese "Vending Machine" TCG card sets. What? You don't know what the "Vending Machine" sets are? Well stick around and find out later this week.

OK, I'm done. Enter in the contest! :)

June 5, 2000: Monday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!! Plus a good number of entries will be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD page on this web site!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• Steel This Blank! / The Ech Caved In.

Again, nothing interesting to talk about. Well... actually.... there is this cool web site with some really funny movies. It's located at
http://www.biksco.com/video. Dig them all! Hee hee!

Also, check back later on this week for some cool images of the official PA! Mascots, Nick15 and the yet unknown mascot who so happens to be a girl.

Enter in the contest! :)

Steel This Blank!

Hah. What a big liar that Echidna person is. He said that if he didn't get 500 hits last weekend, he won't release the Steel blanks. Well guess what? The Echidna caved in and announced that his STEEL blanks are available to download at his web site.

[pause] And the fans go wild! Whooo!!!

Well... the blanks are ready for download... just click here...



Hey, how come you're not there yet? [pause] Oh yeah... I forgot to link it. Tee hee! [the fans lunge towards Nick15 and beat him up]

ouch! Alright! Alright! ... Here's the link.

Gotta Steel 'em All! The Steel Neo Backs...

June 4, 2000: Sunday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• What Happened To That "Grand Update"?! / My morning sucked.
• PVL Triumphs at the STS Qualifier Tour! / I think...
• PA! Hosted Sites List / We're Not Alone...
• 3 New Fake Cards! / 3 More Closer the End...

All quiet on the western front. Nothing new again from the world of Pokémon. So I guess I'll just report on local news.

Also, I really should be replying to some email (I'm not forgetting about you!!!), but it's just been that I've been busy lately. Expect a large mail out tomorrow.

Enter in the contest!! :P Remember, many entries from the contest will go towards the NEW Fan Made Fake Card Section! If you want your card to be in that section and you want to win free packs of Team Rocket, then send in your card into the contest!!!

What Happened To That "Grand Update"?!

Bah. Frankly, that big Grand Update was for new viewers... however since due to a number of things, I couldn't create advertising slips to hand out to potential viewers... so I scrapped the Grand Update idea. Oh well.

PVL Triumphs at the STS Qualifier Tour!

Well on the plus side, I rocked at the Tour!

Yes, everyone's favorite guy named Nick15 has return victorious in the Pokémon TCG Tour!!

[cheers and applause from the readers]

Please please, you don't need to applaud me... :)

Anyway, I left the Second Round of my age group as top dog, winning all of my matches (which were 5). I got 27/30 points (whoo!), however that was not the top score there. Last I hear someone got 28/30 points.... meaning that I probably won't get the free trip to LA for the Super Trainer Showdown. :( (Note, scores was based on how many prizes your opponent has left after you won.)

... However of my 5 matches, I won 4 of them without any of my Pokémon getting KO'd, so I MIGHT have an outside chance of getting that free trip. I think the winner of that isn't really based on total points... I know there is a special formula they use to determine who will actually go. Hmmm.... But besides that, I did win about 9 packs of BS2, an INVITATION to the Super Trainer Showdown, a Pokémon TCG Tour hat, and a Pokémon TCG Tour T-Shirt. Wheeee!! 

Plus when you sign up for the thing, they give you all sorts of cool things. Like stickers, and papers... and even a free Prerelease Dark Gyarados. Kewl. I'll try to get scans for them.

So you want to know how your plucky webmaster did? Hmmm....

A bit of background info.... there are 2 days for the tour, and there are three rounds for each day. So there is a total of 6 rounds. As for the games, it was Single Elimination... that means if you lost once, you're out. Standard tourney rules also apply, 20 minutes per round. The winner after 20 minutes would be the one with the least prizes, or the most cards in the deck in case of a tie.

 I entered in the First Round with my all-powerful "Wigglytough" deck. However in my first game I lost... only because I had nothing but flyers (Spearows and Fearows) and my opponent was playing an Electric deck. [slaps forehead]

However... the Second Round was THE round for me...

- In my first game, I played against a Wigglytuff deck with Rocket Zubats/Golbats. (You know who, Hackman!) My starter was a Scyther with a Jigglypuff on the bench and my opponent's starter was a Rocket Zubat. My first turn, I attached a Grass Energy on Scyther and Swords Dance'd. Next turn, I Computer Searched for a Double Colorless Energy, Slashed for 60, and won. ... 2nd turn win! Wheeee!

- In my second game, I wasn't totally sure what my opponent was playing. My starter was a Jigglypuff with nothing on my bench, and my opponent had a Rocket Abra (40 HP) and nothing else. I had a DCE, a PlusPower, and a Computer Search in my hand. I got to go first. Guess who won?? :) I slapped on the DCE and PlusPower on the Jigglypuff, then Search'd for another PlusPower and Pound'd for 40 damage for the win. ... 1st turn win! Wheeeee!!

- In my third game, since I won my first game in 2 turns and my second game in 1, I predicted than I would win in 0 turns. :b Actually, it was one of my better games. My opponent was playing a Rain Dance deck, so I was kind of worried there. However, the speed of Wigglytuff trampled through all his Pokémon, leaving nothing to play a Rain Dance with. :)

- My fourth game was the toughest. My opponent was playing what seems to have been a Haymaker variant, with Hitmonchan, Electabuzz, and Chansey. All of them gave me problems. The Hitmonchan KO'd my Wigglys, the Electabuzzes KO'd my Spearows & Fearows, and the Chansey was just a wall. Aaargh!!!! Fortunately I was able to KO 5 of my opponent's Pokémon, while she only KO'd 3. Eventually the 20 minutes were up, and I won because I had less prizes. [phew]

- I thought that the 5th game would be it for me. I saw that my opponent was playing one heck of a souped-up Wigglymaker deck (Wigglytuff in a Haymaker). He had the Wiggly's on top of Scythers and Electabuzzes. WAH!! But then it turns out that the guy has a really poor draws! The only Pokémon he'd ever pull out were 2 Electabuzzes and a Lickitung. The Lickitung proved to be a problem... however the Electabuzzes were easily taken care of. Twice in a row I pulled PlusPowers, and so twice in a row I did 70 damage to the Buzzes.

Yay!! So I dominated the Second Round... with a 6-6-6-3-6 point record. 27 points. Whoo! ... Well... I guess this doesn't count as triumphing. Besides, those 1st/2nd turn wins might hurt my score. Oh well.

... OK, I'm done gloating for the day. [goes and sits in a corner]

PA! Hosted Sites List

If you didn't know already, my server, Nick15.com, hosts web sites (which happens to be down for the moment). Fortunately some of them just happen to be Pokémon web sites, so now you can enjoy other Pokémon sites at Nick15.com. Hah! Remember to keep an eye out of new hosted sites. Heck, maybe your web site can be hosted at Nick15.com!

[swings a watch in front of you eyes] But remember... PA! is your faaaaavorite web site.... [psychotic laugh]

Visit the PA! Hosted Sites Page!!

3 New Fake Cards!

Three new for you. Hey, that rhymes!

Today's set is one hard hitting... shell... Pokémon..., Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise. Enjoy!







Sorry, I don't have any tips on how to play these Pokémon. Oh well.

June 2, 2000: Friday

Contests for May!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update Today / Busy

Well, I've been busy within the last few days. I've got to do a few many things for school before I graduate. But don't worry, tomorrow's update will be GRAND.

Enter in the contest! :)

June 1, 2000: Thursday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• Nothing New Today... / *Yawn...*

Boring. I can't update today because I've had a few important things to do last night. If you don't like it, oh well.

May 31, 2000: Wednesday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• Remember Them Crazy Titles? / Old Skool PA!'ers might remember....
• Minor Tweeks / Some tinsy little stuff, no biggy.
Fake Edition Card Errata / A process in the works.

Boy, it sure is boring today. Perhaps I should hire someone to search for news...

Let's see... although I personally knew this before, many of you probably don't... you know those possible 3 Movie Promos (as seen below)? Well GYRADOS2 says:

Hi. Since you didn't ahve it on your site, I thought I'd say: the 3 birds are what they gave away at the Nippeon Airline to passengers, according to Nintendo.
Just wanted ya to know.

Well, no you know. :)

Enter in the contest!! :P

Remember Them Crazy Titles?

A long time ago (when I say long I mean about 5 months ago), PA! used to have some funny titles with weird slogans. They were quite funny. However they were taken down as PA! evolves. Well, to the pleasure of many of you, they're back! Wheee! Now you can have more fun at Pokémon Aaah! There are 12 now... try to figure out all of them. And as soon as this thing gains popularity, I'll be adding some more. Ah hahh hah... ha... bah, who am I kidding.

So who's that guy with the sharp teeth and yellow skin? Why that's Nick15, the web site's mascot! Yep, he'll be making more appearances here at PA! along with a mysterious counterpart, who so happens to be a girl. Hee! Funny funny funny stuff.

I've got nothing. :)

Minor Tweeks

Ahhh... I just made a few tweaks on the pages here and there. No big deal. Heck, it didn't even deserve it's own news corner, but hey, what are you gonna do about it.

Fake Edition Card Errata

Speaking of tweaking, the Fake Edition is about to get a bit of an over haul. There are quite a bit of mistakes on many of the cards, so I'm out to fix them. Plus some of my later cards have a bit of "broken"-ness to them (ie Magmar's amazingly high HP)... so those'll get fixed soon also.

OK, I'm done talking.

May 30, 2000: Tuesday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• 4 New Fake Cards / Happy happy joy joy!

Besides some "local" PA! news, there's nothing much else to report on. It's a boring day.... go enter in the contest! [smiles]

4 New Fake Cards

We're heading off on the home stretch with these Fake Edition Fake cards... after today there will be 9 more to go until the end of the amazing Fake Edition. I'll make those cards extra special and more powerful the closer I get to #200. Anyway, enjoy these 4 new cards!









Tips for using these cards?

Diglett has the ability to negate the effects of any Grass Pokémon for a turn, but at the cost of losing it's defense to Electric Pokémon. Your best bet is to evolve to Dugtrio ASAP.

With Dugtrio, it's death either way. Using Dugtrio's Wak-a-Mole attack, you can rip the Defending Pokémon a new one. Possible 90 damage for only 1 Fighting and 2 Colorless? Slap on a DCE and say bye-bye, baby! However, it's attack can bite you back. Fortunatly, you've got Dugtrio's Gravel Toss attack, which uses damage done to itself from Wak-a-Mole to deal damage back. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Nothing spells Card Advantage than an attack that draws cards. Fortunatly, Meowth here has 2, count 'em, two draw card attacks. And both deal damage. Wicked! Meowth's Cash Exchange might cause you to discard, but a 1 Colorless attack that draws cards and does 10 damage in the process is still worth it.

Then with Persian, it's a Gambler's dream! Persian's Market Crash attack just spells "broken". It does 10 damage for each card in your hand, along with a Poisoning effect. If you play a Professor Oak, you can begin saying bye-bye to Scyther, Magmar, Hitmonchan, and just about any other Pokémon that stands in your way! However Persian's low HP might not keep it alive for long... so you'd better build it up fast!

Enjoy the cards!! :)

May 29, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Memorial Day / No Update Today

Today's Memorial Day here, so I will take the day off in rememberance to those who fought and died for the United States of America.

May 28, 2000: Sunday (Late)

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• P2000 Movie Promos / Which Pokémon are Official...
• Pokémon G/S Numbers? / They AREN'T Changing!

Late updated. Oh well. Read the news! Enter in the contest!!

P2000 Movie Promos

Well, it's official. The new Movie Promo cards for the new Movie of Pokémon movieness... uhh... will be Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Ancient Mew. Yep, you heard me. ANCIENT MEW. Many of you emailed me about this, but stupid me never bothered to post that info. [sulks]

However, WHICH Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres will be handed out is still a mystery. I still think that it'll be these cards:

Fret not avid viewers, the American Ancient Mew will not deminish the value of the Japanese Ancient Mew. So please don't go off raving mad about how WotC ruins the value of cards.

I sure can't wait for the movie! It comes out this June.

Pokémon G/S Numbers?

They aren't changing! Well, technically they aren't.

The deal is is that in the Pokémon Gold and Silver Pokédex, there are two different settings. There is the regular Pokédex (with #1 being Bulbasaur, etc...) and then there's the "updated" Pokédex with the "new" numbers (with #1 being Chikorita). So technically the numbers aren't being changed, just that a new number set is being introduced.

Original Pokédex
The G/S Pokédex still has the original Pokédex ID numbers.
Updated Pokédex
The G/S Pokédex also does it by avaliability, which is like the new Pokédex number system you've been hearing about. See, Chikorita is on top, and the top is #1.

So don't fret because Nintendo is changing the numbers. The original numbers will (hopefully) stay the same.

May 27, 2000: Saturday (Mid-Day)

Here's What's New for Today...

• I AM UPSET! / In Reference to "Super Jipi"

I can't believe this! You know that Super Jipi deal, with him dying and all? Well it turns out ot be a HOAX. Super Jipi's not dead. It was written up by some guy at the PokéGym forums named "Steffie Shock".

Poor ol' Super Jipi has no idea what happened. The thing was that he was in the hospital, but for something small. Definitly not for cancer. Then that "Steffie Shock" person comes along, claims to be Super Jipi's brother, and says that Super Jipi has died. We all thought he did die and spent countless hours or days mourning for the death of Super Jipi.

Then today comes along, I get an email from Q-Bone (another PokéGym-er) telling me that Super Jipi isn't dead. He leads me to the confession of Steffie Shock about how it was a hoax. Here's what he said:

Teehee. Teehee. Teehee.

Everything was planned. Nope, I am not [Super Jipi]'s brother, anyways, he's in a student exchange program, he's in Australia if I'm right. Teehee.

You see, [Super Jipi], if you hear this, then teehee. You know, you gave a written message to Nicholas saying he had the permission to take the CPU if you went really sick and gone at the hospital or died, right? Teehee. I was nearby, heard everything. Just had to "borrow" that message then wait until you go to the hospital so that I could ruin your online reputation. Teehee. Sunday morning, I jumped at home, and seems like your mother really thought I was [Nicholas]. Teehee. And I also took your "mysterious floppy". Teehee. I learned quite a bit, like that "universal password" of yours. Teehee. It's ******, everyone. This is his password EVERYWHERE on the net, teehee.

I wanted to have a lot of fun, teehee. Imitating emotions is spiffy, isn't it? Teehee. I got hundreds of people to be upset. Everyone thought you really were dead, teehee. I just had to learn a bit about the chat's background in the logs, it took me a few hours, but learned a lot. Teehee. I left a few traces of my passage on your CPU too, try find your songs and tabs, if you can. Teehee. And your story. Teehee. I hope you didn't need that UIN much, teehee. Boy am I cruel. Teehee. I'll give it back still saying I am Nicholas, everything will stay normal. Until you come back home. Teehee. If you ever. Teehee.

Wanna know who I am? Teehee. "That popular jerk called for a big guy because I didn't want to do his homework." Teehee. Teehee. Popular jerks are not only good for calling good guys, you know. Teehee.

And one last word, if you guys ban me, you'l ban [Super Jipi] as well, since I am using his computer. Teehee. To make all of you happy, I'll leave this pretty pretty happy house. Teehee. You won't hear about me again. Teehee. Maybe... Teehee.

... I mean jeez, I can't believe anyone would do something like this!!! It's totally unforgivable! What a sad sad sad, and sick individual to fake someone's death. This is just wrong. And unfortunatly, since the kid's such a stupid jerk, he doesn't care about any wrong deeds done.


If you want to email Steffie Shock about this, his email address is at steffieshock@hotmail.com. But please, don't flame him! Just tell him how it's wrong to play with someone's emotions, escpeially over someone dying.

[shakes his head]

May 26, 2000: Friday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

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Here's What's New for Today...

• Nothing New Today... / *Yawn...*

Once again, there's nothing major to report on.

Well, word has it that Nintendo is planning a Pokémon number reorder. Let's just say it runs along the lines of Chikorita being Pokémon #1 (number one) and Mew being Pokémon #250 (number two-hundred and fifty). All I can say is: "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!?!?!"

Oh yeah... go enter in the Fake Card contest! Free packs of cards are involved!! :)

And speaking of the contest, the Echinda, whom we all know and love, says that he will be releasing the STEEL NEO BACKS on Monday ONLY IF he gets at least 500 unique hits over the weekend! But hey, for Steel Neo backs, I'd go 500 times! Plus if anyone used the Steel Neo backs for the contest, you might be on my cool list. But then again, if the Ech doesn't get the hits over the weekend, you'll probably need to wait until AFTER the contest is over before he'll put them up on his site. (Which will really suck for you contest card makers!)

So go and take a visit to The Echidna's Den! With enough hits, he'll have the Steel Neo blanks for you!! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your dog/cat! Tell everyone to go and visit the Echidna's Den (so that you can get the Steel Neo cards for the contest!) Hee hee!

May 25, 2000: Thursday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

Click here to go to the Contest Page!!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Promo #11 Images Found! / All-reet!
• Pokémon Puzzle League Box Art... Fakery! / Looks like I've got more competition!

Nope. For once, I don't have a commentary. Go join the contest! :P

Promo #11 Images Found!

Yep, all of us should know by now that the magical mysterious Promo #11 has been seen for once! Yes-sire... And Pokémon Aaah! has the link. But I must give my thanks to the dudes over at PokéWarp for finding the link, because if they didn't find it, then the news wouldn't be here for the day! Oh.. the link is here at eBay (http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=339688830).

At last, Promo #11!

Now these images are actually enhanced pictures from originally badly curved images of the original picts. I take NO credit for these images, except for straightening them out. The real person you should be thanking is the guy who took the images for his eBay auction. Hey, I don't think the guy will mind me altering his pictures like this (I hope he doesn't mind), because heck, it's free advertising to an auction on a popular web site! :)

Oh, and the American Promo section page has been updated with this info along with a few other tweeks.

Pokémon Puzzle League Box Art... Fakery!

Depending on how popular these "Pokémon Puzzle League" box art pictures get (if you missed it, go to BulbaGarden.com [hey, more free advertising!]), you might have seen it already or not. You might have already thought if it was fake or real. Let me tell you this, I highly believe that they're fakes.

(Images Borrowed from BulbaGarden.com)

First off just look at them. They don't look real, don't they? The main tip off was that quality of the images. It doesn't look as if it was scanned from a box. Secondly, the quality of the pictures of Ash and Pikachu resemble that of a TV capture image. The lines aren't as clear and vibrant as a picture NOT taken from the TV.

Plus, knowing how advertising works with products, this box picture doesn't look every eye catching. Just take a look at other video game packaging... it's a lot more "active" than these box images. Notice how the video games' main title screen looks a lot more "active" than the box?


Realistically thinking, how the heck is the game supposed to sell with such a ...erk... crappy box image? I mean this box image is really sub-par for Nintendo (that's if Nintendo did do it).

Then, if you think about it, if I had the actual box, even if it was a mock-up, I would have scanned the back, the sides, and just about everything else I could scan. Only people who make fakes have only a front image (trust me, I know).

But above all, it's the principles of the fact. I highly doubt any worker at Nintendo is allowed to take _classified_ info on any new games, lest they face a lawsuit upon getting fired and a number of other BAD things for stealing the information and releasing it to the general public. Many companies are very protective of their stuff and will do anything to prevent any unwanted release of information. I HIGHLY doubt that Mike Twede's uncle (who was the uncle who worked at Nintendo of the one who supposedly gave Bulbagarden.com the box images) here would just waltz on out of NOA with the box plans for PPL.

One example of that happening right now is... a new Magic CCG set is about to be released. One web site which is also a company that runs the main Magic tournaments for WotC, New Wave (http://www.newwave.org) has the information of that new set which is supposed to be classified at the moment. WotC didn't like the fact that New Wave was releasing that information way before the set was due to be released, so WotC decided to drop New Wave as their main tournament company and went with a new group.

If you ask me, if these images were real, then that Mike Twede's uncle will face getting fired from his job at Nintendo along with possibly getting sued. And I doubt anyone is THAT stupid to jeopardize anyone's job.

Oh yeah... what happened to the "™" sign on the title of the game? Heck, I didn't even see a blurred up TM sign.

And that's my analysis. And it also looks like I've got s'more competition on the internet! (^.-)

Please note: I KNOW the actual game is real. I'm not that stupid. The BOX ART (note the emphasis on "BOX ART") is fake. Besides, how do you think I got the N64 screenshot (as seen above in link form) of the smeggin' game?! People, please READ the article!!

May 24, 2000: Wednesday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

Click here to go to the Contest Page!!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Server Down?! / It's not what you think!

Yet again, nothing to report on. Things have been getting a tab bit boring lately. I'll see about updating the Pokémon USA sections with some more info and stuff. Plus now that I've got the time, I can practice on writing Pokémon USA Fan-Fics. I'll have to see what my time can allow...

Probably the most interesting thing that happened yesterday was that my site was down for about half a day. Not to worry, everything fine, as in nothing got deleted. It was just that the internet connection to my server was down, so no one could get to it. But apparently, if you're reading this right now, everything fine. :)

See you tomorrow... and don't forget to send in your fake cards for the FAKE CARD CONTEST!! Info is on your right...

May 23, 2000: Tuesday

Contests for May!

There's a Fake Card Contest going on right now until June 15th. Why not send in your fake card at a chance to win 3 packs of Pokémon TCG cards, for free!!

Click here to go to the Contest Page!!

Here's What's New for Today...

• Nothing Today / Boring...

Oh, a bit of info on Super Jipi... I don't want to say how he passed on, but let's just say that it was from natural causes.

...Other than yesterday's tragic news, it's been pretty boring in the Pokémon world. Unless something new and cool pops up later today, I'll probably have some new fake cards for ye.

Speaking of Fake Cards, I might create some in high quality and sell some on eBay. Some other "custom cards" that other people are making are fetching up between $10 to $20. I might want to cash in on this.... (^.^) I'll have to see about this...

May 22, 2000: Monday

This update is dedicated to the memory of a fellow PokéGymian of mine, Super Jipi. He was only 12 when his life was taken away from him on Sunday. Let him rest in peace.

[puts his hat on his chest in a moment of silence] ... This moment of silence will last all day, so I won't do an info update today. I must give my respect to Super Jipi.

May 21, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Tiny Fan Art & Desktops Section Update / One really cool image...
• Yet Even More G/S Names
/ Wowie! A whole truck load!

Eeep... oh well. I didn't update yesterday because I was busy last night. But it was worth it! Oh well. Time to catch up to stuff that I've missed...

Other than new G/S Names and such, it's been a pretty week weakend. (Note the pun.) Hopefully things will pick up next week.

ALERT!!! If you have AIM (AOL Instant Messanger), there is an imposter who's labled themself as "PokemonAaah". DON'T TALK TO THAT DUDE!!! That guy isn't from Pokémon Aaah!, and this guy isn't me, so whatever you do, don't believe this jerk! Thanks to Duisuke at the PA! Fourms for telling me about the imposter. (Duisuke said: "On AIM don't answer to PokemonAaah, he is a BAD man. He cussed me out and said my site sucked!!")

Tiny Fan Art & Desktops Section Update

Well, the Fan Art & Desktops has been updated with a single image by an internet friend of mine, purity. Whoo! It's a really nice looking picture of Jesse... well, nice as is a well drawn picture... and by well drawn picture I mean it was done on a computer. ... Anyway, go trot on down to the FA&D section and dig her picture! Well, her as being purity, because purity is a her.... uh... [runs]

Dig the Jesse picture by Purity at the Fan Art & Desktop Section!

Yet Even More G/S Names

Amazingly fantablous! Emails have been pouring in over many of the new G/S Pokémon names that were rumored to have been... ...been... uh... ...been made available! Dig the list...

Japanese Name (PKMN#)

English Name

Eipamu (#190)


Furetosu (#205)

Forrestress (I don't think this is right, since it's an 11 character name.)

Haneko (#187)


Hasamu (#212)

Scyzor (I refuse to accept that it is normally spelt "Scizor".)

Herakerosu (#214)


Kireihana (#182)


Kimakeri (#192)


Pii (#173)

Cleffa (Consarn-it! I was beeting my money on "Clef")

Meriipu (#179)


Nuoo (#195)


Usokii (#185)

Sudowoodo (Sudowoodo??)

Chyonchii (#170)


Rantaan (#171)

Lanturn (Odd misspelling of "lantern")

Magumarashi (#156)


Bakufuun (#157)

Typhlosion (I want one!)

Arigeitsu (#159)

Croconaw (I would have thought it would be called "Aligates")

Oodairu (#160)

Feraligatr (WOW!)

The winner of the day is "Feraligatr". Flat out best name so far. Up to par with "Smoochum". Hee hee!

OK, I'm done.

May 19, 2000: Friday

Here's What's New for Today...

• The Echidna's Den is Back! / Sorry sorry, it's my fault.
• New Fake Edition Fake Cards
/ It's About Time!
• Pokémon City Fake Cards / Thus ends the 20 card set...
• More G/S Names! / Will this never end?

Well, besides any of the new news today, I did some general changes. Oh, and another update of the PA! Network is due, check it out either tomorrow or Sunday. Whooo!

The Echidna's Den is Back!

All-reet! The ever popular web site on Nick15.com, the Echidna's Den, is back in full swing! (Well, it actually was already in full swing, however my server crashes screwed it up (trust me, it's all over). But let's not welsh on it.) Anyway, the Echidna took a bit of a leave of absence, however he's back and will begin updating his web site! Whoo! Hoo-ray for the Ech! :P

Also, the Ech has some weird bit of news for you later on, so you'd better keep an eye out on his site for that bit of news.

... Oh, you want the link? Well just walk on over to http://www.nick15.com/echidna/! Enjoy the Den!

New Fake Edition Fake Cards

Yep, about a month since my last fake card, I'm back to fulfill your Fake Edition needs! Three cards today from the Dragon Family, Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. That leaves 13 cards until the END OF THE FAKE EDITION! But don't fret, when Pokémon Gold & Silver comes out in October 16th-ish in the US, I'll follow suit and create a new fake set that has the Pokémon from Gold & Silver. I'm still working on the name... but trust me, it'll be cool. Plus it'll also begin using Neo blanks... that is until I can complete the set...

Oh yeah, the cards.







Tips for using these cards? Well, Dratini is pretty self explanatory. First turn, 40 damage. Quite simple! But watch out! Your opponent's new Active Pokémon might make mincemeat out of Dratini next turn! With Dragonair, just keep on pelting the bench until you can use the Focus Damage attack. Or better yet, use Alakazam to switch the damage around then zap your opponent's Pokémon! With Dragonite, it's an Anti-SER player's dream! SER and ER can't be used on it, so therefore it's greatly protected. Then with Dragonite's Binge attack, you might force your opponent to discard their SER! Hoo haa! Broken city!

Pokémon City Fake Cards

Alright! We've got some new Pokémon City fake card for you, which'll finish off the 20 card set! Awww... But don't worry, I'm sure Robert here has a few tricks up his sleeve! Dig the new cards!



Dr. Lucky


Club Thunder


De-Evolution Beam


Now I'm betting you're wondering why there haven't been much PC stuff lately. Well, the deal has been besides my busyness within the last many weeks, Robert's computer had to be sent to the shop for repairs, which caused a quite of a delay in the release of the anticipated Pokémon City #19. But Robert has told me that his computer is back, so we can only wait until more PC stuff is made available. Whooo!

More G/S Names!

More are in from Pokémon Forever ! Let's take a look at the list...

Japanese Name (PKMN#)

English Name

Mirutanku (#241)


Erekido (#239)


Pichu (#172)

Pichu (Bet you saw that one coming!)

Muchiiru (#238) (The baby Jynx, I think)

Smoochum (Weee!)

Porigon2 (#233)

Porygon2 (Another triumph!)

Kingudora (#230)

Kingdra (Wow! Another Original Name!)

Smoochum is my "Shoe in of the Day". That's one really rocking name for a Pokémon. That's all I have to say about that. Hhhooo!

May 18, 2000: Thursday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fan Art & Desktops / Become one with the Matrix...
• Even More G/S Pokémon Names in English / Nintendo really doesn't want you to know, maybe.

Nothing new today. Just... stuff! Read the news!

Oh, tomorrow will be a Fake Card Mania day, with more Fake Edition fake cards, new Pokémon City fake cards, and info on the new fake card set I'll be doing when Pokémon Gold & Silver is released in the US.

PA! Fans say: "Alright!! It's about time!"

Fan Art & Desktops

Ah, there's nothing like Post-War economy to spruce things up... well, actually... since I've got a heck of a lot more time on my hands, I've added one new section to Pokémon Aaah!... Fan Art & Desktops! Yep, it's a really sort of good place to find some fan art drawn by... uh.. fans! Plus some of the desktops images which I've done in the past.

This section will grow bigger more over time, because I know a cache of great artists, like me, my friend, my friend's friends, and a few others I don't know. Hee hee. But today, I have just a few pictures I've drawn and the existing desktops. Once I can contact a few people I know, I'll have their pictures up as well. Hah!

Oh yeah, and if you want to check out the link in the sidebar (that's the big long thing to your left), go to the Other Stuff section on the bottom and click on Fan Art & Desktops.

Check out the new Fan Art & Desktops section!

Even More G/S Pokémon Names in English

Haa haa! Once again, Meowth346, my affiliate at Pokémon Forever, has done it again! More English G/S names are being made available! Hopefully, these are the official names in English.

Japanese Name (PKMN#)

English Name

Beiriifu (#153)


Meganuimu (#154)


Otachi (#161)

(Sentry + Ferret, RockyRaccoon at the PA! Forums suggested this idea of the name's origin.)

Ootachi (#162)

Furret (Fur + Ferret, duh)

Yorunozuhu (#164)

Noctowl (finally, a PRONOUNCEABLE name of the Pokémon!)

Redian (#166)


Itomaru (#167)


Araidosu (#168)


Entei (#244)


Raikou (#243)


Serebii (#251)


Hmmm.... quite interesting names.

A cool thing with this stuff is that later on once I get enough of these English names together, I'll finally bring back the PA! G/S Pokédex, a section heavily requested since PA! Version 4 came around.

Well, give your thanks again to Pokémon Forever, one of my really cool affiliates!

May 17, 2000: Wednesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• 4th Possible Promo Info / It May Or May Not Be.
• More G/S Pokémon Names in English / Nintendo doesn't want you to know!

Dum de dum... nothing new today here. Read the news!

4th Possible Promo Info

Boy, did I ever get a response from yesterday's Promo predictions! But today, I just want to clear up one little rumor. The 4th promo card will most likely NOT be Lugia, based on he fact that only one Lugia card has been made in Japan... and that Lugia card was in Neo. WotC hasn't really managed to get the rights to Neo yet (as far as I know), so it's very doubtful that it will be Lugia. Plus WotC's promos were originally promos in Japan, so that rules out Neo Lugia.

However, I'm not saying that it won't be a Lugia. There might be for some weird crazy chance that WotC will make their own Lugia card, but nothing has been made official yet. Heck, I can't even guarantee that the 3 birds I predicted yesterday will be the ones. We're just going to have to sit and wait.

Now if anyone of you out there does have any news on the Movie Promos, send it in!

More G/S Pokémon Names in English

Hee hee! Meowth346, my affiliate at Pokémon Forever, has pointed me to more cool G/S info! Today I've got the more-or-less official names to 5 Pokémon from Gold and Silver in English. Let's see...

(Japanese Name (PKMN#) = English Name)

Yamikarasu (#198) = Murkrow
Eefui (#196) = Espeon
Suikun (#245) = Suicune
Pupurin (#174) = Igglybuff (yes, Igglybuff)
Guranburu (#210) = Granbull

Cool, huh? I really like the name Murkrow! Granbull seems pretty obvious, so does Suicane. Igglybuff though... tee hee! I likes it a lot, I do!

Well, give your thanks again to Pokémon Forever, one of my really cool affiliates!

May 16, 2000: Tuesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• PA! Jukebox Now Online! / Hee hee! Mu-zak!
• Possible Pokémon the Movie 2000 Promo Cards / You'll never guess!
• Promo Page Updated / Yeah

Well, it's day two and so far no problems. Hee hee!

Ah yes... and Ho-Oh IS actually Houou! I thought I got some bad info, but I guess I didn't. HooHoo is actually Hoot-Hoot in English. And this is new, Togepi will be known as Togepi in English! (hah!)

Ah, this just in from my affiliate at Pokémon Forever, Professor Utsugi will be named Professor Elm in English, and Yadokingu is officially known as Slowking (bet you didn't see that coming!)

PA! Jukebox Now Online!

Well, it's about time, but I've finally added a Jukebox to PA!. Now you can choose all sorts of different songs to listen to while browsing through PA!. It even has 4 different version of the "official" PA! theme song, "Children" by Robert Miles. Hah.

Possible Pokémon the Movie 2000 Promo Cards

If you haven't figured it out by now, the next movie promos will most likely Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.... and then one other. But we really don't know which of those three birds will be handed out. Well, after some investigative work, I think I MIGHT have found which ones will be handed out.

These are probably going to be the ones that will be released. But then again, maybe not.

I'll try to get the card translations for these three tomorrow.

As for the forth Promo card, I'm guessing that it'll be another Pikachu.

Promo Page Updated

Well, with all this new Promo #11 and Promo #16 info, I just had to update the American Promo section. Plus there were some other things I needed to fix. Enjoy!

Visit the American Promo Card List!

May 15, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• What Have I Missed? / What's been going on?

The server switch is now complete. Everything should be working, There were some problems with the files, but that shouldn't be a problem for anyone. At least I hope there isn't.

Oh, also because of the various number of server switches and problems I've been having, I've extended the Fake Card Contest until June 15th. So now you've got another 15 days more to send in your fake cards for the contest to make up for all those days PA! was down. Remember, if you send in a card, there will be a really good chance that it'll show up in the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD section!!

Oh...! I've also decided to make an "expansion" set for the Fake Edition, which will continue on with the new Pokémon from Gold & Silver along with cards from the new Pokémon GS episodes which will come around in September.

Now I'm done.

What Have I Missed?

Let's see. I've been gone for about 2 weeks.... let's take a look at some of the stuff I've missed.

  • Pokémon Gold & Silver has been announced for a October 16th release. Great! 4 days before my birthday!!!

  • Many new English Gold & Silver Pokémon have been announced! Here are some of the new names:
    • Chikoriita = Chikorita
    • Hinoarashi = Cyndaquil
    • Waninoko = Totodile
    • Houou = Ho-Oh
    • Lugia = Lugia

  • Pokémon Attack will be release some time between August or September. It resembles the classic "Tetris Attack" for Super Nintendo from 1996. In fact, I think it's the same thing, only with a Pokémon theme.

  • Pokémon TCG Promo cards #16 has been announced, it's going to be "Computer Error". Also a Dark Persian promo has been confirmed as Promo #17. I'll try to update the Promo section as soon as I can with this new info.

  • As for Promo Eevee, apparently it was actually a Japanese card at first.

  • Cool Porygon will be made into a regular League Promo. Whether it will be holo or not is still up for debate.

  • And Pokémon Neo in English will probably be happening around 2001.

Well, that's about all the info that I neglected to cover in the past few days. But look on the bright side. Most of all this bad crap is gone, and now I can get back to updating my site. Whoo!

Plus I've also remembered that there have been a lot of Pokémon City cards that have been sitting in my hard drive that I've totally forgotten up post on my site!

On top of this, the recent computer switch-a-roo has sent a computer into my bed room. This means that if I can, I can probably continue writing Pokémon USA stories for you!

Boy there's still a lot of stuff that I need to do with PA!. Hopefully since I'm basically finished with my school work, I can begin regularly updating again. Hmmm....

May 11, 2000: Thursday (Late)

Here's What's New for Today...

• Server Update X / An adventure unlike anything on your planet...

Well, it seems as if the Nick15.com server is evolving! Just today my business got a new Power Macintosh G4 computer. Fairly cheap also.

What does this mean? Well, right now, a 5 year old Power Mac is the server, and my PM G3 is the creation computer. With the new G4 computer as the new creation comptuer, my G3 Mac will be turned into the server.

So this means that the Nick15.com and Pokémon Aaah! will have to be down for about a day or two in order to make the switch. I'm just warning you ahead of time...

May 7, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Updates for a While / Check below for some Holo Eevee info:

Well, many of you have noticed a few things around here...

1. I haven't been updating.
2. Pokémon Aaah! disappeared for a while.
3. I haven't been replying to any emails.

But before you start saying that I suck and stuff, let me explain my position.

1. I haven't been updating.
I haven't been updating much lately since I've been busy with a million and one things. First off, the Nick15.com web server deleted itself (again for the 4th time), so most of my week was trying to get that operational. Fortunately I got everything working by late Friday (late... LATE Friday). On top of that, I had a load of homework, on top of preparing for the SAT for most of the week (think of the SAT as a very hard version of those tests where you have to fill in the bubbles with a No. 2 pencil you probably do at school). I also have to do my Senior Exhibition project, which if I don't finish it, I don't graduate out of high school. I'm still in the middle of that, and so it will take up most of my time this week.

2. Pokémon Aaah! disappeared for a while.
The Nick15.com web server deleted itself again. However, it was mainly due to the laziness of the system administrator (which is me). Based on what was on the server computer, the server was asking to be deleted. Anyway, the crash forced the server to be down from Tuesday to Thursday. Friday was mostly spent trying to put together the server.

Anyway, the server is back and running again (if you didn't notice already). This time however, it's backed up with a whole ton of safeguards, which will (hopefully) prevent from this kind of stuff from happening again.

3. I haven't been replying to any emails.
You can blame that for the "I Love You" virus. Fortunately, Apple Macintosh Computers are immune to the virus (YES!!!), however my ISP's (Pacbell) web server isn't. So to prevent the spread of the virus on their e-mail systems, they've shut it down until further notice. This means no email gets in or out from my computer. Grrrrr...! As much as I want to reply to your emails, there's no way that it can happen right now.


Well, that ought to clear up my side for now. Right now, my SAT's are done, and the server is just about fixed. Hopefully once I finish my Senior Exhibition (which is due this Friday), I can get back into regular updates. But for now, you'll have to live with some updates here and there.



Oh, also some new info is in for the new holo Eevee. You probably already know that Promo #11 will be a Holo Eevee, and that is will be another NEW English first card. From an email I got from Miltoncats@aol.com, I've also learned the Holo Eevee's attacks. Here's what the email said:

On the bottom left hand corner of page 36 in the newest issue of Topdeck magazine put out by Wizards of the Coast it has a list of Pokemon cards and lists Eevee as promo 11! It's Pokemon power is Chain Reaction and it says:This power can only be used when a Pokemon evolves. Search your deck for a card that evolves from Eevee and attach it to Eevee. This counts as evolving Eevee. Shuffle your deck afterward. This power can't be used if Eevee is asleep, confused, or paralyzed. It's attack is Bite which does 20 damage for one colorless energy.

Kewl! Apparently, when one of your other Pokémon evolves, you can automatically search your deck for either a Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon, and put it on the Promo Eevee. Rock-and-roll! Just think what it'll be like if you had 4 of those suckers out!

[claps hands] Ooh! Ooh! OK, here's a cool idea... You have a Squirtle as your Active Pokémon and 4 Promo Eevees on your bench. During your turn, you have a Blastoise, a Pokémon Breeder, and a Professor Oak in your hand. You can breeder the Squitle into a Blastoise, then search your deck for 4 Vaporeons and attach them to Eevee. Then you Oak and grab a hand full of Energy. In one turn, you can have 5 fully powered Pokémon (and quite possibly by turn 2!)

This card rocks!!!

Well, I'm done for the day.

May 2, 2000: Tuesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Rocket Dark Blanks 1 / It begins!

Nothing new today. Another dull and boring day in the world of Pokémon.

Oh by the way, the Third Pokémon Fake Card Contest is underway! Send in your fake cards for a change at some free packs of cards! (Hey, 3 free packs of cards for making a fake card, can't complain!)

Rocket Dark Blanks 1

Well, I've got one down out of the many more I need to do. But dig the 1st Rocket Dark Pokémon blank! Just in time for the fake card contest!

It's a Colorless Stage 1 card. Stage 2 will be made available soon. And then the other colors too.

Click here for the Colorless Stage 1 Dark Pokémon Blank!

April 30, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• The Third Pokémon Fake Card Contest / All right! Another contest!
• PA! Network Page Updated / Finally!
• TCG Mistakes Page Updated / Now with 50% more Rocket!

In the news today:

New developments have... developed over Promo #11. It is said that it will be a Holo Eevee, possibly a new English first card. Witnesses of the card include val.landicho from the PokéGym. Val says: "I've never seen this picture ever & the Eevee is relatively small with the background being completely foil (like Chancey). I remember the bright orange bandana around Eevee's neck." More on this as it develops.

Also, WotC expresses their discontent over the different errors on the Team Rocket cards, and plan a fix. In the last WotC Pokémon Chat last Thursday, they reported that they will fix the cards with non-game-effecting errors (like Dark Rapidash's missing Length). The other errors that do effect the game (like Dark Vileplume's Fighting weakness) will not be changed. Why? Because WotC does not want a list of confusing erratas (changes) for Pokémon like they have for Magic. Little kids playing the game don't even know what an errata is, so having an errata on the card will just confuse Pokémon players even more. It is said that the errors will be played AS IS, meaing that you can play Dark Vileplume with the Fighting weakness. And when you play in US Pokémon tourneys, the rules for the error'ed cards will be stated in the beginning of the game to avoid confusion. With International Pokémon Tourneys, the cards will be played as they were originally supposed to be played.


The Third Pokémon Fake Card Contest

Are you ready to take your skill of creating fake Pokémon TCG cards to the next level? Then enter in The Third Pokémon Fake Card Contest! The winner of the contest will receive 3 (three) packs of Pokémon TCG: Team Rocket! Wow! Three packs of cards for making a fake cards. How easy is that?!?

And even cooler, the cards that you send might be added to the new FAN MADE FAKE CARD section!!! See your name at Pokémon Aaah!

The contest begins tomorrow, May 1st, 2000 and ends on May 31st. (Note: I will not accept any entries before May 1st and after May 31st!) So don't hesitate! Enter in the contest beginning tomorrow!

PA! Network Page Updated

At the request of many people, PA!N has been updated again. Check out the new web sites who've joined up with PA!N and see what fake cards they've got!

Go to the PA! Network!

TCG Mistakes Page Updated

New with Rocket! The TCG Mistakes page has been updated with some of the new errors on the new Team Rocket cards. See WotC greatest misses!

Go to the TCG Mistakes Page!

April 29, 2000: Saturday

Sorry dudes, no update today. I'm off to the Magic:TG Northern California Regionals, and I have no idea when I'll be getting back.

In other news, I will have some contest info for you, along with some other things later on this weekend. Other than that, I'll say bye now.

April 27, 2000: Thursday

Here's What's New for Today...

• OK, I Got My Box O' Rocket / Wheee!

Jet Lag sucks. For the past 5 nights, I've been falling asleep at the most annoying times. 3 PM, 5 PM, 4 PM... And I've been sleeping non-stop until 6 AM (except for when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep... that's when I update). I know it has to do with the time zone differences from Europe.

Yesterday was again an early night for me. I get home from school, do a bit of homework, and decide to take a small nap at around 4 PM. Lo and behold, the next time I wake up, it's 7AM. Aargh!!! Fortunately I kept myself awake for today's update by drinking endless Coke.

I can see that this Jet Lag won't go away anytime soon...

Planed for sometime soon... an update in the Mistakes Section (I found myself some new ones, and I also have some cards to scan for it) and an update on the 3rd Fake Card Contest.

OK, I Got My Box O' Rocket

Yes, I got a box of 1st Edition Rocket. And the only think I can talk about is what I got.

3 Dark Arbok (1 Holo)
3 Dark Vileplume (1 Holo)
3 Dark Hypno (1 Holo)
3 Rocket's Sneak Attack (1 Holo, I like the picture! :P)
3 Rainbow Energy (1 Holo)
3 Dark Charizard (1 Holo, YESSS!)
2 Dark Dragonite (1 Holo)
2 Dark Weezing (1 Holo)
2 Dark Blastoise (1 Holo)
2 Dark Dugtrio (1 Holo)
2 Dark Magneton (1 Holo)
2 Dark Machamp (1 Holo)
2 Dark Gyarados (No Holo)
1 Dark Slowbro (No Holo)
1 Here Comes Team Rocket (No Holo)
1 Dark Alakazam (No Holo)

There we go. And you know what? I don't have a Dark Golbat! One whole Box, and I didn't get one Dark Golbat! Grrr...

Well, anyone need any cards??

April 25, 2000: Tuesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Even More Rocket Errors! / Mein Gott!

Nope, nothing today. Today is not much of an update though...

Also, the Fake Card Section has been updated to add some of the fakes I've done in the past.

Also again, the Fake Card contest details are still being worked out.

And... Sumiyoshi Kizuki (Team Rocket artist who did Diglett, Abra, Koffing, & Goop Gas Attack) is a very good artist!

Even More Rocket Errors!

Man, here are some more Rocket errors:

• Dark Rapidash lacks the word "Length" in it's stats.

Also, many other commons from the Japanese Team Rocket set are uncommons in the English Team Rocket set. For example, Nightly Trash Run was a common but is now an uncommon. Some say Full Heal Energy is also, but I don't have my Japanese spoiler sheet to verify it. Of course, these aren't errors, just something WotC meant to do. Now to why they did it is beyond me.

April 24, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Team Rocket's "Official" Release / Now places other than Toys R' Us have it!
• Dark Vileplume Error + More / More errors found!

Nope, nothing today. Well, "well" is a deep subject.

Now for a lot of you, you may think I've gone soft when after you've read the following.

You know the Pojo? Well first off I'd like to apologize for some of the crummy stuff I've said to them, and for any floating Pojo stuff on Pokémon Aaah!. Next, I'd just like to say that the Pojo isn't all that bad. It's only a question of who the Pojo appeals to.

More on this later.

Team Rocket's "Official" Release

Well, in my area Team Rocket is getting their official release today. Saturday's release was only for Toys R' Us.

Well, I sure can't wait to get my box of 1st Edition cards!

That is all.

Dark Vileplume Error + More

Woah... this is just weird. Not only does 1st Edition Vileplume have the error, Unlimited Vileplume has it also! Thanks to Joe DeLorenzo Jr. for the card scan!

Unlimited Dark Vileplume


Boy, this sure is one heck of an error! This error is only found on the non-holo versions of the card.

Oh, another error was found. Captain Chronic at the PokéGym message boards found this one. Check out Dark Arbok, I think Non-Holo. It's copyright text is "1999-23000 Wizards". Notice the "3" in the number "23000"?

Also for some reason, Dark Persian and Magikarp are commons in Japan, but are uncommon in the US version. Gah! (Hey Ech! Your "mistake" from the Team Rocket hoax is in fact a real one!)

Man alive, these is indeed the worst mistakes on a card set ever!

April 23, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Team Rocket Set Misprints / It seems that WotC was in another rush to release the cards!
• PA! Hinted at the Pojo / Cool!
• Team Rocket Section Updated / It's about time!

Nope, nothing today.

OH! If anyone knows about a news script that other Pokémon web sites use that I can use, please email me about it so that I can use it. Use use use.

OH^2! Once I can get my hands on some of the new 1st Edition Team Rocket cards, I'll be holding another one of my famous Fake Card Contests! This time, the prizes have been upgraded! It'll be 3 Packs of cards for 1st, and 2 for 2nd (unlike last time, which was 2 for 1st and 1 for 2nd). There might be a theme for this contest, like make the most "Dark" Pokémon you can make. More on this later!

OH^3! Once again, as soon as I can get my hands on 1st Edition TR cards, be sure to watch out as new "Dark" American blanks will be made available! As you know, the "Dark" have a more... darker border in the card, instead of the regular golden boarders in the card.

Team Rocket Set Misprints

Good god. All the previous set misprints are nothing compared to the misprints in Team Rocket. It seems as if WotC was in a major rush to print TR.

Reports have been coming in about the various mistakes in Rocket. Here are some of them:

• 1st Edition Dark Vileplume has a weakness to FIGHTING instead of FIRE. The Fire weakness is the correct weakness for Dark Vileplume. God, what the heck were the editors thinking of when they skipped over this one? Fortunately, this was fixed in Unlimited TR. (If anyone has a scan of this, I would really like to use it!)

• We all know Dark Raichu says "Put Raichu on the Basic Pokémon", instead of "Put Dark Raichu on the Basic Pokémon".

Grimer's (both 1st Edition and Unlimited) Poison Gas attack puts the Defending Pokémon to SLEEP, instead of POISONing them. Poison is the correct effect. Also, Grimer's eyes were fixed so that it's not looking up Lass' skirt (but this is more of a correction than an misprint).

I'm probably sure that there are a lot more, but these are the only ones I know of right now.

More on this later.

PA! Hinted at the Pojo

Dig this, Pokémon Aaah! was "hinted" at the Pojo! Well, they really didn't say the words "Pokémon Aaah!", but it was fairly obvious that they were taking about us.

4.22.00 Dark Raichu is very real!!! I was very skeptical the first few days we saw this card floating around the Internet. I refused to let Jackie post this in the news. Why? There are some guys who are simply awesome at creating fake cards, and they have fooled us in the past. Well, we just opened a box of 1st Edition Team Rocket, and in utter amazement, we pulled this Foil Dark Raichu!!! This is the scan of our card. Good luck getting one of your own! The card is simply beautiful, and is indeed number #83 of 82!

Hmmm... I'm guessing that the "some guys" are probably me, along with other "regulars" here, like Terry Tibke, Robert Magnusson, and the Ech. Coolness! But I just wish that more people would believe Pokémon Aaah!'s news, and ignore our trickster past of fakery.

Team Rocket Section Updated

Yep, with all this really cool info, the Team Rocket Info page received a bit of a face lift.

Check it out!

Now after this, a few little sections will get some face lifts, and then it's off to the Fan Fake Section!

April 22, 2000: Saturday

Here's What's New for Today...

• I'm Back! / And I'm baaaad! Obviously within certain sensible preset parameters.
• What's in Store? / So now that I'm back, what will I do?

I'm back from Europe! Yes, I'm back. Who's back, it's me! Whooo!

Anyway, I would like to thank once again to the Echidna for updating Pokémon Aaah! while I was gone. Words cannot express the gratitude I have the Ech. He's one cool dude. Also his shining example of webmastering while I was gone has showed me a thing or two. For many of you, I'll start replying to more emails. Plus I'll update the fan made fakes section (more on that later). If anyone with a Pokémon web site is going on vacation and needs a person to update while they're gone, I nominate the Ech for that role. Thanks again buddy!

And Ech, don't worry, you'll be webmastering Pokémon Aaah! again someday... soon...

I'm Back!

Yes, I'm back! ...Which you probably already know by now.

So how was Europe? Well, despite a good many people in my tour group who were total smeg heads (e... jerks), it was FUN. It was THE most interesting experience of my life! I mean, how many times have I ever been to another continent? Well... once before (to Asia), but how many people go twice?

Right now, I don't have the time to type up an entire Europe trip report. Besides, it'll be no fun without pictures, and they need to be developed and scanned. On top of that, my jet lag is horrible (London is 8 hours ahead from San Francisco), and so I'm too tired to barely lift a finger to type another word.

But in a nut shell, I got to see: The Eiffel Tower, the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa, Big Ben, the wonderful Paris Metro and London Underground subway systems, and a while slew of really cool national icons.

So, once I can get my film developed, I'll write up a good ol' nice report on my Europe trip for you to enjoy. OK?

What's in Store?

So now what I'm back, what will I have in store for you? Well:

  • Team Rocket Info Page Update: Sheesh, with all this really cool info on TR since I was gone, the Team Rocket Info page needs to be updated. [looks at the TR Preconstructed deck listings] Hah! See, I told you that those decks will those cards!
  • Fan Made Fake Cards Update: Ech's example has shown me a thing or to. So with popular demand, the Fan Made Fake Cards page will be updated much more sooner than I planned. I'll say sometime next week!
  • GB Exclusive Card Fakes! For those of you who've played the Pokémon TCG Game Boy Game (aka PTCGGBG), you'll notice that there were a bunch of Game Boy exclusive cards. Well they won't be Game Boy exclusive any more, because I'll make the playable fake cards of them! Yes! Here, I've made GB Electrode for you:

    GB Electrode


    Cool, huh? I'll try to get to as many GB Cards as possible.

  • PTCGGBG Info Page: Yep, after playing the game for like 20 or 30 hours over the trip, I seem to know a good bit about the American PTCGGBG... enough to write up a section on it.
  • And more fakes! Well, over the trip, I've determined that Fake Edition Card #200 will be the LAST Fake Edition card. I mean, after 180 cards, it gets quite boring making fake cards. Besides, I need to focus on other fake cards, like the GB Fakes for example. It'll be quite some time before I'll make another Fake Edition card after #200.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Probably other sections will be updated or made also, but I can't seem to figure out what right now.

Anyway, I'm done for today. See you tomorrow!

April 21, 2000: Friday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Secret Card Update I have reasons it's fake and reasons it's not.
• Theme Deck Spoilers Ouch! These Suck
My Final Farewell Yes... that time has come.

Last chance to get your rants in before Nick returns. Email me at

Secret Card Update

Okay, I've had alot of people emailing me giving me a very presise list of reasons why the card that I showed on Wednesday is fake. I can assure you that it is real folks. I have seen one with my own eyes.

So then why does it have a Japanese Illustrator?
• We're supposed to be in the TCG thing TOGETHER. I see nothing wrong with having Mr. Arita drawing the Picture. He is simply The Best Illustrator for the cards, and this is no exception.

Why is it 83/82?
To add to the Secretness of it. Technically a person could get the entire set without ever even KNOWING about the Secret card.

Do you have one? Does Techno?
• No, but I've seen one. Techno explained that he is in charge of the Singles Binder at a Store, and opened a box to fill the binder. Hence the Card.

How come the Holo Patern is different
• Not sure about that one. All that I can say is that the patern can very between two of the same card. Take a look

Is this another Hoax of yours?
I can assure you it's not me. If it's someone else, they're doing a bang up job!

Well, theres answers to a few of the questions, if more arrise I'll append to this if I get a chance.

Theme Deck Spoilers

After reading TopDeck, I was SURE that Dark Hypno was going to be the Holo, but guess what... IT'S NOT! in fact, there is only ONE Rare card in each, and as expected they are Dark Arbok and Dark Weezing.

Let's take a look at how bad these decks are... Possibly the worst thus far!



2x Abra (Rocket)

3x Oddish (Rocket)

2x Abra (BS2)

1x Dark Gloom (Rocket)

2x Dark Kadabra (Rocket)

4x Koffing (Rocket)

1x Kadabra (BS2)

1x Dark Weezing Holo (Rocket)

2x Gastly (BS2)

3x Tangela (BS2)

1x Haunter (BS2)

3x Weedle (BS2)

3x Drowzee (BS2)

1x Jynx (BS2)

3x Eevee (Rocket)

4x Ekans (Rocket)

3x Squirtle (Rocket?)

1x Dark Arbok Holo (Rocket)

1x Wartortle (BS2)

2x Weedle

1x Dark Wartortle (Rocket)

1x Magicarp (Rocket?)

2x Farfetch'd (BS2)

2x Dark Vaporeon (Rocket)

2x Meowth (Rocket)

18x Psychic Energy

18 Grass Energy

10x Grass Energy

10 Water Energy

1x Bill

1 Full Heal

1x Boss's Way

1 Imposter Professor Oak's Revenge

1x Gust of Wind

1 Gust of Wind

1x Switch

1 Super Potion

1x Full Heal Energy

2x Potion

2x Potion

In Both...
1x Meowth Coin, 1x Rulebook v4, 1x Sheet of Damage Counters

Hmmmm, IMHO, these decks look pretty bad. In fact, someone would probably be better off just BUYING 6 Packs and putting a deck together out of all that.

I mean Base Set Gastly and Haunter? Magicrap? WEEDLES?!?! Come on... that's pretty lame.

What also is odd is that there is no Hypno to be found in Trouble. After reading that review in TopDeck, I would have sworn on my grave that Dark Hypno would be part of it!

All in all, I give these 2 VERY BIG Thumbs down... Can't you make something better Wiz? I mean sure, I know you only want 1 rare per deck... but there are ALOT of Common/Uncommon decks out there that are better than THESE Monstrosities!

My Final Farewell...

<sniff> It's been fun this past week and a half... We laughed... We cried... We bonded... We made fun of the Pojo. Well, I made fun of the Pojo...but alas, now all is coming to a close... <sniff>

Probably by the time you read this, nick will be back from his excursion and I will be all but a memory for most of you...

"Good bye Hackman, Goodbye Max... I'll miss your emails...
Goodbye Robert Magnusson... I'll miss your computer troubles...
Goodbye IVIegaX... I'll miss you fixing my errors...
Goodbye everyone that emailed me to chew me out... and even those that sent fan mail.
Goodbye Billy... Don't worry, we'll get to California, someday..."

[Billy] "Sure we will Mr Ech. <cough, cough> Sure we will..."

"Goodbye everyone! Don't forget me! Please? You can always come to my site too... I do have one! I'll give you all the news and gossip you crave!

The Echidna's Den

I really was goung to have another Fan fake Section, and I still will, so that all you people that sent in fakes don't feel ripped off. The only thing is they will be at my site, in a few days. I just ran out of time here...

Not to play favorites, but I do have one card that sorta sums everything up, from

Thank you everyone for making my stay welcome. <sniff> I'm really going to miss all of you...

Well wait! Here's a thought! Maybe Nick will be too Jetlagged to return to his full duties tomorrow. Maybe I can stay one more day! Yaaaay!

April 19, 2000: Wednesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Rocket Secret Card Revelaed! If you want to be surprised, don't look
• Prerelease Dark Gyarados Reavealed! See above...

Looks like we have a pretty revealing day here today... If you have any Questions/Comments/Concerns make sure to email me at
I also have links to the last four Trainers in the Pokémon City Series, and a new story, Number 19. I'll have to see if I can fix up the Pokémon City section, although I don't really want to screw with other things besides the news. =)

EXTRA! EXTRA! Rocket Secret Card Revealed!

Well with only 4 days to go until the most awaited expansion of the year, it looks like people have actually gotten some packs and the secret card as well!

Now, while I'm not 100% sure of the Authenticity of this card, it looks pretty damn good, and I've seen three different pictures for it, and had four people email me info about it. There is one blatent error though, but it is feasable.

Highlight the box for the error...

Where the card says Place Raichu on the Basic Pokémon, it should say place DARK Raichu on the Basic Pokémon. But if you remember back to Jungle, it also said place Seaking/Rapidash on Stage One Pokémon, so I can beleive they screwed up.

Also since I've only seen the First Edition one, it might be fixed in the Unlimited Run.

Now, if you want to see the Secret card, click on the Echidna Logo...

Thanks to Techno for this Picture

Woah! The card looks cool, huh? It's definatly one of the better cards IMHO. I can't wait to get one of these, although I'd never use it in my Deck. It has no place.

So just remember, you saw this on Echidn- err... I mean Pokémon Aaah! First!

Prerelease Dark Gyarados... Coming Soon!

Well, we are only a few short days away from TR, and an equal number of days from the third Prerelease Card. Fortuntly I've been able to get a picture of one now!

Prerelease Dark Gyarados


Although it's hard to see, it DOES say Prerelease in the Corner, and it's Gold this time instead of Red or Green. It actually looks pretty good with the Gold.

Also, as you can see, the card IS numbered 8/82 rather than Promo 11, so that dashes alot of people's ideas.

April 18, 2000: Tuesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Rocket Theme Deck Info How could have I missed this?!
• Promo 11 Hmmm... Here's a thought

Nothing here today. Sorry. Just feel free to email me at

Team Rocket Theme Deck Info

Well, as I'm sure it's old news by now, there are two Rocket theme decks, Trouble and Devistation. This really isn't new news...

But, here's something about Trouble that I bet you DIDN'T know. While looking over the Rocket Spoiler in TopDeck again, I noticed a part I missed.

"Trouble" sends smaller Grass and Psychic Pokémon out to harass your opponant while you build up some bigger Psychic Pokémon like Dark Kadabra and Dark Hypno. Your opponant will know the real meaning of "Trouble" when Dark Hypno comes out with it's bench manipulation attack.

Anyone else notice the SEVERAL references to Dark Hypno? Personally, I can almost 100% assure you that Dark hypno will be the Holo for Trouble. And seeing as how they mention Dark Kadabra too, one can form a partail (VERY Partial mind you) card list.

4x Drowsee
1x Dark Hypno (Holo)
4x Abra
2x Dark Kadabra
10x Psychic Energy

Of course, I've just taken this from the Basis of other Theme Decks. They usually give you a Holo and a Rare Trainer I think. I remind you that this is all my speculation and it may not be true. I just find it odd that they continually refer to Dark Hypno. Personally, I am 100% sure he is in the Deck, and about 95% sure that he is the Holo.

"Devistation" on the other hand is different. All they say is that it has Pokemon that Paralyze and Poison, so I'm guess that the Holo is going to be Dark Arbok, but I have no evidence of this at all other than what people have said. Of course they also said that Arbok and Weezing would be the Holos, and just you wait, I'll prove them all wrong. =)

Promo #11...

Well, not much is known about this sneaky little card, but I have a bit of info. Now, I do not hold ONE ITOA of faith in that Damn Mewz Newz [sic] from The Pohjo [sic] but occasionally they have some interesting info...

Monday for example, there was a guy from Australia that claimed that he saw the fabled Promo #11... where you ask? At a bloody Flea Market of all places! I mean please... at LEAST 'find' it somewhere nice.

Anyway, he said that he saw an English Lily Pad Mew, and they were hokcing it for $400... Ouch. That's more than Holo Mew was going for on eBay before it's inception.

Of course, there COULD be a chance that the Lily Pad Mew is correct, I'm just skeptical, that's all. But, I do have an idea of WHERE to get Promo 11, whatever it is...

Another thing I noticed in the TR Spoiler from Top Deck was a little news bite in the front of the Magazine. It said something along the lines of, "Team Rocket Strategy Guide Coming in May!" Of course, IF you even get a Promo with it, it still might be some lame one, but I'm not sure... I'm still holding that Promo #11 will be there, whatever it is.

April 17, 2000: Monday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Rocket Release Revamped! Try saying THAT five times fast!
• Fan Fake II Looks like I've done it now!

Nothing here today. Sorry. Just feel free to email me at

Rocket Release Revamped!

Well, with only one week to go before the Great Rocket expansion comes out, our favorite TCG molopoly has announced that they have bumped up the Release Date by two days!

TR Is now availble for distribution on Saturday, April 22nd! Yaaaay! And what's even better, is I might still be here! Nick might be too Jetlagged to take over the Helm right away so I might be able to post first about Rocket!

But, what's even cooler, (for me anyway) is that my League runs on Wednesdays and I might be able to get things even EARLIER!

Secret Card, here I come!

Fan Fakes II

Hmmm, I might be in for it. Sure, I knew that the Fan fake section was popular, but not THIS popular! Since I posted the Fan Fakes on Sunday, I've had about 30 more people asking me to add thier fakes too!

So I guess the only thing to do is have another Fan fake Showcase Later this week. Check back say Thursday or Friday for Fan Fake II!

Well, that's about it for today, but for tomorrow, I might just have some info on the Mysterious Promo Number 11... It's definatly a surprise! I also have some info about the TR Theme Decks, like what Rare and Holo will be in them! Ah, ah, ah. You're going to have to wait...

April 16, 2000: Sunday

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Episode Huh? Who is Prima?
• Fan Fake Section It's baaack!

<sigh> Already my time with you is winding down... Before you know it Nick will be back and I will be all but a memory. <sniff> But... We still have all week together! Like it or not. =P
Of course, feel free to email me at
the_echidna@geocities.com People say that I actually respond to them while Nick doesn't. I haven't determined if that's good or not yet. =)

New Episode!

As I'm sure many of you had noticed there was a New Episode today! Unfortunatly, I didn't watch it. I saw it two months ago when it came out up here, so I forget the name. Although I'm sure someone will remind me...

So, if I recall the basic plot was that Ash, Misty, and Tracey were on some Island and they meet Prima, (aka Lorili) of the Elite 4. Hmmm... So why did they change the name? Anyone have ideas?

Personally I think it was a homage to the Prima Strategy Guides, of course I could be wrong. Maybe an inside joke. I mean Prima always screws things up, (Raticate with Fly? Oookay....) so maybe 4Kids did this as a 'joke'. I don't know. Anyone have officail word?

So, what was I doing? Well... I hate to admit it, but I was watching Digimon. I mean I've seen all the Pokémon Episodes for this year so why not? Besides, I've watched every epsiode thus far, and with only 5 episodes left in the series, I can't stop now! I have to find out what happens! Arrrrg!

Fan Fakes... They're Baaaack!

I don't know about you guys, but my favorite part of the 'old' PA! was the Fan Fake section. I mean it was really an honor to get your name up in lights for all to see. I felt really good the first time it happened.

<sigh> But alas, Nick seems to have forgotten about all the other Fake Card Makers out there, so I will try to pay homage to them and I'll post up all the Fan Fakes I've been sent over the past week.

I moved them all here

Hmmm. I really like that Echidna Trainer. =) Don't worry. I have new cards too that I'll be posting before Nick comes back. Also, I've heard the Robert Magnusson has the last of his Pokémon City Fakes up, as well as a Preview from the Next set! I'll have to see about getting those up too!

April 15, 2000: Saturday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Problems! As I'm sure you've noticed...
• Rocket... FAKE? Some of you seem to think so
• Rocket is Old News Phhh. Rocket. That is so last week

I really don't know what Nick puts here, so I'll just use it for more of my ramblings
Uh, that's it. Remember though, feel free to email me at
the_echidna@geocities.com I have responded to everything so far. Well, everything that I COULD.

Server Problems IV... Revenge of the Server

Okay, okay... Pretty corny, but hey, I haven't slept much in the past few days. Damn Linear Algebra. I mean who really cares what the Reduced Echelon Equation is for a 3D Plane that passes through points [3.5a, 4b, 6.72c]... or something like that

As you probaly noticed, the server was down for part of Thursday, and all Friday. Well contrary to popular belief, I had NOTHING to do with it. I was just one of those random crashes that occur, but there was no one to fix it right away.

I THINK that IVIegaX actually went to Nick's house and fixed it, but I'm not 100% sure. So either give your thanks to him or the Server Gods, not me, because I had nothing to do with it.

My Rocket Scans... F... f... Fake?

Man, you do ONE little large scale hoax, and everyone remembers it for life. Is there something about the words 'Echidna' and 'Team Rocket' in the same sentance that invoke people not to beleive me? I mean sure... it's nice and all to ahve that kinda of reputation, but really...

I've had some people just say things like "Man, those are sooo fake" or "Ha! Good try Ech! You're not fooling ME again!" to long drawn out explanations about the Quality of the scan, the placement of the Text and Symbols... Even how the Pokédex Entry seemed odd.

Well, to everyone that questions the integrety of the Rocket Scans, I give you this.

1. Would I really go to the Trouble to make ALL the cards again?
2. If I DID go to the trouble, don't you think I would have made the quality better?
3. Trust me, I've given up on Rocket, my next Hoax is waaay better...

All the images came fromthe May issue of Top Deck, so if you don't beleive me, then go and get a copy for yourself. =P

If you haven't seen the scans yet...
go here.

Rocket is Old news... Enter the Gym!

Well, seeing as how TR is going to be released in a matter of 10 days, it sorta seems like old news to keep going on with TR. So then.... I present you with some GYM Info that I got from Luke. Now remeber... all this info is from him. I'm just posting it. =)

• The Sets aren't going to be called Gym 1 and Gym 2, but rather Gym Leader Heros (Brock, Misty, Erika, Surge) and Gym Leader Villians (Sabrina, Koga, Blaine, Giovanni, Rocket)
• Heros is slated for a June release while Villains is set for September
• There is an 'Expert Gift Box' set for release in August.

Cool! Heros and Villains! I can't wait! I'd LOVE to see these in time for Pokémon the Movie 2k.... but know WotC they might make Base Set 3 first... And wonder what the Expert Box is... I guess like the Starter Gift Box, but more for experts? Well the Starter box had the Starter Deck, a Jungle Theme Deck, and one or two packs I think. Perhaps the Expert one will be just Boosters and Energy Cards... Anyway, here are some other cool Products from WotC that Luke mentioned.

• Damage Counters
• Large Storage Box

July & August:

• Card Sheets with Holo Pokémon Logo
• Battle Pencils (?!?)


• Gym Themed Deck Boxes
• Gym Themed Binder and Guidesheets

Sounds like alot of Stuff planned in the coming months... Stay tuned for more info. Come back tomorrow to see a new Fan Fake Showcase featuring all the Fan Fakes that have been sent to me during my Helm.



April 13, 2000: Thursday

Here's What's New for Today...

• SURPRISE! I was able to get it up and working...
• Introducing... You thought that it was just me? Ha!
• People Miss Nick... Hmmm... Don't know why. =P
• Free Stuff! Hey, you want free stuff? Check THIS out!

For the most part, I think day one went over well. Didn't get that much Hate mail, and I'm starting to get the hang of how Nick has set things up...
Also, I've had numerous emails from People saying that Nick never replys to them. Well I've tried to reply to everyone, but quite a few I've gotten spit back at me saying that the address is invalid. Just a tip, if you want to be replied to, make sure your 'reply to' address works! =)

As always, feel free to email me at

Surprise! It's Here!

Yup yup yup... Like I promised, I was able to finish my big welcoming gift to you... What is it you ask?

How about the English Versions of ALL the Team Rocket Cards?!?! I spent hours scanning and resizing all these cards so that they are just the right size so you can read them!

And from what I've seen around the Net, no one else has them! Sure, they're from TopDeck, but as for them being on the Net, this could very well be an Echidna Exclusive!

Check it out...

Prepare for Trouble...

Introducing my Happy Helpers...

Well, I really couldn't do this all on my own, could I? Well maybe I could, but I don't want to find out. Anyway Nick has left me the aide of a couple people that can assist me if I screw things up beyond recognition, or to give me cool new news

MaxRPG is here to help me with the news... Get scoops, new info, that kinda thing. Also to keep my Ego in line. =)

The Second is the one and only IVIegaX who is Nick's Personal friend and here to make sure I don't screw up the Machine too badly. (Yes I am, just like I just fixed the date...)

And of course, all of you. I mean you guys have been sending me more info than I can post, and I'm greatful for that. Keep things coming!

Thanks guys! I'm sure I couldn't do this without you!

We Miss Ya Nick!

Well, some of us do. Actually, I'm sure that all of us do, but some have found creative ways to show it. I've had several emails asking when you'll be back, (Do you guys hate me THAT much? <sniff> ) and the like. Anyway, here is an interesting Card from The Almighty XRocket

See Nick? People like you! They really do!

Free Stuff!

All right! Who wants some free stuff? Well, I've been searching around and I've found that a couple of Nick's Very Own affiliates have been busy running contests. Have you entered? No?! Why not? Ignorance is no excuse!

So then, here are a couple to whet your appitite...

Hackman, creator of cool fake cards and the cute little Poke-Millionair game has been running a contest to celebrate his first Birthday! No wait, that didn't sound right. I mean his SITE'S First Birthday. =)
Make sure to check it out before it's too late!

MaxRPG is having a Fake Card contest at HIS site! Tone up on those faking skills...



April 12, 2000: Wednesday

Here's What's New for Today...

• Reign of Terror has Begun! Hehe... You've dreaded this day...
• Big Surprise... Well, you'll just have to see

Well here it is... Day one. Numero Uno. The First Chance. If I screw this up I will be ridiculed and humiliated beyond beleif. If I succeed I will be hounded by fans, (Yeah, right. =) day and night. Only time will tell...

As always if you have questions/comments/rants... email me at the_echidna@geocities.com

The Echidna's Reign of Terror...

Hehehe. Well NOW you're in for it! Nick is halfway across the world viewing priceless wonders and you are stuck here... with me. That Psycho Ech.

[Nick: Damnit Ech! I haven't left yet! My flight is later!]

Oh... Well don't worry. I haven't actually taken over. I'm just subbing. Trust me. Nick will be back. He better. I don't know if I can handle the rigors of updating a major site like this every day.

Of course, that Echidna Aaah! Banner is just a Hoax. It was something I thought of at 2AM and desided to do as a breaking the Ice kinda thing. Please don't hate me... I'll be good...

In fact, to make it up to you, take a look at the second news bite.

Big Surprise in Store!

Yup. To show you that I'm not ALL that bad, I've arranged a little surprise for you all. Want to know what it is? Well, I can only tell you it's about 20MB big... (Don't worry, you don't have to 'get' it all at once) and Nick had this to say about it...

GGGAAAAAHHHH!!!! What the... how did... but you... but then... AARGH MY HEAD!! [collapses]

Mein gott! That's so cool, I can hardly believe me eyes! That's really going to rock the casbah.

Oooh, aren't you excited? I'd unveil it now, but alas, I do only have my 28.8 Modem and have you ever tried to UL 20 Megs on a 28.8? It's not a pretty site. I hope by tomorrow afternoon everything will be up and ready. I'm going to UL it all on the University's T3. God I LOVE working there. =)

So, stay tuned and stay cool.


April 10, 2000: Monday, Late Monday...

Echidna's Update 1

• Test Update
• Bon Voyage!

-This is merely a test... You have been warned.-

Echidna's Test Update 1...

Hey Pokemon Aaah! Fans... It's me, everyone's favorite creature, The Echidna, testin' to see if I actually CAN Update while Nick is Away.

So... if you can see this, guess what, it means it worked! Yaay! On the flip side, if you CAN'T see this then I suppose it didn't work. But then again, if it didn't work, and you can't see this, then how could you be not seeing it and it not working? Hmmm... sorta ambiguous, huh?

Don't worry. I'll get all the ambiguity (guess what my word of the day is. :) ) out of my system now, so when Nick actually leaves, I won't be as confusing.

Bon Voyage Phillipe!

Well, I couldn't really make a whole update without something relevant... so here it is.

Have a nice trip Nick. Visit all those cool European countries! See different cultures! And just a tip... don't watch TV after 9:00 PM in Amsterdam... ;) Actually, to be on the safe side, maybe you shouldn't watch it at all. :D

Oh, and don't forget my 1st Ed. Gurlak!

April 10, 2000: Monday

Here's what's new for today:

• Happy Birthday, Pokémon Aaah! / It's 1 Year Old Today!
4 New Fake Cards / Poison Mania!

It's a slow day in the world of Pokémon... today is the day for the Pokémon TCG GB game in the US. I'll have some reviews on it later today.

Also, PA!4.1 is in the works. I've gotten the hang on Flash 4, so I'm going to add little Flash 4 gizmos on my site eventually. I've also finished one wicked little Flash intro for PA!, which I'll show off soon.

Happy Birthday, Pokémon Aaah!

It's Pokémon Aaah!'s 1st birthday today! Well, give or take a day or two...

Wow... I can't believe that last year, right now, I was fiddling with what became an internet sensational! Boy... I'm speechless here...

[sniff] It was a fun year... I can't wait to see what's to come in the next year. [slight pause] I still can't think of anything to say...

Anyway, as a treat to some of you "Old School" PA! visitors, I've totally recreated 2 past version of Pokémon Aaah! I've uploaded 99% full versions of PA! Version 1, and PA! Version 2! Hee heee! You can check out what Pokémon Aaah! used to be like...

PA! Version 1
PA! Version 2

... I still can't think of anything to say... At least nothing that doesn't sound hokey and pathetic...

4 New Fake Cards

I've got 4 new fake cards for you... a new Charizard (with a familiar picture, for you Magic TCG fans), and the Nidoking set. Poison is the Nido's middle name!



Nidoran M






April 9, 2000: Sunday

Here's what's new for today:

Team Rocket Info Page Revamped / It's been spiffed up!
• Pokémon GS TV Show on KidsWB! / U Must C This! (Yeah, I know it's old news...)

Sorry... no fake cards again today. But I do have some cool ideas for some more fake cards. Fans of the Magic card game will get a real kick ouf my a new Charizard card I'm going to make.

Well, the Pokémon TCG GB game is to be released tomorrow. I can't wait for it! My head is going to explode at the thought of it!

Also tomorrow is the 1st Anniversary of Pokémon Aaah! I'll have some really neat surprises for you then!

Also (again), I just learned that my Europe trip will be until the 21st, instead of the 24th. Shucks. (-_-;

Team Rocket Info Page Revamped

Well at the request of many, the Team Rocket Info page here at Pokémon Aaah! has been updated. Whoo! I've added some info on the TR Preconstructed decks that I had up a while back and a few other goodies.

Go to the Team Rocket Info Page!

Pokémon GS TV Show on KidsWB!

Yaaaa... this is old news... but as you probably know now, KidsWB! has announced that they will begin showing new episodes Pokémon (as Pokémon GS) some time in September. Yeah.

April 8, 2000: Saturday

Here's what's new for today:

New Neo Backs! / The Ech has done it again!
• Newer Pokémon Desktop Image! / This time from RHM!

Nope. Well, there was a new episode of Pokémon today... Meh. And remember, I'm also going to Europe next week, and during that time, the Ech will fill in for me. Oh, and the Pokémon TCG GB Game is out in two days! I've got my copy reserved!

That is all.

New Neo Backs!

Well, the Ech is at it again! This time, he's helped me fill in some holes in the Neo Blanks section of MYOPC! Hooray!

So now we've got...

• All Psychic (Baby, Basic, Stage 1, & Stage 2)
• All Colorless (Baby, Basic, Stage 1, & Stage 2)
• All DARK (Baby, Basic, Stage 1, & Stage 2)

All reet! You can download these back in the "Make Your Own Pokémon Card" section!

Newer Pokémon Desktop Image!

Next up in the new Desktop Images from PA! is one made by fellow staffie, Robert. For today, he's got a spiffy April related Pokémon City desktop image. Check it out!

"Easter Exeggcute"
832 x 624
800 x 600
640 x 480

Right on! More desktop images to come!

April 7, 2000: Friday

Here's what's new for today:

Temporary PA! Web Master Found! / This dude will take over while I'm in Europe.
• Two new TR Cards Found! / Bah! I had this stuff yesterday but I could update!
• A New Pokémon Desktop Image / One of many to come!

Aaargh! Brain's a-melting! I spent most of this week writing up a 24 page essay for school. It took up all my time from doing things that I needed to do, like update yesterday and on Tuesday! Well, I had to do the essay anyway, because if I didn't, I WON'T GRADUATE OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! Now that's reason enough to do the essay!

Also, boy, did I ever get an increase of requests to join the PA! Network! Keep them coming in guys!

Temporary PA! Web Master Found!

Well, as you folk should know by now, I'm going to Europe! And since I'm going to Europe, there would be no updated to Pokémon Aaah! during that time.

But that has all changed. I have found a temporary web master to take over while I'm out. And it's...

The Echidna!

Yes, I've hired the PA! "legend" The Echidna to take over for me until I get back from Europe. He's pretty good with the news, and he'll probably do a good job providing you people with some really cool fake cards.

But don't get all nuts about the chage just yet! I'll still be updating PA! until the 12th. And I'll probably get to some really cool fakes while on the way.

But when I do leave, be nice to the Ech for me!

Two new TR Cards Found!

BAH! I had this information yesterday, but my stupid essay got in the way of me posting it. Grrr... anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, check out...

Dark Charizard and Dark Gyarados!

A New Pokémon Desktop Image

This was also supposed to be up yesterday, but I never got around it.

Anyway, this is the first of the many new Pokémon Aaah! created desktop images for your computer! Download, post, and be merry! This desktop image was created in a old (but still cool) program called Bryce 2. You can make some really cool landscapes with Bryce 2!

"Poké Crew"
1024 x 768
800 x 600
640 x 480

Do you like them? Well, give me an email telling me about what you think of them!!

And don't worry, more will be on the way!!


First off, WotC holds weekly chats on their web site concerning Pokémon TCG. Today's chat was an important one, because it revealed the truth behind the super secret Team Rocket card.

Wel... I was right! I will be a totally 100% WotC card! It never appeared in Japan because it was made in the US first!! Hoo haa! [does cartwheels even though cardwheels are impossible for me to do]

If you don't believe me, check out the PokéGym message boards and read the posts!


April 5, 2000: Wednesday

Here's what's new for today:

More TR Super Secret Card Info / Just to make a few things clear...
• Europe Vacation Announcement / Next week, I'm going to Europe!
• PA! Network Update / We've finally got some sites who've joined!
• PA! Desktops? / Interested in some PA! Desktop Images?

Heck, I need to start advertising again.
Ah... sorry for not updating yesterday. Something major came up. Anyway, here is the stuff that I has planned to fill you in with yesterday.

More TR Super Secret Card Info

Wow! I sure have been receiving a lot of emails about this Super Secret Card! Let's see...

OK, first things first. If you didn't already know, WotC is planning to add a super secret card to the English version of Team Rocket. Information on this can be read at the official Wizards of the Coard web site here:

...Team Rocket now has a street date of approximately April 24th. Also, as an exclusive I want to tell you that there will be a super secret card in that set. One that you WON'T find listed anywhere!...

There, at least people will now believe what I'm talking about.

One of the persons who email me, RulonDrone@aol.com, says:

There were three rocket cards not included in the actual japanese set, none were holo. They were Persian, Meowth and the Computer Search. Meowth and Persian were identiacal to the ones in the set, except for the pictures. Persian had Giovanni in the background. Another thing to note, the Computer search and Mewoth had a rocket expansion symbol with a red shadow not a white one like on the regular cards and the other Persian.

So... another super secret Rocket card estimate would be a rehash of two existing card, just with a new picture. Hmmm... that doesn't sound very cool to me.

Thanks to Eerie1235@aol.com, I now have a picture of the Dark Persian in RulonDrone@aol.com's email.

Dark Persian

So right now, best estimates put that super secret card at one of three cards. But if you think about them, they don't seem very interesting.

Kookie Computer, a poor man's Computer Search
Dark Persian, a remake of the existing Persian
, a remake of the existing Meowth

Bleck. What a drab assortment.

Hmmmm... I think I may be on to something. Let me think.

That .TXT file above said that the super secret TR card is going to be "One that you WON'T find listed anywhere!". If Kookie Computer and the rest are such dull cards, and are actually listed somewhere... maybe those cards aren't the super secret cards! Hmmm...

Let's see... that .TXT file is a transcript of one of the WotC Pokémon chat files. So I'm guessing that the WotC moderator assumes that the people who go to the chats can get around in the internet. ... When he says "WON'T find listed anywhere", he might be hinting the fact that "anywhere" is internet site, particularly ones that deal with Japanese promo cards. This might shed some light at what the card is.

A lot of Pokémon web sites (like mine) have a list of Pokémon promos from Japan. So if the moderator says that the card can't be found anywhere, it could mean that the super secret card isn't on the Japanese Pokémon promo lists. And if it's not on the Japanese Pokémon promo lists, it could mean... a NEW card??

A new card? Could the super secret card be a totally new card, exclusive to North America?? It does seem to be, if you get my drift. Hmmmm....


Well... if anyone of you out there have any opinions or other info, please send them in!

Europe Vacation Announcement

Hey dudes! Something totally spiffy is going to happen to me. I'm going to Europe next week! Yes, from April 12th to April 24th, I'll be spending my time away from my computer, visiting France, England, and Scotland. This trip is costing me a bundle, but when will I ever go to Europe again in my life?

With that said, I'm going to point out that I won't be able to update my web site between those dates. Oh dear! And since I won't have a substitute, this site will just sit until I get back.

That is all.

PA! Network Update

Yep! Three new web sites have join the PA! Network. Go check them out in the PA! Network page!

If you have a fake card web site, and need exposure, you should join the PA! Network! The PA! Network specializes in linking all the fake Pokémon TCG card web pages together!

PA! Desktops?

Yep! Sometime soon (quite possibly before I leave for Europe), I'll have something new to this site (but not the least bit original)... desktop wallpapers! Yes-siree, you can have your very own PA! or Pokémon related desktop patters and wallpapers for you to show off on your home computer's desktop! Rock on!

Uh... I'm done.

April 3, 2000: Monday

Here's what's new for today:

5 New Fake Cards / It's about time!
• Some TR Super Secret Info / Apparently the one I have is not alone...

Heck, I need to start advertising again.

5 New Fake Cards

Sweet-ums! It's about time that I start making more fake cards! Today, I've got Fake Edition cards #176-#180, which has some key cards from the last two Saturday's worth of episodes in the US.

Ash's Snorlax


Rubbery Texture




Tracey's Scyther


Capture Net


Well, only 20 cards to the big 200 fake cards! Uh... I guess that's it for now.

Some TR Super Secret Info

Hmmm... just minutes after I posted up info on what I think the super secret #83 Team Rocket card is, I get an email from Kyle Bosiljevac about it. He wrote:

The super secret Team Rocket card might also be a holo Persian.I remember seeing a Japanese promo Persian that was holographic and it had the Team Rocket sign.

A holo Persian? Well... it might be. It does seem right. Well, along the same lines, I did see a "Team Rocket's Meowth" Japanese promo card elsewhere. That too might be the super secret card. I'll see about posting images of these card tomorrow.

April 2, 2000: Sunday (Mid-Day)

Here's what's new for today:

English Team Rocket Edition Card List! / The greatest list since... Neo's list.
• Dark Charmeleon Scan! / The Spiffy Card Found in Top Deck Magazine.
• "Super Secret" Team Rocket Card...? / I think I may have the answer.

Well, I hope you're here for this mid day update! I had originally planned to updated earlier, but many things got in my way. Oh well.

English Team Rocket Edition Card List!

Well, through my vast resources of sources, I've learned about the card list to the English Team Rocket set. Yo! Here's the info:

Holo Pokémon Rares
1. Dark Alakazam
2. Dark Arbok
3. Dark Blastoise
4. Dark Charizard
5. Dark Dragonite
6. Dark Dugtrio
7. Dark Golbat
8. Dark Gyarados
9. Dark Hypno
10. Dark Machamp
11. Dark Magneton
12. Dark Slowbro
13. Dark Vileplume
14. Dark Weezing

Holo Trainer Rares
15. Here Comes Team Rocket!
16. Rocket's Sneak Attack

Holo Energy Rares
17. Rainbow Energy

Non-Holo Pokémon Rares
18. Dark Alakazam
19. Dark Arbok
20. Dark Blastoise
21. Dark Charizard
22. Dark Dragonite
23. Dark Dugtrio
24. Dark Golbat
25. Dark Gyarados
26. Dark Hypno
27. Dark Machamp
28. Dark Magneton
29. Dark Slowbro
20. Dark Vileplume
31. Dark Weezing

Pokémon Uncommon
32. Dark Charmeleon
33. Dark Dragonair
34. Dark Electrode
35. Dark Flareon
36. Dark Gloom
37. Dark Golduck
38. Dark Jolteon
39. Dark Kadabra
40. Dark Machoke
41. Dark Muk
42. Dark Primeape
43. Dark Vaporeon
44. Dark Wartortle

Pokémon Commons
45. Abra
46. Charmander
47. Diglett
48. Dratini
49. Drowzee
50. Eevee
51. Ekans
52. Grimer
53. Koffing
54. Machop
55. Magikarp
56. Magnemite
57. Mankey
58. Meowth
59. Oddish
60. Ponyta
61. Dark Persian
62. Porygon
63. Psyduck
64. Dark Rapidash
65. Rattata
66. Dark Raticate
67. Slowpoke
68. Squirtle
69. Voltorb
70. Zubat

Non-Holo Trainer Rares
71. Here Comes Team Rocket!!
72. Rocket's Sneak Attack

Trainer Uncommons
73. The Boss's Way
74. Challenge!!
75. Digger
76. Imposter Oak's Revenge
77. Nightly Garbage Run
78. Sleep!

Trainer Commons
78. Goop Gas Attack

Non-Holo Energy Rares
80. Rainbow Energy

Energy Commons
81. Full Heal Energy
82. Potion Energy

Super Secret Card:
83. ?????

Hmmm... "Here Comes Team Rocket" is just a regular rare. Boo hoo hoo... on the plus side, 1st Edition Charizard was just a regular rare also. A holo 1st Edition HCTR might be just as popular.

Besides the super duper secret card, the card is 82 cards large... exe: Dark Persian is 61/82.

Way cool, huh? Wee hee! Be sure to see an update in the Team Rocket edition page some time soon.

Dark Charmeleon Scan!

All right! The first English card from Team Rocket can be seen right here! It's Dark Charmeleon!

I give my thanks to The Almight XRocket from the PA! Forums for letting me use his scan (even if mine is edited slightly). Thanks a lot buddy!

View Dark Charmeleon in all it's glory!

View Dark Charmeleon

So what's different? Well, I can tell you right off the front. "Dark" Pokémon have a different shaded border. It's more... "darker" than regular Pokémon boarders.

And don't let the "miswording" of Dark Charmeleon's Fireball attack throw you off. They mean Basic Fire Energy cards should only be attached to Dark Charmeleon. Since Rainbow Energy is... "out", you could use the Rainbow Energy card to provide Fire Energy... however Dark Charmeleon requires Basic Fire Energy Cards only to use it's attack. It's still an otherwise cool card.

Neato! As soon as I grab myself a box of Team Rocket... be sure to find some "Dark" Pokémon blanks in the Make Your Own Pokémon Card section!

"Super Secret" Team Rocket Card...?

The buzz on the street with Team Rocket is that WotC will have a super secret 83rd card in the set. At first I was in a total state of shock! "Wow, a 83rd card!" I was thinking. But then... it got me thinking some more. I remember seeing somewhere of a totally different Team Rocket card from Japan. It wasn't in the original set, but it did have a Team Rocket symbol. Hmmm...

Anyway, I did some research and found the card I was thinking of. And it's none other that...

Well, I don't want to ruin the surprise. So I'll tell you what... I'll post a link to it right here. If you don't want to ruin the surprise, don't go to the link. OK? Good.

Could this be the secret TR card?
Remember, if you don't want to ruin the surprise, then don't go here!

Well, that's it.

April 1, 2000: Saturday

Here's what's new for today:

Digimon Aaah! / Pokémon is just bad now.
• AOL Buys Nintendo
/ What a Shock!
• A Special Message from Philippe, the Webmaster / You'll find this interesting and fun!

Digimon Aaah!

Well, is you might have already noticed, I've decided to change my web site from Pokémon Aaah! to Digimon Aaah!. I mean, Pokémon is getting boring, and so is the card game. Plus Digimon is beginning to gain popularity, and I want to be there when it get's popular.

Not all of the pages have been redone though... this idea was made at the last minute. But give it some time, I'll have some info on the Playstation Digimon game, along with some cool secrets, and... Digimon Fake cards! I've already got some ideas... like "Jamaicamon".

So anyway, be sure to keep on stopping by every day now for... DIGIMON AAAH!

AOL Buys Nintendo

I found this article at Yahoo News.... this a sad sad sad world. Good thing I'm leaving Pokémon for Digimon!


First Netscape, then Time-Warner, and now Nintendo. Well, now KidsWB! and Nintendo are now one.

The groundwork for the AOL-Nintendo deal surfaced due to AOL's lack of a gaming platform. In order to boost the popularity and sales of AOL's various games, AOL had decided to buy Nintendo of Japan, which will eventually lead to the acquiring of Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe.

Earlier today in Tokyo Japan, Nintendo of Japan has announced that AOL will be buying them for approximately $250 million (USD). This news shocked the nation of Japan, but it didn't phase NOJ's President and CEO, Mr. Notarosa.

Notarosa: "We feel that this deal will be beneficiary to both AOL and Nintendo. AOL's vast resources and range will allow Nintendo to become more of a company."

Representatives from Nintendo of America has yet to comment on this deal.

After the announce was made in Japan, AOL was not reluctant to begin making some major plans for Nintendo and several Nintendo games.

Nintendo's current project, "Dolphin" will be scrapped for a "newer, better gaming platform", the IntraGamer X. AOL and Nintendo claims that it'll be vastly superior to any current gaming system, a 256-bit platform system is it's backbone. The system will also sport a new gaming engine, known as "Adam". Nintendo says that it has the capability to learn with the player. It also has a "lightning fast" 128k modem and the ability to surf the internet using AOL.

Other Nintendo games will be effected by the deal.

The popular "Mario" series will stay the same, however it'll take full advantage of the "Adam" gaming engine. The first "Mario" game for the IntraGamer X will be "Mario Chaos".

Pokémon will also take a spin with the "Adam" gaming engine, creating larger and tougher characters. The Pokémon game is tentatively known as "Pok*mon X".

Nintendo's partners aren't too happy about this deal. 4Kids, the company that brings the Pok*mon TV show to North America has been forced to limit the Pok*mon TV show to the United States with KidsWB!. Canada's YTV has been cut out of the deal, forcing an abrupt end to the TV show in Canada. Plans have been made to axe the TV show in England also, but no announcements have been made.

The fan support of this deal has been mixed though. Some people believe that this is a very good idea and that Nintendo did this, while others think that this is the worst idea of all time.

Nomita Tamayo (Nintendo Fan; Japan): "I can't believe that [Nintendo] would do something like this! It's just not fair to us!"

AOL is being very shut lipped about this, only saying that a full press conference will take place at their headquarters in New Jersey at 12:00 PM (EST) on April 1st, 2000.

Until then, the deal is in purgatory, awaiting it's response from North America.

A Special Message from Philippe, the Webmaster

If you didn't notice already, I need to make a special announcement to all of you.


APRIL FOOLS!!! Hah hah hah!

Heh heh, I really got you going there for a second, didn't I? Do you really think I'd switch to Digimon? And do you really think that AOL bought Nintendo? Hah! If you didn't believe this, and is very upset, well boo hoo... it's April Fools day! Have a laugh for a day!

Well, REAL Pokémon news will be avalible tommorrow. Today's a bit of a free day since it's April Fools' Day. Tee hee!

March 31, 2000: Friday

Here's what's new for today:

New Team Rocket Info / Preconstruct deck info!
• "Cool Porygon": Cool Picture!
/ Promo #15 Revealed

News in Brief:
> Some of the pages in the TCG Info section got a bit of an update. Now it tells you what each individual paragraph is about.
> Also, the links have been fixed in the Neo section of "Make Your Own Pokémon Card" page.

New Team Rocket Info

This just in! New info on the US version of the 4th Pokémon TCG set, Team Rocket! (Like the new nifty logo?)

• Despite previous estimates, the Team Rocket set will be out April 24th. Phew! Anyway, if you wish for WotC to email you when it's available in their online store, click here.

• Here's some new info on the two Preconstructed decks from Team Rocket:




Yep, Devastation is a Grass/Water deck, and Trouble is a Psychic/Grass deck. No doubt that the rares for both will be Dark Arbok and Dark Weezing. I'm guessing that:

Devastation: Has Dark Weezing, uses Squirtles and Dark Wartortles, along with maybe Dark Vaporeons.
Trouble: Has Dark Arbok, uses Abra and Dark Kadabras along with maybe Slowpoke and Drowzee.

Each preconstruct contains a varied number of Team Rocket and BS2 cards (but I don't think any Fossil will be in it). No doubt, the deck with Dark Weezing in it will have Potions and Super Potions. Lots of it.

Well, that's all I have right now. With a bit more surfing, I'm sure I could get some really hot info for you. Cheers!

"Cool Porygon": Cool Picture!

Hey... Hey, Hey! Baby, I got you caa--ard!

I did some scrounging, and found a picture of Cool Porygon. Dig it!

View Cool Porygon

You can view Cool Porygon's entry in the American Promo section! Now, my next job it to find out what Promo #11 is!

March 30, 2000: Thursday

• Relief! Server Works!
• PA!4 Now With Music!
New Gold & Silver Pokémon League Badges! (Fake)
• Some Neo Blanks are Finally Up!

Relief! Server Works!

Finally....! This server fix now works for sure. That's one less worry on my part!

Also for you people who signed up for Nick15.com Web Hosting, I'll be getting to your accounts later today. I hope you understand about the server problems!

PA!4 Now With Music!

Alreet! PA!4 is back with music! But this time, I've fixed it so that music is optional.

Now this'll be a treat to some "Old Skool" PA! goers. Do you people remember, "Children" by Robert Miles? Well, it's back! You just gotta love that tune!

So.... if you're not listening to the music right now, click here.
And if you are listening to the music, but don't want to (what's wrong with you?), click

New Gold & Silver Pokémon League Badges! (Fake)

I've got another fake for you people! It has to do with the Pokémon TCG League (you might have already figured that out by now), but use your imagination on what's coming.

Check it out:

New Wonderful Fake!

Some Neo Blanks are Finally Up!

Well, I would have had this up sooner, but... well, here they are. I've finally got 6 Neo blanks up in the "Make Your Own Pokémon Card!" section, and hopefully more are to come... as soon as I can buy some Neo cards, or at least someone can send them to me...

Anyway, if you go to the MYOPC section, you'll see them in Step 2.

Make Your Own Pokémon Card!

March 29, 2000: Wednesday

• Server Problems 2

Server Problems 2

Let's see... I spent most of my day yesterday (aside from doing homework) trying to fix my web server. Aargh! What a chore that was!

I tried numerous things to try to get the dang server working, but I ended up starting from scratch. That's why Pokémon Aaah! wasn't up for a good part of the day.

I had to reinstall the my entire Mac with the core version of MacOS (for the best speed on my web server), reinstall the server software, pull the hair out of my head... and then restart. Oy...

So far, I don't see anything wrong with my server. Hopefully this server fix will not freeze up my computer like it did before. We'll see.

Also please, don't complain to me about the fact that my web server wasn't working for the past many days. Why don't you try fix a web server?

Ugh... this stress is getting to me. I'm going to stop for today.

March 28, 2000: Tuesday

• Server Problems
• Team Rocket on Wizards.com

Server Problems

Grrr... we've had a bit of server trouble all day yesterday. I don't know why, but my server keeps on freezing up. I'm still trying to work on the problem.

Also, to those who've signed up with Free Web Hosting, your web site will be up shortly, it's just that this server freezing problems have really gotten on my nerves.

Team Rocket on Wizards.com

I've done a bit of investigative work and found something of interest at the WotC web site. The page has some basic TR info, along with a new pack design. The set will be released on April 24th, 2000.


March 26, 2000: Sunday

• Busy Busy Me!
• Lord of the Unknown Tower, New Movie Info

Busy Busy Me!

This usually happens to me within a day or two after a major major site update, where I'm too busy fixing up the loose ends of my site to add any new news. Besides, Pokémon news is dry lately. On top of that, I spent most of my day out preparing for my trip to Europe.

So you're just going to have to live without an update today.

Oh, one quick note; Due to an uploading mistake, some viewers saw a collapsing sidebar, something different than the sidebar right now. That side bar was actually part of a Beta version of PA!4, not of this final release. Pay no attention to it.

Lord of the Unknown Tower, New Movie Info

The 3rd Pokémon movie from Japan is on the move! Lord of the Unknown Tower is it's name, and it revolves around some of the new Pokémon in Pokémon Gold & Silver. I don't have much, except for the Movie Poster. I'll try to get more info as soon as I can translate it.

Looks sweet! I'll try to add a page for it in the Movies Page, along with some info on Pokémon the Movie 2000: Revelation Lugia. Cheers!

March 25, 2000: Saturday

• Pokémon Aaah! Version 4 Up and Ready to Go!
• Today's Three New Episodes (US)
• Two New Pokémon TCG Promos Announced!
• The PA!4 Showcase Cards!
• The 175th Fake Edition Card!

Pokémon Aaah! Version 4 Up and Ready to Go!

Alright!! All this extra work, has finally paid off!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to PA!4, Pokémon Aaah! Version 4!!! It's PA!'s last major version update since September 1999 (6 months ago)! And almost just in time to celebrate the 1st Anniversary since the official day PA! went online, on April 10th! Also my counter's hit 200,000 visitors. Wheee heee!!

So, what's really new with PA!4??

  • Everything has been updated. Every page, every information, page formats, just about enverything has been fixed. Heck, many pages have been updated, ones what have never been updated since Version 3 came along!
  • The Make Your Own Fake Cards! section has been made even easier!
  • The Request a Fake Card page is back up!
  • You can check out some neat news from PA!'s past in the Old News section!
  • I've added a Pokémon Movies section!
  • Proove to your friends that there are no such thing as PokéGods with the Red/Blue No PokéGods!! section!
  • The Pokémon USA section has been updated with the official release of the POKÉMON USA POKÉDEX POSTER!
  • A hot new thing here at PA!4 is Gold/Silver Gym Leader Info! Find out for yourself!
  • I've also added various special deals, like Free Web Hosting, the Pokémon Aaah! Network, and the old favorite, the PA! Forums!
  • Other Fakes also showcases some of the non-TCG card fakes I've done in the past. It also includes news clipping from that Team Rocket fiasco back in January!
  • A new Fan Art section will be updated soon, it'll have some superior quality Pokémon Fan Art created by some faboulous artist (like me!)
  • The Rocket Gang is your chance to discover life in other space!
  • ... and many more surprizes!

Wait... now I'll bet you're asking why some pages aren't up! Well, some pages like the Fan Art page was not completed in time for today, however it will be up tomorrow. As for the Fan Fake Card section, that section was reset, and will be slowly filled up with new Fan Fakes. I will however make an effort to try to refill the section up with older Fan Fake though (just some Fan Fakes are just to good to be removed!).

So begin your journey through a new Pokémon Aaah! We promise that you won't be disappointed!


Today's Three New Episodes (US)

Today in the US, KidsWB! is having their "All-New" Saturday, with 3 all new episodes of Pokémon! (Well, all new to us Americans.) I'll try to record the episodes and get some fake cards form them tomorrow!

Two New Pokémon TCG Promos Announced!

Two new Pokémon TCG Promo cards have been officially announced! They are Venusaur (#13), and "Cool Porygon" (#15). Venusaur will be released in the Pokémon TCG GB Players Guide, and "Cool Porygon" will be the promo card in the N64/Pokémon Stadium bundle pack, which will be released on Monday, March 27th! Wahooo!

If you want to check out the Venusaur Promo, check out the new American Promo Index in the Other Promos Section!

The PA!4 Showcase Cards!

Yep! To congradulate the release of PA!4, The Echidna made the first Neo Fakes on Pokémon Aaah! (No, my Neo translation card are not fakes.) Yippie! To check them out, click on the links below:

Echidna's Abra

Echidna's Kadabra

Echidna's Alakazam

The 175th Fake Edition Card!

As for me, to celebrate the release of PA!4, I make the 175th Fake Edition fake card! And it's none other than... well, find out for yourself!

It's a Surprize!


Only 25 more cards to go until I hit the big 200! Hopefully I'll be able to record tomorrow's Pokémon Episodes!!

Enjoy the rest of the day!!