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Thursday, January 25th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Crystal WILL Be Released In English! / I Told You!

Well, I spent most of last night talking with Paul (of Bwow fame) over his recent decisions on BwowTV, the TV show I'm working on. Basically one of Paul's friends, Stuart, decided to reschedule one of the tapping for our show to a later date.

The problem is that not only does everyone have to reschedule THEIR time to accommodate this quick decision (since the episode was originally going to be filmed in 5 days), EVERYONE who works on the show except Paul HATES Stuart (because he's a horrible actor and is NOT funny), and was totally upset because Paul let Stuart do that without discussing it with Ray or Aaron (the other decision makers for Bwow and BwowTV). [phew, run on sentence!] We figure that this was probably done by Stu to get back at us for kicking him off the show. ... Imagine if your worst enemy decided to add an extra day of school/work on Saturday, and you'll have something of an idea about how everyone felt on this decision. .... Well at least we worked things out with Paul, he DID admit that he made a wrong decisison on letting Stuart call in to reschedule. (@_@) Oh well.

Well, that was my excuse to not update, but actually I do need to update. Something new just came up.


Oh, I'll also probably have a quick one/two-day contest on this site, so stay tuned on more info.

Crystal WILL Be Released In English!

Crystal Info - 9:45 AM PST

Hah! And you thought it wouldn't. .... Dark Aspenth sent the PA! Forums a link on this. Here's what he has to say on it:

I've just found a website (well actually... thanks to Serebii of SPP) that shows the UK release dates for a select few N64 and Game Boy Color titles set for 2001. This is in the UK, so that means that when the states get Crystal, it'll be approximately Summer 2001! Here's the list to show proof:


What did I tell you? What did I tell you?? See, Crystal WILL be released in English! And that page is the proof right there. Remember folks, you heard it from here second!

Once again.... I told you so!!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• The 'Gym Goes Wizards / The Only Place This'll Go is Up
• New Deal With Me Fakes / Coolies

I MAY get some new fakes up today, but don't hold your breath. I MAY also have the Font Packs for you too. ...... Plus, I replaced the Batman Beyond Daily Reminder with a reminder. Check it out.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

The 'Gym Goes Wizards

PokéGym - 12 Midnight PST

Hey! When we all thought the 'Gym was going to pass on, Tyais punches us in the mouth with some AMAZING news on the future of the 'Gym. When I learned about it, I was so excited, I dropped everything (which was my baby cousin) and ran to the 'net to check it out. Sure shootin', Tyais worked out a deal with Dark Master Trainer Mike (DMTM) of Wizard's fame. Here's what Tyais said:

Many of you have been wondering if The PokeGym. Well, as many of you may have known, I have been working with Dark Master Trainer Mike (a Wizards employee) to somehow resurrect The PokeGym.

While we won't be getting The PokeGym, I am happy to announce that Wizards of the Coast invited our community to pioneer their official Pokemon TCG Gommunity. We will be linked of the current Official Pokemon TCG pages but we will continue to use the same UBB type boards we have come to know and love. There are still some details to be worked out, however, we thought it right to let you guys know now about what would be happening. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and either I or DMTM will answer them in this forum thread.

To get a few things out of the way though, I will post some FAQs in fact form.

• We will be using the same type of forum as The Gym had.
• While I know many would wish for this, the ability to bring over post counts, dates, etc. will NOT be possible. No exceptions... not even for me.
• I know many of you will fear the Iron Staff of Wizards and will be shot down, banned, etc. for saying something bad about them. I have it on Wizards word so long as it is constructive critisicm, it will be allowed.
• Due to legal ordeals, we will use the name Wizard's Pokemon Gym, or WizPoG for short, as the official site name. (This is the HOPEFUL name as of now... not sure if it is confirmed.)

WizPoG! What a catchy name. (Seriously.) So the 'Gym will now be a Wizards official site (as far as I know). Good times. ... More on this as new stuff is made avalible.

New Deal With Me Fakes

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Here's something new and keen with my fakes... they're browsable and critiqued now! ...Er... I don't know how to really explain it, so just let this page do the talkin: Lobotomy

Note however that they're not all finished, but I did get a large chunk of it done. Keep checking it out for updates.

Tuesday, January 23th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update / Pppfffftttt

Meh. Spent most of last night watching
Dark Days, and didn't get back in time to do an update. [shrugs] Oh well.

Also, I'm thinking about searching for a new webmaster for PA! again. But unlike last time where I just passed the torch to any old person I felt like, I'll have people fill out "résumé" forms which will evaluate your worthyness of being a PA! webmaster. ... Now I still enjoy doing PA! (there's no doubt about it), but I also enjoy working on some of my other sites (especially Bwow Nation). Plus this time around I've got a good idea of what to do and what not to do when it comes to this new webmaster deal. I have a much better idea on how to control things, and so forth.

Here we are.... PA! Webmaster Evaluation/Application

This application is a SERIOUS one, and only to be filled out if you TRULY wish to take on the responsibilities of being a webmaster for PA!. Also take note that this is NOT a contest, and is NOT being treated as such.

Monday, January 22th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• 3 New Fakes / The Worst Images Yet
• The NEW PokéGym / Sort of...
• More GS Item Sections / Dark Aspenth Has Dun It Again!

PA! will be updated regularly again. All my maintainence work and upgrades are finished. Also keep your heads up for another update to Bwow Nation sometime later today.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

3 New Fakes

Fake Cards - 11:30 AM PST

The worst images I've ever drawn so far. I hate them, and I'm not going to bother to draw new ones.

Today's cards are Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable.







More Mayakashi Edition Cards


Sure, you may like them, but they're not good at all.

Cleffa is another one of my Sumiyoshi Kizuki styled cards... but it looks more like Tomokazu Komiya (Neo Slowpoke) drew it. ... Well, at least it DOES look like a real cards. (@_@)

With Clefairy, I tried to add a level of humor to it. Find it out for yourself... ;) ... Also Clefable's attack does make it useful, Pokémon will no longer lack a weakness to Colorless Pokémon.

Then with Clefable... ick. No comment.

Uhm, that's all I have for fake cards today.

The NEW PokéGym

PokéGym - 11:30 AM PST

Tyais is ULTRA busy working on a secret PokéGym project with the amazing Dark Mater Trainer Mike. Ooohh.... sounds... uhm.... mystical. ;)

On the other hand, Qasic has made a "temporary" PokéGym site over at this server. It's not pretty, but it IS the first step in bringing back the PokéGym. Check it out: http://www.qasic.com/pokegym/

More GS Item Sections

GS Info - 11:45 AM PST

Once again, thanks to staffie Dark Aspenth for adding all this GS info. My Game Boy section would be nothing without him. ;) GS Item Info

Saturday, January 20th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update / Still Busy

Hmmm..... talk about chaos this week. Nintendo sues DailyRadar.com, the PokéGym dies, and I'm stuck on keeping the server fit. (@_@)

I'll talk about the 'Gym in a minute, but first... OK. PA! was down yesterday because I took it down. I had to do some upgrades and other maintenances for the server. Don't worry, everything's fine. Secondly, don't expect any updates until Monday. I'm still working hard on other server deals, and so I don't have time to work on updating PA! (let along make fake cards). Monday is when I'll hopefully have everything done.

Now about the PokéGym. Yes, it's officially dead. No prior warnings, no good-byes... nothing. But there's a reason to that.

Let's see.... The PokéGym was part of another company called "Psylum Inc.". Not only did Psylum run the 'Gym, but they also ran The Dojo (a Magic site) along with a slew of other popular sites.

Now Psylum was bought up by USA Networks about a year ago. USA Networks is a TV network (like NBC, CBS, etc), which also owns the Sci-Fi network. ... No for some reason (the details yet unknown to the simple PokéGym fan like me), USA Networks wanted to go in a "new direction". And Pokémon (along with Magic and all the other Psylum sites) weren't part of that new direction. With that, they decided to shut down the Psylum sites. To make matters worse, they shut them down quietly WITHOUT warning or discussing it with ANYONE with a Psylum site.

Tyais and Qasic (the PokéGym webmasters) were totally powerless to stop it. Although Qasic postponed the shut down of the UBB (thinking it was a hacker the first time around), he didn't totally stop it. Basically USA Networks said for them to shut it down, and they had no choice but to comply.

It really sucks, doesn't it? Its like if construction workers just came waltzing in to your house and said "we're tearing this down" and began destroying your home.

... So now everyone's asking, will there be a ressurection of the PokéGym? Well, yes and no. First off, Tyais didn't seem to feel like going on any more after the shut down... but I'm sure his mind will change after about a few days of thinking about it. God knows the same thing happened with me a while back. ;) .... Secondly, most of the information at the PokéGym, including the layout and everything else belongs to USA Networks. So there's very little chance of ever getting the info or anything else from the 'Gym back.

Now if Tyais and Qasic ever wanted to get the Gym back, they'll have to restart the site from SCRATCH. Which will really be a time waster, but they have no alternative... other than just not doing it again. Of course, the 'Gym wasn't just a website, it was a community, so there are literally dozens of people willing to resurect the 'Gym to it's former state. And weill probably do it with or without Tyais or Qasic. God knows I'm willing to work on a new design for the 'Gym. (^_^)

.. Reconstruction has begun however. The 'Gym already got a temporary ezBoard as a replacement for the UBB. There you'll find log of the chat that Qasic and Tyais had the day of the 'Gyms demise. Although it may be complicated to read, it will explain more about this whole situation than I ever could. Hmmm...

Well, here's the link to the ezBoard. You'll be seeing me there a lot too. Also check there (and here) for updates on the 'Gym's situation. Dark Master Trainer Mike of Wizards fame says he has something that may solve the 'Gym's problem. We'll wait and find out.


Other than that, there's nothing much to talk about. Oh, I'm also working on affiliations with Bulbagarden and Next Generation Pokémon. Stay tuned for more info. (^.^)

Wednesday, January 17th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• No Update / Maybe None Tomorrow Either.

Let's see... I finally finished my original Toasterleavens site. You can check it out at: http://www.nick15.com/toasterleavens/. There isn't much there yet.... but you WILL get an insight in to what I may have planned for PA! Version 5's updated graphics.

You can also check out Bwow Nation again. I've updated it with a bunch of junk. But just a reminder, Bwow Nation is not for the kids. Don't say I never warned you. ... So why am I even advertising it? There are also a lot of NON-kids out there reading his right now, so for those of you who are interested, you can check it out. http://www.nick15.com/bwownation/

Also, I'm still busy doing other page updates (be sure to check out the base rules for the Transformers DCG tomorrow), so once again I won't updated PA!. Oh well.

If you need Pokémon stuff though, check out DRPN, one of my hosted sites.

Tuesday, January 16th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• "Exclusive" GB Advanced Info / Did you it also?

Not much of an update today. Heck, I may not even update tomorrow. ... Why? Well, I'm working on a large site update for Bwow Nation along with Nick15.com (you can check out the new main page right now). I'm also going to be redoing my old "Toasterleavens" web site. So oh well, I'm not going to update PA! for two days. [shrugs] C'est la vie. :P

Also, stayed tuned for info about a NEW Fake Card edition aside form Mayakashi. Basically it's focus is with Rocket Pokémon, much like the Team Rocket edition was. However I'm going to make this set (and it's image) a LOT more darker and gothic-ish than any set previously created. [rubs hands together]

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

"Exclusive" GB Advanced Info

Game Boy Info - 12:30 AM PST

I don't know about you, but I got an email from Nintendo about "exclusive Game Boy Advanced" info. ... If you did get it, COOL, HUH?!?! If you didn't, then let me share it with you: The Email... Sort of

Oooh... Super Mario Brothers 2... no... Super Marios All-Stars may make an appearence. Good times. No word of Pokémon yet though.. :\

Monday, January 15th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Rocket Fake / The Only Person Allowed to the Executive Wash Room
• Crappy Cartoon Masterpiece / Yeah
• GS Item Info Section Updated / !!!!

The Pokémon Newsometer is a little low today. I'll see about getting stuff for tomorrow or whatever. ...

BTW, Another Fan Made Fake Card update is planned for.. uhm... this weekend. Keep your eyes out for it, and keep on sending in those fake cards!

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

New Rocket Fake

Fake Cards - 12:00 AM PST

Only one fake for today...

Today's card is Rocket Executive.

Rocket Executive


More Mayakashi Edition Cards


I finally finished Rocket Executive. Pretty keen picture also, if I may say so. .... You'll be seeing more of HER in cards to come. ;) ... The card creates an "Intimidation" ability that effects EVERY Pokémon. If there's a Pokémon with an HP of 50 or under, than that Pokémon can't attack. PERIOD. ... Hee hee hee...

More fakes to come later. :D

Crappy Cartoon Masterpiece

Sketch Mania - 12:00 AM PST

Here's a little comic that may make more appearences at PA!... it stars the mascot version of me and my vulger censored Gastly who can talk. They encounter Mewtwo, with a conclusion too amazing to... to.... uhm... well, it's just too amazing. Check it out! Nick15 in "Attack of Mewtwo"

Now people have been asking me if I ever watchged Dexter's Lab. Well, yes I do... but actually, the Dexter skit of this sort were REALLY based off the old OLD Hostess advertisements who used Super Heroes to sell them. Ah, those were the days when a villian can be foiled by a fruit cake.

Here a link: http://www.seanbaby.com/hostess.htm

GS Item Info Section Updated

GS Info - 12:00 PM PST

Hey hey! Dark Aspenth is in charge of the GS info for this site, and right not he's been keepin' busy on assing the GS Item Info... uhm... information page. More to come... GS Item Info

Sunday, January 14th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• A TON of Fakes / Wheee!

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

A TON of Fakes

Fake Cards - 12:30 AM PST

Well, let's see... First it was 2 one day, then 3, then 4.... I was supposed to do 5 yesterday, and 6 were planned for today. I'm on a roll here. Now since I didn't update yesterday, I'd though I'd mix yesterday's fakes and todays fakes into a mega 11 fake card day. Hmmm....

Today's cards are... [deep breath]... uhm... just look at the list..

King's Rock


Black Glasses






Miracle Seed


Mystic Water


Pink Bow


Energy Boost / Energy Denial


Unown X




Rainbow Crystal (Jumbo)


More Mayakashi Edition Cards


Now the only ones I would consider being real cards are Unown X, Murkrow, and Energy Boost/Denial. ... The rest are just cut and paste jobs of other cards, with a 3D image I slapped together in 5 minutes.

King's Rock, the evolved form for other classic "Stone" Trainers, like Fire Stone, Water Stone, etc.

Black Glasses, Charcoal, Miracle Seed, Mystic Water, and Pink Bow are those Pokémon Tools which are actually really crappy PlusPowers. But hey, a lot of you folks wanted it, and so here they are. ... Heh, Mystic Water doesn't even look like an item. It just has a somewhat cool picture. Sna.

Leftovers, the anti-Poison. Works much like the one in the Game Boy game does.

.... Energy Boost / Energy Denial... now this is that new Trainer idea was is supposed to turn heads (in a manner of speaking). Sure it's not the most original idea (Magic has their cards of this type), but hey, it's new and fresh. ;) Bascially, if you want to use the card, can ONLY choose one or the other. You can't do both.

Unown X.... it's an Unown. Wheee.

Murkrow, probably another fearsome Basic Pokémon. 70HP, plus an attack that always discards a card from your opponent's hand. ... This can't be good at all.

Rainbow Crystal is one of my first Jumbo cards (the other is the long forgotten Nick15's Unown N). And when I say JUMBO, I means JUMBO. Just take a look-see for yourself.

.... Amazingly enough, none of them have a desktop. Awww.... Oh well, I'm done for the day. Tah-tah folks. [keels over and falls asleep]

Friday, January 12th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• For New Fakes Four You / Team Rocket's Back...

I may or may not have some more stuff for you later today.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

For New Fakes Four You

Fake Cards - 12:30 AM PST

Team Rocket's back with a much nastier group of Pokémon...

Today's cards are Rocket's Larvitar, Rocket's Pupitar, Rocket's Tyranitar, and Quicksand Gym.

Rocket's Larvitar (Desktop)


Rocket's Pupitar (Desktop)


Rocket's Tyranitar (Desktop)


Quicksand Gym


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

The three Rocket cards deal with cloning... but more importantly, cloning though a "glitch" in Bill's Pokémon Computer (we all know about that, huh? ;) ... I'll probably have more of these type of "glitch" cards sooner on. Hmmm....

My favorite picture out of the 4 new ones is Rocket's Larvitar. You'd think that the little Larvi's were rendered in 3D, but they're all 100% Photoshop paintings. Neat effect, huh? The attack for it is a bit on the mediocre side... but what do you expect from a common?

Pupitar is card that pushes the envelope for a common card. It's got some really keen attack. Rubble can do up to 120 damage for only ONE energy, and Crunch allows Pupitar to not take damage from a Darkenss Energy card, if it's attached to it. ... Wowee...

Tyranitar is the real kicker. Simply play the card and your opponent's hand goes bye-bye. It's about time that there should be some DECENT card discarding effects rather than just shuffling cards into the deck. Bleck. Also Tyranitar's damage splitting attack (and 120 HP too boot) will make it one tough nut to crack. Ooohh doggies... ... The blurry effect on Tyranitar is like that on purpose. I meant to give it more of a mystical look to it.

Also, don't bother mentioning the fact that they're not in Gym form. I put them in reguler Neo American form on purpose. It's rather tell a interesting story in the flavor text rather than having that stupid little guy in the corner.

Quicksand Gym is a simple little Energy denial Stadium card. If someone plays a Basic Pokémon or Evolution card, they return an Energy card to their hand. Things will get trickey soon enough. ... :D

Stop by tomorrow, I'll have a positive 5 cards, with ONE of them being a totally new Trainer type (including the blank to go with it), and another one being something too big to handle. I won't say what either of them are, but be sure to be here tomorrow to find out. ... Good times.

Thursday, January 11th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Three New Fakes / Score.
• More Crystal Rumor Bustin' / Who You Gonna Call?
• STS Wish List / More Bouncin' Off of DMTM

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Three New Fakes

Fake Cards - 12:30 PM PST

I'sa gots three more fake cards for you. Two new Gyms and something I should have done a week ago.

Today's cards are Girafarig, Smog Gym and Rage Gym.

Girafarig (Desktop)


Smog Gym


Rage Gym


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Girafarig is an annoying little sucka'... much like Omaynte. It also has a desktop image for youse. Other than "The picture is not what you think", that all I have to say on it.

Smog Gym prevents an over use of retreating. ... It's not a very useful card, that's why it's a common. I suppose I made it just for the image. Sna.

Rage Gym would be a REAL problem card... doubles all damage. Whooo.... pair this up with Erika's Ivysaur, and you've got a lot of damage flying. ;)

Stop by tomorrow for FOUR more fake cards. I'm sure you'll really like them... I consider the art of them much better than the popular Misdreavus card I drew a while back. ... I could have easily added them for today's update, but I needed something to add for tomorrow. ;) Let's see if I can get 5 of them in on Saturday. Hoo hah!

More Crystal Rumor Bustin'

Crystal Info - 1:00 PM PST

I am getting sick of these Crystal rumors. Another one that's going around is from Animetwork, and they say:

"Nintendo has done a lot of stupid things in their time, but this has gone too far! Nintendo has decided to cancel Pokémon Crystal in the U.S. , Canada and Australia!! Why? Well, maybe Japan feels they should only have it. Little more info is know, I will keep you updated. Personally I think this is the most stupidest and horrid thing they've done. They bought yellow into the U.S. Why cant they bring crystal? its cooler! The graphics, the characters the pokemon locations and everything! Especially the fact that you can choose between a girl and a boy is the thing that upset most Americans."

Pppfffttt... is anyone actually going to believe this rumor too? Considering that the game has sold over 1,000,000 units over in Japan (PokéMasters), Nintendo would be a fool to not release it here. Besides, since no source was listed, I'm pretty sure the person who wrote this probably heard it from a friend, who heard it from his friend, and so on, and so on...

... Wake up folks, Nintendo knows that Crystal for English simply yells "buy me!". Nintendo KNOWS how much cash they'd make if they released it in the States. They wouldn't pass up a deal like this if their lives depended on it.

No matter what Nintendo or anyone else says in this stage of the game, Pokémon Crystal WILL be made. And it'll stay that way until it is finally released, or Nintendo make an official press conference saying that they won't. But neither has happened, so we can all safely assume that Crystal WILL be made. ... The only reason why they're no acknowledging it right now is because they want your expectation to be lowered on it at first, so you'll be thinking: "Man, Nintendo will never make Crystal." Then a few months later: WHAM!, they hit you with the "amazing" announcement that Crystal will be made. Master Trainers Mike and Pat at the Wizard Chat do this all the time.

Kid: Any news on new promo cards?
Master_Trainer_Mike: We ain't tellin!

If they told you Crystal will be made like right now, right now you'd say: "Alright! That's cool!". However when it comes out, the novelty of Crystal will wear off, and for many people, they won't buy it. Companies know this, and that's why they don't hype things up much until at the right time.

Once again though, tell this to ALL your friends... CRYSTAL WILL BE MADE.

STS Wish List

TCG Info - 1:30 PM PST

Dark Master Trainer Mike of Wizards fame is back at the PokéGym asking us, the viewers, what we liked and want for the STS main events. The post can be found here: http://pokegym.thedojo.com/ubb/Forum15/HTML/002415.html

Some of the more common and popular ideas have been:

• Indoor Facilities
For at least the WCSTS, food and restrooms were located OUTSIDE, which is a MAJOR pain for anyone playing in the main tournament. I believe the same was for the ECSTS.

• Best of 3 Rounds
Instead of the best of 1 rounds seen at both the WCSTS and ECSTS, people want best of 3 rounds (where you win the match if you win 2 games out of 3 with your opponent). I would prefer that, since I would rather lose 2 games out of 3 rather than losing to a 1 hit KO in 1 minute. ... Now if anything, it should be best 2 our of 3 in 25 minutes.

• Deck Checks
People could easily cheat during the main event tournament, since there are no deck checks. Heck, I could have switched decks all together and no one would be the wiser. ... Deck checks, either though the Magic style fill out form, or maybe even ScanTrons, would be a NEEDED addition to the STS's.

• New Format
I'm still holding strong on the Type 2/BS3 format idea, but overall we need some new format outside of standard to help veer players into thinking about new decks.

• Better Prizes
Well, the prizes were upgraded from 32 pack at the WCSTS to 56 at the ECSTS, so we would really like to see bigger/better prizes given out. Cash would be a longshot (but none the less accepted), but I for one would be perfectly contempt with a box or two of cards, maybe a Game Boy Color, or even an N64/Game Cube. ;)

• Two Days Long
Some people wanted this, I don't though.... but basically have the entire STS main event two days long.

• Longer Breaks
At least for the WCSTS, I remember that the breaks between matches weren't too long... especially the one sround lunch time. Fortunatly I had my dad along to get food for me, or else I would have starved to death. Breaks between matches should be a longer, allowing the players to cool down after being crampted up in a chair for 20 some-odd minutes.

• More Qualifier Stops
One of the ones I suggested, I would like to see more qualifiers. The Mall stops are A-OK with me, but I also would like to see like card shops participate in the STS Qualifiers. It'll give some people who doesn't have a Mall stop near by (Idaho'ians, hint hint) a chance at getting an invite to the STS.

Well, that's just about it. This list will at least give you insight at some new ideas that MAY make it into the next STS. Since the next one will be on the WC (HOPEFULLY somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area), you'll most likely see me in it.

Wednesday, January 10th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Two New Fakes / Ok.
• Nick15's IMAGE Hosting Is Up / Score.
• More STS Format Ideas / Bouncin' Off of DMTM
• PA! v5: April 2nd, 2001 / MacOS X is Just Beyond the River Bend....

News Wire: Boo hoo hoo... so I didn't update yesterday. ..|.. The format chat over at the PokéGym is still going on. Check below for some more info. ..|.. Also, I'm working on a classic Nick15.com site.... Toasterleavens. This time it'll have art work, cold work (that's other stuff I'm working on), and a new section called "Hey You, Stupid!" which is a whole section of common sence articles that I plan to write. ..|.. Also slated for revision is the Nick15.com front page. That green is really getting annoying now, and I'm so sick of not working with frames. ..|.. Sna.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Two New Fakes

Fake Cards - 12:00 AM PST

I'm back in the mix with a few new fake cards. Hoo hah!

Today's cards are Hitmontop and Full Restore.

Hitmontop (Desktop)


Full Restore


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Hitmontop is finally made. Tyrogue isn't... still working on the blank for it. ... I'd rather wait until Neo 2 is out before I make Tyrogue. .... Hitmontop here is one heck of a relyable Pokémon. Trusty too. ... If your opponent hurt it, Hitmontop will hurt back. If your opponent doesn't touch it, then Hitmontop will STILL hurt it. You're going to do 60 or 70 damage if there is or isn't any damage counters on it. Good times. ... Toppy here also has a desktop for you. Just click on the "(Desktop)" link to see it. Personally, I'm impressed with Hitmontop's picture. My 3D skills are growing better every day. ;)

Full Restore can come in handy for Hitmontop. Rather than risking it with 60 damage on Toppy to do 60 damage, Full Restore it and to 70 damage on a clean slate. ;)

Stop by tomorrow for a POSITIVE 3 fake cards.... Girafarig, Smog Gym, and Rage Gym. Hoo hah!

Nick15's IMAGE Hosting Is Up

Hosting - 12:00 AM PST

Hey hey! Technically, I don't have Hosting up. HOWEVER, I do have Image/File hosting up, which is the next best thing.

... Tired of all those image hosting sites what are ultra confusing and force your images to have their advertisements on them? Well Nick15.com has a solution. While regular Hosting is on hiatus for a LONG time, we've come to at least doing FREE Image/File hosting! Click here to go there


Remember that address, that will become your image hosting savior! ... Instructions on how to use it can be found on the page. Enjoy!

More STS Format Ideas

TCG Info - 12:00 AM PST

(First off, if you don't know anything about this new format deal, stop by the PokéGym for more info. Basically Dark Master Trainer Mike, a worker from Wizards of the Coast, has asked the folks at the PokéGym if there are any new format ideas on their minds. ... I posted mine a few days ago, both here and at the PokéGym, and boy do I have some good ones.)

Updates.... well, the top brass as Wizards can't go through with my Paris/Mulligan idea, since it IS a rule change and not a rule addition. Sna.

This time around, I have a new idea (sort of brought into place by Porygon of Borg and Dark_Starman from the 'Gym). Basically, the new formats SHOULD be what Magic has... Type 1; which is ALL the cards, Type 2; which is the last two block sets and last Base Set, and Block Set; which is the last block set. But my new idea goes beyond that.

Now if the next STS does use a new format, I think the format SHOULD be Type 2, instead of anything else. Why? Well... Type 2 for Pokémon would be the last block set(s) and the last Base Set printed. But in order for this to work, Wizards should so something along the lines of the following.

... First, Wizards makes BS3, which is BS2 plus Fossil and Rocket. In the process, they take out at least Oak and Wiggly (along with other devilishly broken cards). Considering that BS2 took cards out, I'm pretty sure Wizards can take more cards out of BS3. Now this will undoubtedly be a player friendly set, as Wizards had mentioned. Next, at any time before BS3 (but BEFORE the next STS main event), Wizards announces NEW DCI sanctioned Tournament formats similar to Magic, which include Type 1, Type 2, and Block Set Formats. The DCI adopts these formats, and sanctioned tournaments begin playing in one of these formats. Then as soon as the next STS main even is announced, Wizards announce that the main event will be DCI Sanctioned, and in Type 2 (which at the time will be BS3, the Gym sets, and Neo sets).

Tadah! With this, we'll have the bannings us hardcore players want, while not actually having the cards banned. I don't think Nintendo nor Media Factory can complain about this. ;) Hoo hah!

PA! v5: April 2nd, 2001

Site Info - 12:30 PM PST

Apple recently announced that MacOS X (the Mac upgrade both you and I have been waiting for) will be released on March 24th. So.... PA! will be "upgraded" on April 2nd to version 5. This will be the version of PA! which is one that uses NewsPro and other PERL stuff, which MacOS X takes full advantage of.

So why will it be up later than MacOS X is released? I need some time for one part familiarize myself with the system upgrade, and I also need to work on the upgraded site graphics. (Layout and information will remain the same however.)

So.... 3 months. I think you guys can wait a little bit for it.

Monday, January 8th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fake Updates Galore / Enhance Your Fake Cards With NEW/UPDATED Junk!
• Pokémon Stadium 2 Info / Yeah

Pppffftt.... I'm not going to bother with making any sorts of promices. From now on, what you see is what you got. ... But I will say that the Flash Sidebar will get updated SOMETIME soon... just not today. In any case, if you want to see some of today's new features, you'll have to use the nonflash sidebar.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Fake Updates Galore

Fake Cards - 12:00 AM PST

Ooohhh..... hoo hoo hoo.... do I ever have some fake stuff for YOU! Let's see what's in my magical little bag...

• Fake Ultra Pro Sleeves
Comes in 4 colors... Black (although technically that's not a color),
Red, Blue, and Green. They're to enhance the realism of your fake cards. These can be found in the Download the Blanks section on the sidebar.

• New Trainer Blanks
New flavors, Pokémon Tool, Rocket's Secret Machine, and Goldenrod Game Corner. ... I would have done the premade text on the Pokémon Item trainer flavor, however it doesn't look all too right. These also can be found in the Download the Blanks section on the sidebar.

• UPDATED Symbol Sheet
100% MS Paint COMPATIBLE... meaning NO MORE white borders on the symbols, EVER. These are found in the same place as they always can be found. (Note: This doesn't count the GB, -30, Promo, and rarity symbols, which still have the nasty white marks around them. ... These'll be fixed later.)
Do note however, getting white-less edges on the symbols comes at the cost of having the edges of the symbols a bit sharp. But take it from me, you won't notice it when you past it on the card.

For all your Prereleasing needs. (Found on the new Updated Symbol Sheet.)

• New PHOTOSHOP Tips in To Be A Fake Master Section
Photoshop tips from the Fake Master. (Note, these apply to Photoshop only, and were made in Photoshop 5... so it may be different for you Photoshop 6 users.) Oh on a side note, I updated the
TBAFM section with some extra stuff also.

Good times, good times. Enjoy! (Note: So I don't have any fake cards today. Oh well.)

Pokémon Stadium 2 Info

N64 Info - 12:30 AM PST

I'm not too much of a big fan of N64, but what the heck. Thanks PMX! ;)

Certain people have mentioned that the name "Crystal" is not listed on the box. Here's my speculation on it.

The box art seems to be a finalized shot of a PROTOTYPE box image. (Prototype means experemental, similar to Protoman from the MegaMan series [get it now?]). Thus, this box image is NOT official. Now the idea of it being merely a prototype box is proven more so by the box of Paper Mario found at the same site where the Stadium was at (http://ign64.ign.com/news/29582.html). If you ask me, a number of those pictures seems recycled from the ol' Super Mario World (like Bowzer and his Clown hover-thingy). Hmmm....

Given the idea that this box image is most likely STILL a prototype box shot, that means there's still room for Crystal to be easily added into the disclamier there in the bottom. ;)

At this stage of the game, Nintendo does not to release ANY info on Crystal too early, most likely to prevent unwanted hype of the game (and to make is more desireable when they actually do announce the game). This is common business practice. Nintendo also did the same for Hey You, Pikachu and just about every other game you can think of. ... This also includes not refering to the game in a PROTOTYPE game shot.

Now if anything, if Pokémon Stadium 2 does NOT mention Crystal still when it's officially released, I still doubt that Stadium 2 will still be incompatible with Crystal. I'll bet that in the English Crystal manual, it WILL mention that it's Stadium 2 compatible (even if Stadium 2 itself doesn't mention is).

That's just about it. .... Crystal WILL be made, no matter that Nintendo says, and Stadium 2 WILL be compatible with Crystal, no matter what Nintendo says. And that's.... ROSS!

Sunday, January 7th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Stuffness of Fakes / Tech Cards...

Seriously this time, stop back today. I'm working on some fake blanks and other fake stuff for your fake card faking needs, fake.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Stuffness of Fakes

Fake Cards - 12:30 AM PST

I'm not making any excuses... but hey, so I could add the fakes yesterday. Such is life. Besides, I'm doing them ay my own expense. ;)

Today's cards are Corsola, Metal Coat, Black Belt, Magnet and Twist Spoon.



Metal Coat


Black Belt




Twist Spoon


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Tech cards, and nothing but. I'm not too please with any of them. Oh well... what do you expect from commons? Sna. I'll try to get more useful cards later on.

Saturday, January 6th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Promo Dunsparce Info  / Awful... just awful.
• Neo 2 Guestimation Card List / Oooh!
• TopDeck Gone... / [plays taps]
• Wizards Asks YOU! / Formataina!

Fakes will be up soon enough. Hold your horses.

Oh, speaking of fakes.... I'm also one of the mods over at the Pojo's new Create-A-Card forum at their Message Boards. Good times. ;)

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Promo Dunsparce Info

TCG Info - 12:30 AM PST

Ick.... well, do to the incredibly simple (or pathetic) game text on Promo Dunsparce, I was able to translate it in an easy-to-swallow format. Enjoy! Promo Dunsparce

Neo 2 Guestimation Card List

TCG Info - 12:30 AM PST

Allllllso, I've got my prediction on what the card list will be for Neo 2. Neo 2 ala Pokémon Aaah!

I ALSO have another prediction for Neo 2... some holo cards will stay holo, and some holo cards will be nonholo ONLY. This might as well be a good idea.

TopDeck Gone...

Corporate - 12:30 AM PST

Oh well... if you didn't know already, TopDeck is history after issue #16. I actually like that magazine. But alas... it needs to be axed to save Wizards some money.

Wizards Asks YOU!

TCG Info - 12:30 AM PST

God bless the PokéGym. Not only is it the forum that I make my regular stops at (next to the Pojo's and my very own), it's also the MAIN message board that the ever-so-famous Dark Master Trainer Mike and other Wizards representative/employees visit. Hoo hah!

This time around, DMTM asks the PokéGym visitors... WHAT NEW POKÉMON TOURNAMENT FORMATS ARE ON YOUR MIND? Score! ... Click here to visit the post: Tournament Formats


As for my picks, here they are (the ones in blue are ones least likely to be made):

Magic Based Formats:

Type 1:
Obviously... all cards. Anything goes.

Type 2:
Cards from only the last "block set." (or maybe last two). This idea may grow as more sets are introduced.

Block Format:
Cards fron only a specific format. This seems to be a very popular idea.

Other tournament types can be Booster Draft, or Limited too.

Type Based Formats: 
Some of the game ideas in the League booklet are also great ideas for new formats. ...

Colorless-Less Format:
No colorless Pokémon, and no colorless energy. Easy and simple.

Mono Colored Format:
Strictly one Pokémon Type per deck. This may be difficult, as certain types only have one weakness (ie Fire, non-Ghost Psychics).

All of those above can be easily checked, since Pokémon can be easily seen.

Rule Addition Ideas:
I suppose ADDING a new rule doesn't fit under "no rule changes". Prop15 was a rule addition, not a rule change, so this may count. If so...

Mulligan Format:
Have Pokémon, but don't like your hand? Before placing a Pokémon, you can shuffle your hand back into your deck, and draw one less card (but your opponent doresn't draw any). ... This here will allow players to avoid the annoying "first turn kill" that may cause the tournament to be quite uneven.

Since you MUST have a basic Pokémon, I don't think a one less card for mulligan should be the penalty. It should be....

Paris (Having a hand you don't like, but it has a basic Pokémon in it): Show your opponent, and then shuffle it back into your deck. Your opponent does NOT get to draw up to 2 cards. When you draw a new hand, you draw the same number of cards you shuffled into your deck minus one.

Mulligan (Having no basic Pokémon in your hand at all): Show your opponent your hand, and then shuffle it back into your deck. Your opponent MAY draw up to two cards. When you draw a new hand, you draw the same number of cards you shuffled into your deck.

That way, you only lose cards to a hand you don't like. If you don't have any basics, then you just draw the same number of cards (it doesn't necessairly have to be 7 new cards, just the same number). Since your opponent is worried about card advantage, they'll keep an eye out to see if you're not telling the truth. Now if you want to, you can also PARIS a hand that you don't like that just happens to have no Basic Pokémon, just to prevent your opponent from drawing two cards. It's up to you.

• You draw 7 cards for your hand.
• You don't like the hand, so you PARIS (Bad-Hand).
• You shuffle it back into the deck, then draw 6 new cards.
• You have no basic Pokémon, so you MULLIGAN.
• You shuffle it back into your deck, then draw 6 new cards.
• You like your hand, so you play with it.

Ta dah! ... NOW, if your opponent mulligans (has no basics) or paris' (had a bad hand), you have a chance to PARIS. If you don't, you can't Paris again (even if your opponent paris'/mulligans again). If your opponent mulligans (has no basics), and you choose to paris, then you CAN'T draw two extra cards, like how regularly you can't draw two extra cards if both players have no basics. ... Now I'm sure there's more ruling to all this, but I'm not going to take the time to figure it out.


Toughmon Format:
No Trainers, just Pokémon (and Energy). ... This will probably VERY unpopular.

Intimidation 1 Format:
Basic Pokémon can't attack. ... Encourages Evolutions to be played, and discourages high powered Basics from being played. This may be tough to judge though...

Intimidation 2 Format:
The Pokémon with the lower HP can't attack. This may also be a tough one to judge.

Intimidation 3 Format:
No basics with over 50 HP. This may actually be the easiest format out of the three Intimidation formats. Hmmm....


On a side one, ANY of these can still be good ideas for like a local tournament. They may prove to be fun and fair! Enjoy! ;)

Friday, January 5th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Are We Not Mon? We Are Devo! / Eon's Are Back

More server kinks... now the Power Company is against us (not directly though). Read the "Power & the Internet vs. Nick15.com" link in the Daily Reminders.

Amazing too! Someone gave me this address: http://nick15.cjb.net/ ... I don't know who, but it links up to PA!, so... hah!

More news later on today.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Are We Not Mon? We Are Devo!

Fake Cards - 12:30 AM PST

They tell us that... we lost our tails. ... Evolving up! From little snails... I say it's all, just wind and sails. Are we not Mon? We are Devo!

Today's cards are Espeon and Umbreon.





More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Umbreon and Espeon... two new recruits to the Eon family. These two fit in PERFECTLY with the Fake Edition Eevee and Eon's. The Devo Pokémon Power is a staple for any regular Eon I make. Hee hee...

Espeon... I'm not too fond of the picture. I really don't like it too much. You be the judge though. ... The card itself though, is OK though. The Psywaves attack is one of two of my attacks that target the Pokémon's Level (real Pokémon TCG cards don't have this as far as I know). ... Also, see where I made a Cut-And-Paste error on Espeon. I noticed that at the last minute, but was was too tired to fix it. Humph.

I can't say the same for Umbreon. I LOVE the picture I did with it. The dark... mysterious... colors used, really brings out the coolness of the image. Hee hee! I also added a desktop image for youse folk who actually use them. Wheee!

.... On a side note here, I was surprized at the number of people who actually LOVED the Magnemite/Magneton pictures I made. I personally think that they were my BEST ones yet. Umbreon is also right up there.


Tomorrow, I'm keeping up the TWO cards a day pattern with Girafarig and Corsola. ... Note though, I'm not purposly passing up Tyrogue. However Tyrogue requires a blank edit, and I'm to lazy to do it right now.

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Mayakashi Edition Cards  / Two For Me, Uh... uhm... Two for you.
• 4th Pokémon Movie Info / Translation Mania!
• Japanese Dunsparse Promo / Coro-coro Mani-- uhm.. uh...

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

New Mayakashi Edition Cards

Fake Cards - 12:00 AM PST

Two more fakes for you. Wheee!

Today's cards are Magnemite and Magneton.





More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Magnemite and Magneton are the first of my cards to go through the type switches. Since in G/S, The Magne's are Electric AND Metal types, I decided to to the same for these cards.

Magnemite is a simple little Pokémon... works on tossing threatening Energy cards. ... The image is done in 3D, but also done in the style of another one of my favorite artists, MC Escher. He does a LOT of mathmatical optical illusions and repeating patters. ... Magnemite here is SORT of in a repeating patter, but not entirely. It does screw up your eyes, I can say that much. ... Magnemite also has a quaint little desktop for your computer (as usual).

Magneton is a cool little sucker. Simple two energy for 10 damage to EACH benched Pokémon (and 20 damage also). Of course the fact that it needs BOTH Metal and Electric energy may make it somewhat difficult to pull off... but not to hard. ... Ditto will have a field day with this one, no doubt. ;) Magneton also has an upgraded HOLO background style... sort of makes it look like it was actually scanned into the computer with a scanner. Hee hee. There's also a desktop picture for you also.

... Wheee! Two more fakes down, more to come. Stop by tomorrow for TWO new fakes, Umbreon and Espeon. Take it from me, the Umbreon picture will knock your socks off. Hoo hah! ;)

4th Pokémon Movie Info

Movies - 1:00 AM PST

(Picked up from the Japanese section of Pokemon2000.com)

Straight from the Altavista Translator, it's info from the next Pokémon movie (er... 4th Pokémon movie I should say). Click here for Info!

Hey, stop by tomorrow and I'll have some more Japanese product stuff to share. Hoo hah!

Japanese Dunsparse Promo

TCG Info - 9:00 AM PST

(Thanks to Pao Khang at the PA! Forums for the info!)

New Japanese promo... I haven't seen this one before, so I assume it's new. I'll find out what it's from later today. Hmmmm.... Promo Dunsparse

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Mayakashi Edition Cards  / Oooh! Back on Track

Oh, I forgot to mention this yeasterday, but my #1 pick out of the new Fan Made Fakes I added yesterday would be "Dragonax" by Hollie B. Score! .... Maybe I can get Hollie here to be a fake card artis for PA! ;)

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

New Mayakashi Edition Cards

Fake Cards - 1:30 AM PST

To sort of catch up from the last few days on fake card making, here's two new ones for you.

Today's cards are Wobbuffet and Amulet Coin.



Amulet Coin


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

I'm doing a lot of number skipping, aren't I? Sna. ...

Anywho... Wobbuffet is your #1 "scapegoat" Pokémon. It's sole purpose is to be attacked and knocked out. Mirror Coat takes care of the attacking part. You stick a knife in my back, and I'll stick one in yours. ;) ... Destiny Bond has a better use with Wobbuffet. You figure it out. Oh... this card also has a keen desktop image for you. Hee hee!

Amulet Coin's effect is just the same as the real one... you if you win, you get double your money back, guarenteed. This time you get an extra prize for a knock out. But beware! This card has a new effect on it. Like "you can't use trainer cards for the rest of your turn" and "your turn ends immediatly" type effects, this one has a new "you can only have 1 of these cards in your deck". This prevents overuse of a certain trainer cards. Man, if Oak had this ability, then the game would be 100% better!!

Heee hee! Stop by tomorrow and check out the ULTRA-KEEN Magnemite and Magneton cards I made. MegaX simple said this when he saw them:


Maybe you will too. ;)

Tuesday, January 2nd 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fan Fakes Are Up!  / Ja!

Tomorrow I'll have some updates for the other sites... that is all.

More updates are planned for today. I'm going to see about getting some new fake cards in for today.

Oh yeah! One of my hosted sites need some extra hits. So check them out! DRPN

Fan Fakes Are Up!

Fan Fakes - 10:30 AM PST

I'm not a man of excuses. However most of yesterday was spent either eating lunch with my relatives from Palo Alto, or taking advantage of Wards' Going-Out-Of-Buiness sales or some extra money I got. So... not much time was spent on updating the fan fakes. However I was able to get them done anyway, so check them out.

Fan Made Fake Cards of 2001

More Fan Made Fake Card updates are planed later on this month and ultimatly this year. Keep sending them in at fakecards@nick15.com!!

... Don't see your cards (or don't see all of them)? Upset? Well, I got like 200 fake cards from you guys, and more are still coming in. As I learned last year when I do a large Fan Made Fake Card update, I can't do a lot in a single sitting. Which means I can only do so much and unfortunatly leave a lot of other cards out. ... The cards I posted on yesterday/today are ones I felt stood out above the rest. If you didn't see your cards there, it DOESN'T mean your cards suck. Just use this as an incentive to make more and better cards which WILL stand out amoung the rest. ;)

Monday, January 1st 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Updated Soon Enough  / D'Oh

Well, I've got everything almost ready and all. However, I never did say that it would be up at midnight, so just hold your horses. It WILL be all up today, I guarentee.

In the mean time, stop by the new site forums for the... uhm... new sites.

Transformers Aaah!: http://pub41.ezboard.com/btransformersaaah
Earth Angel:
Dragon Ball Zaaah!:

If you've already got an ezBoard account, than that's great! You can also check out the NEW sites at:

Earth Angel: http://www.nick15.com/angel/
Transformers Aaah!:
Dragon Ball Zaaah!:

Of course... there's no content yet, but all that will be completed in due time. Probably by the end of the week I'll have all the basic information taken care of, and then next week will be spent on specialty items. Hoo hah! But enjoy all the new goodies I've got anyway!

..... Fan Fake Update: This will take a LOT longer than I had imagined. There are so many names and people who have had cards here already... plus my 5 hour lunch down in Sunnyvale didn't help it out much. ... Hmmm....

Sunday, December 31st 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Mayakashi Edition Fake  / Fake, as in Singular and not Plural

No time for a huge update, I'm way too busy working on my new sites and adding an update to to Fan Made Fake card section. If you want your card added by tomorrow, then send it in NOW! (Detail in Daily Reminders.)

New Mayakashi Edition Fake

Fake Cards - 1:30 AM PST

Since I'm busy working on the new sites and other stuff for tomorrow, I was only able to BARELY squeeze in a fake card for today. ... Today's card is Sunflora.


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

I'm not too impressed with the picture. Frankly, it's one of my worst pictures yet. But it was the most I was able to squeeze in about 5 minutes or so. [jab]

I don't know if I'll have time for fake cards tomorrow, but I WILL have some fakes on Tuesday.

Saturday, December 30th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Mayakashi Edition Fake  / Fake, as in Singular and not Plural
• New Pokémon League Info / Compiled into an Easy-To-Swallow format
• New Pokémon Crystal Info / Game Boy Mania Grows a PA!.

Remember, just one more day (after today) until all the cool new gizmos and junk are added to Nick15.com and PA! Hee hee hee!

New Mayakashi Edition Fake

Fake Cards - 12:00 PM PST

This time I only have one card for you (gasp!)... but only because most of my fake card making time last night was spent with my friends while cruzin' San Francisco and annoying the homeless and partyin' drunks. Hee hee... didn't get home until 4 AM... and din't wake up until 12 Noon. Sna.

Anyway, today's card is Sunkern.


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Sunkern is another cards I drew in the style of Sumiyoshi Kizuki, my favorite REAL Pokémon TCG card artist. Sunflora is up next.

Oh yeah... if you check out the Mayakshi Edition page, there'll be a list of new cards I have planned to be made soon. Hee hee, score.

New Pokémon League Info

League Info - 1:30 PM PST

(Thanks to mi-amigos at the PokéGym for supplying this info. Score!)

Seen many-a-time on the internet elsewhere, it's PA!'s time to try to steal the spot light on new Pokémon League Info.

But instead of giving you the nitty gritty details just on this mere news page, I'll compile it all into a nice new window for you. Good times.

New Pokémon League Info (New!)

New Pokémon Crystal Info

GB Info - 12:30 PM PST

Rocky Raccoon, a PA! regular, has been playing Pokémon Crystal backwards and forwards. ... In order to provide more interesting content on Pokémon Crystal, Rocky here has compiled a huge list of new things in Crystal.... that is... if you take Gold/Silver and add all this new stuff, then you've got Crystal. Sna.

New Pokémon Crystal Info (New!)

Friday, December 29th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Punk Floyd: Dark Side of The Fakes  / The Lunitic is in the hall...
• Hoax Mania: Part 1... the Hype / Nick15 is hardly out of the Hoax business yet.

BTW, 2 more days until I update the Fan Fake Section with YOUR fake cards! Don't forget to send them in!! (Look in the Daily Reminders for more info.)

Pokémon news a still dry as of late. Oh well.

Punk Floyd: Dark Side of The Fakes

Fake Cards - 1:00 AM PST

[sings] I'll see you on the Dark Side of the fake... oooohhh ohhh! ... The lunitic is in my head... the lunitic is in my head... [slight pause] Now you Pink Floyd fans would have loved that...

Anyway... today's fakes revolve around the dark side of Pokémon. Today's cards are Sneasle and Rocket Scientist.



Rocket Scientist


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Sneasle is a good one. I ALWAYS wanted to use that attack idea... "Rot". :D ... This card also has a giant desktop image for it too. Good times.

Since Rocket Grunt and Rocket General were SO popular... I decided to make Rocket Scientist for today. Hee hee hee... what sort of devilish plan does Team Rocket have for that test subject of a Machoke? ... God, Pokémon abuse. I swear if THIS was ever a real card, the image would be changed in a blink of an eye. Not only is there blood... but there's cruelty to a Pokémon. Ouch. This too has a huge desktop picture for you also, for you sick fools who find pleasure in harming a Pokémon. (Like I should talk.) Hee hee hee!

So wait... what's the point of Rocket Scientist again? Easy. RS allowes you to evolve your opponent's Active Pokémon to any other evolution they happen to have in their hand. Sound bad? Not really... think about it. Your opponent has a brutal Wigglytuff out as their active, but it has 60 damage on it. Then suppose they have a Base Kadabra in their hand. ;) Can you say "adios" to Wiggly? ;)

Wow.. fakes 4 days in a row (technically). I'm on a roll here. ;) I'll see about getting even more Mayakashi fakes tomorrow again. Heck, I've already done MORE than a weeks worth of fake cards in 4 days. Hoo hah!

Hoax Mania: Part 1... the Hype

Fake Hoax - 1:00 AM PST

I'm not out of the hoax business yet. That's a plus. ... Just that I don't plan to trick people any more. My hoaxes are to just show off my REALISM making abilities.

If you didn't know already, my next fake hoax is going to be BIG. So BIG, it'll put all other hoaxes to shame. Heck, it'll put all other hoaxes YET to be hoaxed to shame. I won't give you any more details of it (I've already said more than I wanted to), so I won't tell you any more about what it'll be about. (If you do know, DON'T TELL ANYONE!)

But I'll let you in on a hint. Wanna know what I'm doing? Let THIS website do the talkin'.


You read the link right... it IS on a Japanese web hosting site. You figure the rest out. REMEMBER THOUGH: THIS IS A FAKE! Whatever you are thinking about when it comes to that page, it's NOT real, and I MADE IT UP.

Thursday, December 28th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Oooh! More Mayakashi Edition Cards  / Three Today

BTW, 3 more days until I update the Fan Fake Section with YOUR fake cards! Don't forget to send them in!! (Look in the Daily Reminders for more info.)

Pokémon news a dry as of late. Oh well.

Oooh! More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Fake Cards - 2:00 AM PST

Three new cards for you today... Misdreavus, Rocket Grunt and Rocket General. Three cards is fun... I never liked one card a day.



Rocket Grunt


Rocket General

More Mayakashi Edition Cards

I like Misdreavus... actually the Pokémon. I'm not too fond of the picture. Ohh ohhh... Misdreavus also has a desktop picture too. Man I'm poppin' them up like... like... a person poppin' out desktop images. I got nothin'.

Rocket Grunt/General is fun. It'll finally make even BETTER use for your Dark/Rocket Pokémon. These were cards which I wanted to make for so long. 'Bout time I did them. ... You know what... I want to make Team Rocket looks more dangerous and evilish than the bumbling and disrespectful to the Rocket name... Jesse and James. Pfffttt.... Well... Rocket Scientist and Rocket Executive are coming up. Take it from me, they WILL be QUITE the tricky ones. ;)

I'll see about getting some MORE Mayakashi fakes tomorrow too. :P

Wednesday, December 27th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Mayakashi Edition Cards  / 'Bout Time...

BTW, 4 more days until I update the Fan Fake Section with YOUR fake cards! Don't forget to send them in!! (Look in the Daily Reminders for more info.)

Well, it also looks like PA!'s hits have SORT of taken a turn for the worse. Unique hits are WAY down... but fortunatly my ranking hasn't suffered much. That's probably means that everyone's having lower hits... probably everyone's out of town or something. Sna.

Speaking of hits, we're closing in on HALF-A-MILLION UNIQUE hits!! (Unique as in not having the counter on every page.) 500,000 UNIQUE hits would be a milestone for PA!. As soon as PA! hits that mark, I'll have a little rememberance party (sort of) and possibly some other stuff. ;)

New Mayakashi Edition Cards

Fake Cards - 1:30 PM PST

Two new cards for you today... Round's End and Smeargle. Check them out first, and then I'll describe them more.

Round's End




More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Let's see though..... Round's End is a nifty lil' Stadium, allowing you to be able to give your Pokémon some well needed healing at the cost of a turn. This is VERY handy when you've got a no-retreat deck.

Smeargle is another card done in the style of my most favorite REAL Pokémon TCG artist, Sumiyoshi Kizuki (the one who drew TR Koffing, TR Slowpoke, etc). Smeargle also has a huge desktop image for you to use on YOUR desktop. Score!

... If you wanted to know... I decided to replace Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, the two Pokémon I was originally were going to do with Smeargle and Tyrogue. Mostly because I'm trying to focus on G/S Pokémon and I felt I didn't need to do Hitmonchan/lee again.

Next up... oh... I'll do Rocket Grunt/General first, and maybe Pokémon too. I'll try to get these things up tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 26th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Day After Snorlax Relax  / R&R&R

Well, today is my relax time... a day to relax from doing anything the least bit important and relax. Did I mention the relax part? .... Anyway, I'm taking a break for today. I'll resume updating tomorrow. Maybe I'll have some new Mayakashi Edition Cards for you. ;)

Monday, December 25th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Mayakashi Edition Cards  / Wow!
• Nick15's Present To You / Wow!

Merry X-Mas to thosw who celebrate it! OK, I've finished all my Christmassy stuff, so now I'm ready to update. Wow!

[sings Philippe Navidad]

I'm going to pass up the rant, I just don't have the time to type it up.

New Mayakashi Edition Cards

Fake Cards - 12:00 PM PST

How long has it been since the last Mayakashi card? November 12th? ... Well don't worry, I plan to keep on addin' more soon enough. ...Now that I've finally finished my Genesis blanks, I've finally been able to update all my original Mayakashi Edition cards. Then in that time I was able to make 3 new Mayakashi cards. Score!

OK, the new cards can be found here:






More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Then if you want to check out the NEW UPDATED Mayakashi cards, stop by the Mayakashi Edition page at the link above. Score!

Nick15's Present To You

Fake Cards - 5:30 PM PST

Nick15 Sez: Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! I've taken my time to give you a few Holiday fake cards for you. Hoo hah! Let's see...


Nick15's X-Mas Delibird

More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Hee hee, this is the first OFFICIAL Nick15 Trainer card ever! Plus the first own personal Pokémon cards! Hee hee... enjoy!

Sunday, December 24th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Metal Neo Blanks Mania  / No More "Steel These Blanks" Jokes
• Rumor Mania / The Truth Is Out There... Maybe
• Promo 30 IS Togepi / Two Deals On This

I still got nothin'. Well, the end of the year is approaching... tomorrow I'll have a little rant on the TRUE meaning of Christmas, and then on New Years Day, I'll be adding 3 new sites of Nick15.com!! Be there or be A=(pie)Rsquared! ;)

Also... if you're a hot gamin' Mac users out there (Windoze PeeCee users need not apply), then you've probably been anticipating the next Bungie game, Oni. I know I have. ... Well if you didn't know already, the demo for Oni has been released two days ago. Hee hee! It's a mega 75.7 MB DL, but it's WELL worth it considering how GOOD this game's going to be. DL Oni Demo.

Speaking of cool Mac (and allied) stuff, an offspring of the PowerPC chip developed by IBM and Apple will be seen in the next Nintendo system, GAME CUBE. This alone makes the system worth buying. ;)

And THEN... (more Apple partiotism), Apple's Firewire technology (aka IEEE 1394) is also seen on Playstation 2, so this also may pave the way ro more PS2-Mac compatibility. ....Ah, I'm just cruzin' with my Macs. ;) (Note: YES, the IEEE 1394 or Firewire ports on your PS2 ARE Apple technology. Bet you didn't know THAT, did you?)

Metal Neo Blanks Mania

Fake Blanks - 12:00 AM PST

Alright! I've finished the last of the Neo Genesis blanks. Ending off the set are the Metal blanks, at least scanned from a real card and not done from scratch like the others. Anyway, all talk and no blanks makes the fan want to lynch me, so...

Nick15's Metal Neo Blanks!

At last... I'll be ready to revise my Mayakashi Edition cards, AND to start making some new ones! Score!

Rumor Mania

Rumors - 12:00 AM PST

Rumors are everywhere... let's see what we can scrounge up:

Pokémon League Y2k1 & BDay Pikachu
Gordan Kane, a regular at the
PokéGym MB, reports that you can have another chance to win a BDay Pikachu:

Per the League PokeNews in the Season 1 kit:

To help celebrate the Pokemon TCG League's birthday, we have a special activity for our star trainers. Hand the Create-a-Card activity out to the first 50 trainers in your league who earn their season badges. You should encourage trainers to create Pokemon trading card game cards using new elements found in the Neo Genesis expansion, such as Baby Pokemon, Darkness, or Metal Pokemon, or Pokemon Tools. Trainers of any age who complete the Create-a-Card activity earn 10 league points (or one stamp) in their badge books. After receiving league points, trainers need to fill out the questionnaire on the back of their Create-a-Card activity sheets and mail them to Wizards of the Coast using the address provided on the back. Wizards of the Coast will mail one Happy Birthday, Pikachu! card to each trainer who sends in his or her Create-a-Card activity. Do not photocopy the Create-a-Card activity sheet. Supplies are limited based on card availability.

Score! Something I can enter and guarenteed to win! ;) :P

Also, this just in from the PokéGym MB's... Dark_Starman from the PMB reports:

Hey guys. I recently e-mailed Shawn Smith from WotC. He told me that there was going to be another STS, and it's on the West Coast. I'm sorry I can't post the e-mails but at the present hour Hotmail is being pretty cruddy. So in recap, next STS is going to be West Coast.

Score once more! The next STS stops will be right here on the West Coast. Hopefully the main STS event will even be in San Francisco/José!! If it was, then that would be one mega score.

That's all my rumors...

Promo 30 IS Togepi

Fake Blanks - 12:00 AM PST

Yuppers! You've heard it here second! Promo #30 WILL BE Togepi.

Two reasons to prove this. One... on yesterday's chat, the Master Trainers refused to talk about if Togepi was real. The catch is on this one, when Team Hoax did their little Surfing Pikachu hoax at the 'Gym, the MT's were ready and willing to say that the card was a fake. ... For this reason, if Promo Togepi WAS a fake, then they would have easily said "Yup, that's not a real card." However, they refused to comment on it, which just proved it was real.

Then two... I found it on eBay. Tee hee! ;) Here's a link: Promo Togepi Auction

Saturday, December 23rd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Dark Neo Blanks Mania  / It's Box Time
• WotC Lay Offs / Another Person to Help Rub it in

Still working hard on different site deal and such. ... Oh yeah, and I got my box of cards. Wheee! .... And if you didn't know already, the PokéGym (happy friend/ally site), is back up after about a week's worth of down time. .... I got nothin'.

Also, there are some rumors about Promo #30 being Coro Coro Promo Togepi. We'll have more info as it's released.

Allllllsoooo.... I fixed a glitch in the Neo Genesis Print Run form. It should no olnger say "Error executing CGI script" or something along those lines.

Dark Neo Blanks Mania

Fake Blanks - 12:00 AM PST

Well, I've finally reaped the rewards from my box of Neo. Whooo! Here's the Dark blanks. I'm not too impressed with them myself, but you be the judge.

Nick15's Dark Neo Blanks!

Then next up is Steel. After that, I'll be ready to revise my Mayakashi Edition cards, AND to start making some new ones. I've already got Pichu and Pikachu finished, but they too need to get a Neo overhaul before I post them. Good times.

WotC Lay Offs

News - 12:00 AM PST

If you didn't know already, WotC has plans to lay off 100 people due to slow Pokémon sales (on top of other things).

Opinion? No comment. These things happen. And before you know it, those folks will start working again.

On a side note though... could "slow Pokémon sales" mean that the fad element of the Pokémon TCG is begining to shrink, leaving hardcore players to continue playing?? This may mean something big later on, I can tell.

..... Sna.

Thursday, December 21th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Grab a Holo Card... 100% of the Time!  / Your Non-Holo Rare Days Are Over
• Neo New Blanks / S'more for you.
• Suite Dreams / X-Mas Desktop Decorations

Pokémon news? Actually yes... sort of.

OH! Also... The average Fake Card maker NEEDS Humanist 521 to make their fakes look real. However, you need to buy it to get it (since it's copyrighted material). So... I've taken it upon myself to create a Humanist 521 LOOK-A-LIKE font. It would be 100% created by me, and it'll look ALMOST like Humanist 521, but it won't be Humanist 521 (which for as far as I know, is NOT illegal to do). This will solve all sorts of current problems of a lack of fonts for fake card making. ... The font will be called Cardext, and once I can figure out this new font maker of mine, I'll work on it right away. Hoo hah!

BTW, just a reminder that Bwow Nation site isn't really for kids (it's aimed towards late teen to adults), so don't say I never warned you.

Grab a Holo Card... 100% of the Time!

Cheating - 12:00 AM PST

(Thanks to pokefan1 from the Pojo's Message Boards for this info!)

Check this out. Your days of grabbing a non-holo rare are OVER! Yessire! .... Remember how I was talking to you about patters in Gym Challenge's commons and such? Well, there's also a pattern in a box of cards when dealing with holo/nonholo rares. And if you know this pattern, then you can abuse it to get all the holo cards you ever wanted.

When your card shop opens up a FRESH box of cards, the holos are in this order:

Left Column
Right Column

Each "X" represents a holo card. In each column, every 3rd pack is a holo rare. That means if you take the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th pack in each column, you WILL get a holo rare!!

Watch out though, a number of people tried this and have been kicked out of their store. Don't say I didn't warn you!!

Of course, other people say that some boxes have their packs shuffled, so there's no ABSOLUTE guarentee that this formula will actually work. Don'tr say I didn't warn you about that also.

Neo New Blanks

Fake Blanks - 12:00 AM PST

Two new color sets have been completed, Psychic and Water.

[complaining mode on] Now why does it take me so long to make them? .... It's not that it takes a long time to make them all. It only took me 6 hours to make 40 blanks. The deal is that it's just BORING making blanks. Copy, paste, copy, paste,... God, to waste 6 hours of my life to make 40 blanks is much more boring than watching grass grow. It was only during certain times were I had nothing to do that I made my blanks. Ugh.... then I've got Neo Gym to do also. Sheesh.

Anyway, that's all for my rant. Pop on by the Blanks Section to DL the new Neo Genesis Psychic and Water blanks.

Nick15's Neo Blanks!

Oh, BTW. Dark and Steel blanks won't be made until I can actually GET some Dark and Steel cards. Which will be quite some time... (@_@)

Suite Dreams

Desktop - 12:00 PM PST

To get more into the Holiday cheer, Pokémon City creator Rob't Magnusson drew up a lil' fun desktop for you! Wheee! It's already on my desktop.. :D

Suite Dreams

Wednesday, December 20th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• I Got Nothin'  / Again I don't...

Pokémon news? None for today.
Today's Update? None for today. ... Seriously, I got nothin'.

Tuesday, December 19th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• I Got Nothin'  / Really, I Don't!

Pokémon news? None for today.

I don't have much of an update today, since last night and today was/will be spent working on a TV show called "Bwow TV". (Most of it was done debating whether or not to remove someone who's not funny from the show.) If you live in Pacifica, California, then you should check it out. It's on Public Access Channel 26.... usually Sundays at 9 PM. I'm also working on the site for the show. However I don't suggest you visit it since it's not really for you kiddies out there in Internet Land. But if you REALLY want to see it, stop by http://www.bwownation.com/.

I'll see about getting some keen stuff for tomorrow. Stuff like Promo info for the next Pokémon Movie, and theories on it (like how I'll probably be stuff like CoroCoro Wooper or Jynx or something).

Then there's also the part where I have to friggin' redo the Pokémon Village Top Site links, so smeg. (@_@)

Monday, December 18th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• I Got Nothin'  / Except for Some Revision Ideas

Pokémon news? None for today. Just site stuff. Borrrrring....

Also, I've got another "other fake" in the works right now... and unlike other hoax makin' groups, it runs along the lines of... of... I'm not saying.

Ooh... plus I worked on some more Nick15 Sez, so I'll add them soon enough.

I Got Nothin'

Fake Cards - 1:00 AM PST

Sna. If you didn't know already, I plan to revise both my Fake and Mayakashi Editon fake cards, mostly with newer blanks and other tweeks (like fixing Wooper's name). I plan to replace the outdated blanks with the new "Regular" style blanks on Fake Edition, and use Neo blanks on Mayakashi. Score.

Well, I did a number of them, but I won't FULLY show you the revisions until I've finished them all. This won't take too long. Then after I'm done revising (and making Neo blanks), I'll start up Mayakashi again. Wheee!

Anyway, here's some examples of what's the come.

Jesse's Ekans

James' Koffing

Rocket's Igglybuff

Rocket's Jigglypuff

Rocket's Wigglytuff

Note: The Jesse and James' badges will get fixed up a bit. Also, don't bother pointing out that Rocket's fluffy Pokémon aren't in Gym format. I did that on purpose (plus I don't have Neo Gym made up yet). Sna.

Oh well, that's an idea of what's the come. I got nothin'.

Sunday, December 17th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Neo Blanks  / Updated For... Uhm... Sunday?

I jinxed, I didn't get my box o' card yesterday. ... I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Sna.

Pokémon news? None for today.

New Neo Blanks

Fake Cards - 1:00 AM PST

[grumbles] Well, I've updated a good number of older Neo blanks and made some new ones. I've covered the "American" style, both Classic and Dark bordered blanks for Grass, Fire, Colorless, Fighting, and Lightning. I would have done more but I'm too sleepy. I mean one person making 40 blanks from scratch in one night is pretty darn good if you ask me. Tiring too. .... I got nothin'.

One a side note, I'm not too impressed with the blanks myself.... particularly the dark ones. Maybe it's because I'm my own critic. Bah. The borders on the Dark cards don't look all that dark to me. More metalic if anything. I'm not about to go back and fix them right now... sna.

Nick15's Neo Blanks!

Saturday, December 16th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• More Straight Dope on Crystal  / New Pokémon "Rumor" Debunked

I don't want to jinx it, but I MAY be getting a box of Neo today, and if I do, I'll scan some of them for an update later today. ... Also with that box of Neo, I'll be able to fully update the Neo blanks, since for the most part, my current blanks were based on guesstimation. ;)

More Straight Dope on Crystal

Common Sense - 12:00 PM PST

I'm here again to debunk more rumors goin' around, by using my superior knowledge in COMMON SENSE! [echos]


UPNetwork.com says that there "new" Pokémon that may be seen in Pokémon Crystal. You know what? There won't be any. Why?

First off, Nintendo isn't in a position to hype up 5 new Pokémon in a game. The changes between Gold & Silver and Yellow are as different than the changes from Red & Blue and Yellow.... which is very little. I don't recall seeing Marril, Togepi, etc in my Yellow game.

Secondly, these SAME Pokémon foot prints were in Gold & Silver too! Check out these exclusive screenshots I took while playing the Japanese version of Gold last year (when it came out in Japan).

It's GS Missingno. I was able to battle and capture it using the Gameshark code: 91FCDFD0. Try it yourself on Japanese GS if you don't believe me.

Recognize the footprint? It's the same one seen at UPN.

What also backs up my statement is... UPN has 5 foot prints, 252 through 256. Now in GS, there are 256 Pokémon "slots" in the game (FF equals 256 in hexadecimal). 251 of those slots are used up by REAL Pokémon data.... which leaves 5 EMPTY slots. 5 foot prints, 5 empty slots... and that's Ross!

So that's that, there is NO new Pokémon being introduced in Crystal, nor will it have to do with Pokémon Stadium GS or anything else. The next time we'll see new Pokémon is when a Pokémon game is made for GAME CUBE.

Saturday, December 9th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

Safari Zone Final Fix-Ups / Fixed errors!
Neo Genesis Blanks / The first of many to come.

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

Oh, pop by tomorrow for a really cool new feature at PA!... "To Be A Fake Master!" This section will be a reference guide to aspiring fake makers who don't have the time to search endlessly for the proper game text for a certain attack or Pokémon power. The TBAFM section will have ALL of that, and a bag of chips! ;) (Thanks to Squirtle22 for that ingenious idea!)

Safari Zone Final Fix-Ups

Translations - 12:17 AM PST

Well, it took me a while to remember to do them, but there's the updated list of fixed Safari Zone errors. Hopefully that's just about all of them. If you want to redownload the fixed cards, here's the list (along with what was fixed):

Aerodactyl (mispelt word in flavor text)
Haunter (both) (mispelt the word "Length")
Lavender City/Pokémon Tower (renamed the card)
Reclaim/Excavation/Pokémon Tower/Flash (renumbered cards)

Remember, if you want to get the freshest version of the card, that's the list of what was changed. The description was added to see if you really wanted to waste the time to redownload it or not.

If you want to redownload those cards, here's a link to the section. Eventually I'll be moving these cards over to the PA!CA.

Safari Zone Card List
(Also, check out the Safari Zone Un-FAQ)

Neo Genesis Blanks

Blanks - 12:22 AM PST

Right now all I have is the Basic-Water Neo Blank. More will be made as time goes by. Tomorrow I may have Fire and Grass Basic blanks, and Baby blanks for all of those three types. We'll see.

Water Basic Neo Blank

Friday, December 8th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• PROMO Marill IS Real (Part 2) / More Solid Proof

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

Excuse me if this update is a tad late for a number of you... I came home late from a Bwow TV party.

PROMO Marill IS Real (Part 2)

TCG News - 1:00 PM PST

(If you haven't seen the new Promo Marill card, click here: Promo Marill)

Next... just more stuff to show that it's real.

1. Check up eBay and search for "promo marill". You should get at least 50 or more different Promo Marill auctions. Numbers don't lie!

2. For those who still think it's fake, stop by the PokéGym and see THEIR Promo Marill info.

3. For those who still think it's fake, Dark Master Trainer Mike of WotC had officially confirmed the card as real: "Errors! None on this card. This is just the first time you have seen the new format. Okay. Maybe the water energy thingy...but the rest is exactly as we designed it to be."

4. For those of you who STILL think it's fake... then you're in denial. Snap out of it!


Volcano Ninetales from the PokéGym brings up a good point as to why the Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost looks the way it does:

As for the card format - perhaps WotC plan to use the horizontal alignment for "normal" cards, and vertical for Gym, it would make sense, and maintain the pattern set by previous sets.

Yes, it does make a lot of sence. ;)

Thursday, December 7th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...


Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

Side Note: Right now in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker news, the tapes that will be released in the US (or has been released in Canada) are the CUT versions! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT buy the tape! That is unless you do support the unnecessary butchering of movies like the WB has done with Batman Beyond (which I hope you don't support). (Click here if you want to read the details of what was cut from the movie.) If you want to watch BB:ROTJ on pain and death, then RENT it. DO NOT buy the tapes, NO MATTER WHAT! Boycott the WB for this horrendous act!

Now on the plus side, rumor has it that the WB may be releasing the uncut version of the ill-gotten movie. WB representative Jean H MacCurdy says: "Definitely STILL a chance, we won't have an answer till after the first of the year." If and when the uncut version is released (which may be around December 2001), THAT'S when you should buy BB:ROTJ. But not until then.

If you want to check out on Batman Beyond news, pop by Ain't It Cool News. They've got more BB info that I'll ever have right now. Oh, and don't forget to sign the above petition to have the uncut version released! (Read the "Daily Reminders" above.)

That is all. Be sure to see a BB:ROTJ rant sometime later on.


TCG News - 12:00 AM PST

(Thanks a BILLION to Togetic from the PA! Forums!!)

Promo Marill AND the Neo Design has been revealed on auction! (What else should I say?) THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!!

It's Promo Marill & The New Neo Genesis Design!!

Score!! And to prove that I'm NOT making this up, here's one of the Promo Marill auction links. See, I'm not lying! (I never lie!)



So, what's different from a Neo Genesis card and a regular (WotC) card?

• HP is somewhat smaller and is colored black instead of read.
• The Type "Basic Pokémon" is in the upper right hand of the image
• The stats bar is "pointier".
• "Swirls" have been added to the weakness and resistance
• The Copyright has been shrunk considerably (it now says ©1995-2000 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK)

Then what's different from a Neo Genesis card and a Japanese Neo card?

• It's in English (duh)
• The Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Costs are still in the same position as on the original WotC style cards (note on that below)

That's just about it.

[opinion mode] I'm interested in the new design. I'm also interested that the HP is black and not red. But otherwise, it's pretty cool... has sort of a Japanese Neo and American Classic card design mix.

I have a feeling that Wizards kept the Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost positions to keep in par with their original format design. The original Japanese card's W/R/RC positions were in the same places as in Neo (position being in the lower left hand corner of the card), except for the addition of the little swirls. Basically having WotC leaving the W/R/RC placements it in the same place is EXACTLY what Media Factory did when they made Neo (which was leaving it in the same place as it always was). So there's no need to bust an artery over it.

Besides, I don't care if the design is different (or not as different, depending on your opinion), because the cards do EXACTLY the same things no matter what it looks like. And when you're a game player like me, it's what the card does that allows you to win a game, not what what it looks like. Who cares if it doesn't look like the Japanese Neo?

Now some people may think it's a fake. I don't. Why? For the past millions of times when somes came along, I would have thought it was fake, just because it didn't fit what was already around at the time. GB Promo Meowth, the Gym: Heroes list... a lot of these, just because they didn't seem right, I thought it was a fake. I even "proved" a number of them to be fakes, but they it still turned out that they were real. People thought Dark Raichu (both Rocket and Neo 2) was a fake, but it was a real. People thought a number of things were hoaxes, but they turned out to be real. This promo Marill, no matter what you say, is REAL. 100%. And I'd just LOVE to see the faces of you out there who think's it's fake when you realize that it's real.

With this promo Marill, I'm thinking otherwise. Why? Well, mainly because of those other things I thought they were fake which turned out to be real. Secondly (and this is a good one), other than stuff that I (or the Echidna) have made, has ANYONE on the internet today actually seen fake news?? Not at all!! All the fake news has came from me (trust me, I'm past that stage). And I'll bet that if I never entered the world of Pokémon, no one would have seen fake Pokémon news. (Thanks to me, people are more skeptical about things.) This Marill would still have been hot news, no matter what I did. And then three, I've seen it on at least two different auction sites, and more will follow as time progresses. Just pop by eBay, and type in "Promo Marill" and then see what you get. I found 4 different, individual auctions at eBay alone.

And again, just because it's different, it doesn't mean it's fake! I mean the differences between Neo Genesis and the regular card designs are no different than the regular card designs and the format when Pokémon FIRST came out (the cards that had non-bold HP and a nonshadowed border).

Anyway, this Marill is real. End of story.

Wednesday, December 6th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• NO ONE Can Win a Birthday Pikachu!! (Joke) / WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'. Seriously, I don't. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for some info.

Oh, and boo hoo hoo, I didn't updated yesterday like I said. I've been busy fixing my computers a bit so... Oh well. I still have a number of Safari Zone errors to fix (thanks to those who've sent some!), so I'll get to them later.

NO ONE Can Win a Birthday Pikachu!! (Joke)

Silly Error - 12:08 AM PST

(This tid bit was brought to my attention by PokePop at the PokéGym MB)

You heard me right... NO ONE can win the blasted card. Why? Well, we all know you have to print out the entry form in order to enter the contest, right? Well, in the rules for the contest is says (and I quote):

No copies, facsimile or mechanical reproductions of original entry form will be accepted.

Printing out the form from your printer is a "mechanical reproduction" of the original .PFD entry form, so [gasp!] your entry won't be accepted!! Dagnabbit! So close... and yet... so far...

[ending joke mode][entering serious mode]

Seriously for a second... I think what the rules are talking about is that if you printed it out and HANDWRITTEN in your information (meaning you actually wrote it out with a pen or pencil), then that's OK. But if you make a photocopy of what you wrote (and thus is not written out at all), then THOSE won't be accepted. That makes more sense.

OK... Ta-tah!

Tuesday, December 5th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Later Today / I'll Have Some Stuff

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

Actually, I didn't have much time to work on an update last night, since I had to go to bed early in order to go to work early. So... be back later today for some news tidbits and such.

Monday, December 4th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Spot the Error A Success... So Far / Erors Ficksed!
• Gym: Challenge Print Run Final / Order!

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

My favorite line in Transformers is "If I want to know what's on your mind, I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself! (- Blitzwing)".

Also, pop back later today for some extra goodies... by "extra goodies" I mean that I forgot to do it the previous night to I'll do it during the day. Hee!

Also again, with all this new Neo Genesis info, the Neo 1 Info section will be updated in full later on today. If you pop by there right now, you can see some of the info I've already posted. More will be added later.

Spot the Error A Success... So Far

Translation - 1:30 AM PST

Yesterday I finished up the Safari Zone spoiler set, and I also asked you to send in any errors you've seen. Well, a number of you sent me some, and I fixed them! Wheee! 39 cards had errors on them, or needed a revision in their game text so that they can be a bit easier to understand or whatever. If you want to redownload the fixed cards, here's the list (along with what was fixed):

Aerodactyl (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Articuno (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Ditto (Bad HP size and ruling touch ups)
Golduck (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Haunter (Bad HP size, better card picture, and other touch ups)
Kadabra (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Kingler (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Marowak (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Mewtwo (#9) (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Mewtwo (#10) (Bad HP size, game text edit, and other touch ups)
Moltres (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Poliwrath (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Raichu (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Snorlax (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Weezing (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Wigglytuff (Bad HP size, Stat Bar error, and other touch ups)
Zapdos (Bad HP size, "attak" mispelling, and other touch ups)
Clefairy (Renamed attacks to something more apropriate)
Electabuzz (game text edit)
Graveler (#24) (Damage error)
Machoke (#29) (touch ups)
Nidorina (game text edit)
Pidgeotto (touch ups)
Sandslash (game text edit)
Dewgong (touch ups)
Koffing (stat bar edit)
Machop ("bade" mispelling)
Metapod (ruling edit)
Sandshrew (touch ups)
Slowbro (ruling edit)
Bulbasaur (Bad HP size and other touch ups)
Caterpie (stat bar edit)
Cubone (game text edit)
Magnemite (mispelling)
Moon Stone (game text edit)
Max Revive (aka Energy Revive) (name revision and number change)
Master Ball (number change)
Lavender City Tower (grammar error)

Phew! That's a lot. If you want to get the freshest version of the card, that's the list of what was changed. The description was added to see if you really wanted to waste the time to redownload it or not.

"Spot The Mistake!" is still going on, because I'm pretty sure that there are still a number of errors in the set. So if you look though my Safari Zone cards and find a mistake on it (like misspelling, misplaced text, etc), and then email me about it so that I can fix it! What fun!

If you want to redownload those cards, here's a link to the section. Eventually I'll be moving these cards over to the PA!CA.

Safari Zone Card List
(Also, check out the Safari Zone Un-FAQ)

Gym: Challenge Print Run Final

TCG Info - 1:20 PM PST

Well, I got the thing finished. It's really neat! I learned a number of things from it. Hmmm... here's the link, it explain everything there.

Gym: Challenge Print Run Study

Sunday, December 3rd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• The Last of the Safari Zone Cards / Finally!
• Neo Genesis Rules, Minus the PDF / Sorry to Steal Your Thunder, Those Who Text-a-fied it...

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll get the Guestimated Neo Genesis card list for you to gawk at. Plus I'll finished up the Gym: Challenge Print Run Study and have you gawk at that also.

Also remember I posted the Neo Genesis deck listings yesterday. Scroll down just incase you missed it. Later on I'll add it to the main Neo section.

The Last of the Safari Zone Cards

Translation - 2:00 AM PST

The last 14 Safari Zone cards have been finished.... thus completing the ENTIRE set. Need I say more? Check them out. I've finished the set with: Slowbro, Voltorb, Weepinbell, Grimer, Horsea, Kabuto, Lickitung, Magnemite, Omanyte, Ponyta, Shellder, Staryu, Tangela, and Tauros.

Now I'm not finished with this set just yet... starting right now we're going to play a little game called... "Spot The Mistake!", where you look though my Safari Zone cards, find a mistake on it (spelling, misplaced text, etc), and then email me about it so that I can fix it! What fun!

In other Set Translation News, I've decided to postpone the Neo 3 translations until I finish my Neo blanks... which will be I don't know when. (@_@)

Safari Zone Card List
(Also, check out the Safari Zone Un-FAQ)

Neo Genesis Rules, Minus the PDF

TCG Gossip - 2:25 AM PST

Not in the mood to download Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can read the cool new stuff in that "Neo Genesis Rules" file? Well, I've taken the liberty to convert the ENTIRE thing (copyright and avertisements too) into HTML format. Score, huh?

But because I did this, it's still not an excuse to avoid downloading the REAL Neo Genesis Rules Guide. In fact, I suggest you do it instead of reading this cheap imitation! Go!

... OK, if you're ready, check out the HTML version of the Neo Genesis Rules Guide. It looks better on a Mac since all the fonts are correct (well, more or less). If you're on a PC, the original font is instead replace with those cheap, imitation fonts Microsoft uses... like Comic Sans MS and such. Oh well.... enough rambling. ... Speaking or rambling, I once had this car and--

Viewers: "GET ON WITH IT!!!"

Oh.. OK then.

The HTML Neo Genesis Rules Guide, in HTML!

Saturday, December 2nd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• S'More Safari Zone Cards / Almost there...
• Neo Genesis, TWO Dates? / This'll Answer Your Question
• Neo Genesis Preconstructed Deck Lists! / Boo yah!

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs, I got nothin'.

S'More Safari Zone Cards

Translation - 2:00 AM PST

OK, today I've got 14 new Safari Zone (Vending Machine) card translations for you. I'm almost finished.... another 14 and I'm done! (What else can I say about this.) At least you guys like them, that's a plus. :P

Safari Zone Card List
(Also, check out the Safari Zone Un-FAQ)

Neo Genesis, TWO Dates?

TCG Gossip - 2:11 AM PST

(Thanks to the PokéGym for this handy tidbit.)

One rumor says that Neo will be out on December 16th. Another one says that it'll be out January 15th. So who's right? BOTH OF THEM!

Viewers: "Huh?"

Well yeah! Technically both those dates are correct, Neo will be out on both of those days. How? Well, here's how it was explained to me.

Certain card shops already have SOME boxes of UNLIMITED Neo Genesis right now, with orders to release them on the 16th of December (or stop releasing them on the 16th, I don't know). The deal is that whoever has those boxes only have a limited supply (say 2 to 3 boxes or so), and they have nothing else (no preconstructed decks, or anything else). This is in order to hype up the set for some really anxious buyers with money burning a hole in their pockets. WotC calls this a "teaser release". It sure the heck is teasing my pocket book. Of course, since there is a limited supply, that "teaser release" won't be around for much time. Probably by December 17th, it'll be all gone.

Then on January 15th, 2001, this is when Neo'll be "OFFICIALLY" released to the public. By "officially" I mean there will be preconstructed decks avalible, and the packs will be in 1st Edition too.

So technically, all of those rumors on Neo's release date were all 100% true. Freaky, ain't it?? :P

Neo Genesis Preconstructed Deck Lists!

TCG Gossip - 5:10 PM PST

(Thanks to soslowpoke from the PokéGym Message Boards for this handy info!!)

Check it out! It's another PA! Second! We don't have any of that crummy "We got it first" stuff. Oh no... We're SECOND with the news! ... Bah. I got nothin'.

Basically, it's info STRAIGHT from the preconstructed deck lists, including basic strategy and description text, and Add/Remove list. Hoo hah!

Cold Fusion

Main Deck:

1 Kingdra
2 Seadra (Neo)
4 Horsea (Neo)
2 Totodile LV.13
2 Totodile LV.20
2 Croconaw LV.??
2 Swinub
1 Piloswine
4 Mareep
2 Flaafy
4 Cinchou
2 Lanturn

1 Eco Gym
2 Berry
1 Bill's PC

16 Water
12 Lightning

Cold Fusion ensures every one of you opponent's Pokemon won't be safe. Lanturn's Angler attack does more and more damage for each Water Energy on it. And discarded Energy from Flaafy's Discharge attack go straight back into your hand when Eco Gym is in play. Kingdra will switch out your opponent's Pokemon to damage them and Pilowsine's Blizzard can do damage to all of your opponent's Pokemon.

4 Totodile
2 Croconaw
3 Water Energy

1 Ampharos
1 Seadra
1 Kingdra
2 Lightning
1 Piloswine
1 Super Energy Retrieval (BS2)
2 Energy Flow (Gym Heroes)


Main Deck:

1 Jumpluff
2 Skiploom
4 Hoppip
3 Spinarak
1 Ariados
4 Cyndaquil
2 Quilava LV.35
2 Magamr (Neo)
2 Stantler

1 Focusband
2 Professor Elm
1 Gold Berry
1 Miracle Berry
2 Fishing Rod
2 Pokemon March
1 Berry
2 MooMoo Milk

14 Grass
14 Fire

The object of Hot Foot is to attack fast and strong with as little Energy as possible and amke you opponents fall in their tracks from status effects. In the mean time you can build up Magmar and stantler to finish off your opponent's weakened Pokemon. You can improve this deck more by adding another Skiploom and Jumpluff along with Scyther and Pinsir for quick and hard attacks.

3 Fire Energy
2 Grass Energy
2 Pokemon March
1 Fishing Rod

2 Scyther (BS2)
2 Pinsir (BS2)
1 Skiploom
1 Jumpluff
1 Ariados
1 Double Colorless Energy (BS2)

Upset with the deck lists? Well what do you expect for $10? The world's BEST deck? No.... Besides, these decks are mainly for the cards, particularly the precious energy cards.


Friday, December 1st, 2000 (evening update)

Posted by: Hackman

PA! v4.6.2

Breaking news!

• Win a Holographic Birthday Pikachu! / WoTC FINALLY got it up!
• Neo News Mania Pt. 2 / Here's the REAL info...

Make sure to visit http://www.wizards.com/pokemon/ today... Wizards... UPDATED!!!

Also, don't forget to check out the Morning Update too...

Win a Holographic Birthday Pikachu!

TCG News - 6:30 PM PST

(read: Neo info on wizards.com)

Want to win one of... thirty thousand holographic Birthday Pikachus? Then hop on over to WoTC's official site... which has been officially Neo-ized! Also, some other contest info:

  • The contest ends at 11:59 PST on December 10.
  • 30,000 cards will be distributed on December 20.
  • Answer 5 [easy] questions on the site first, then mail in your entry.
  • Kids 13 and under require a parent signature.

Also, they have info on the Promo Neo Marill, which will be distributed at leagues on and after December 16. Not only that, they have a few rulebook additions posted online, like on Pokémon Items, Baby Pokémon, and Darkness/Steel types.

Good luck to all who enter the contest!

(Quick link for the lazy: Birthday Pikachu Contest)

Neo News Mania Pt. 2

TCG News - 7:00 PM PST

Ok, let's see what we've got...

First off... take a look at the Neo: Genesis booster box:

To add more to the crazy "Release Day" rumors, under the picture of the box on Wizards' site, it says:

Release Date: January 15, 2001

(@_@) What the... it makes sence... January 15th is on a Monday, and it's WotC practice to release sets on a Monday. Hmmmmm.....

Then you probably already know what the Preconstructed decks are from Pokémon Zeo. Here's another look at them:

Cold Fusion

• Kingdra Rare
• Water/Electric Pokémon
• 28 Energy cards, some in multiples
• 32 all-new Neo Genesis cards, some in multiples
• 10 damage counters
• 1 Poison marker
• 1 generic counter
• 1 32-page advanced rulebook
• 1 card list
• 1 Pokémon game coin. 


• Jumpluff Rare
• Fire/Grass Pokémon
• 28 Energy cards, some in multiples
• 32 all-new Neo Genesis cards, some in multiples
• 10 damage counters
• 1 Poison marker
• 1 generic counter
• 1 32-page advanced rulebook
• 1 card list
• 1 Pokémon game coin. 

More coming as you read this.

Friday, December 1st 2000 (Morning Update)

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Neo News Mania! / Oh yeah!
• More Safari Zone Cards / Condiment Jokes Ahead
• G/S Clock Mania / Made a mistake? Here's how to order.

Hey hey hey! I'm back... but then I never left. Heee! I got nothin'.

BTW, [sings] 25 days left 'till Christmas! Ah yeah, it's everyone's favorite religious holiday (next to Chanukah, lousy 8 days of gifts). Oh well.

Also, if you're sending fake cards, you can send as many as you want! Also, I ONLY accept .JPG, .GIF, and .BMP files (or Macintosh PICT files too). If they're not any of those, don't send them.

I've also made a "PA! Version 5 Hype" page, to sort of give you an idea of what I have planned for PA! in the near future. Check it out, it's in the side bar.

Neo News Mania!

TCG News - 12:00 AM PST

For those of us who rather suffer insomnia to see this wilde event, it was well worth it.... espeically us West Coast'ers, who technically didn't need to stay up as late to check it out. Hoo hah!

Let's see what's in the magic bag here...

Uhm... probably should wait a while, since WotC hasn't updated yet. Hey, you get to watch me update! 


Actually there is SOME Neo Genesis news floating on the internet right now. Word has it the set WILL be 111 card. Huh? The original Japanese set was only 96 cards. Yes... but there's more:

96 <--- Original Japanese Neo card size
+6 <--- Basic Energy added to the set
+9 <--- 9 card promo set
111 <--- Total Card in Neo: Genesis

Yeah, WotC has added the 9 cards from the 9-Card Promo set into the... set. Whoo! We might see the same thing with Neo 2 & 3. Hoo hah!

More Safari Zone Cards

Site Gossip - 12:00 AM PST

It's about time I mustared up enough energy to ketch-up with myself. Oh, how I've relished this moment.

[end bad condiment joke]

Today I've scored 17 new cards for the Safari Zone (aka Vending Machine) set translation. Hoo hah! I pretty much cover all the uncommons, except for about 6. Tomorrow, I'll have the rest of the uncommons finished and a number of the commons as well. Then for Sunday I'll finished the set. See, I told you I'd finish it by the weekend! ;)

Safari Zone Card List
(Also, check out the Safari Zone Un-FAQ)

G/S Clock Mania

Game Boy - 1:22 AM PST

Made a mistake in your Pokémon G/S time thingy? Well, there's a neat little function that allows you to reset your clock. Here's how...

- When you start up your G/S game, when you see Lugia/Ho-oh, press down + select + B. DON'T PRESSUP + Select + B, since it'll reset your GAME.

- Next, it'll tell you "Reset the clock?" Select yes.

- Then, you have to enter a password. Don't know what the password is? Click here to find out.

- Once you find your password, input it, and voila! Your clock has been reset.

Hoo hah!

Thursday, November 30th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• WotC Site Update Mania! / Score one Birthday Pikachu!
• Fan Fake Card Update Planned / It's about time!

OK, today I don't have any Safari Zone cards for you. I suppose I took a small break from it for a day.

WotC Site Update Mania!

News - 11:03 AM PST

Hey..... tomorrow's December 1st, and you know what happens tomorrow at WotC's Pokémon site? I'll tell you what.... the entire site is getting a make over! Yeah! And to celebrate the site make over, they're going to be doing a couple of things....

  • Releasing a BUNCH of Neo: Genesis info! (PA! will be hot on the info.)
  • Releasing for the first time in North America.... BIRTHDAY PIKACHU!! (Yes, there's something you fill out at the site which will allow you to grab yourself a Promo "Birthday" Pikachu card to call your own!)

Woo hah! I know I'm going to be there tomorrow... constantly refreshing the page until they get the update uploaded.... whooo.... and I'll also be checking out some of the Neo: Genesis news they have there and posting it at PA! Hoo hah!

Fan Fake Card Update Planned

Site Gossip - 11:08 AM PST

What's this?? Nick15 has another Fan Fake Card update planned?

That's right! Since so many of you have requested it, I think it's time for another Fan Fake Card update. That's where you send in your fake cards and I put them on the site! Whee hee!

The deal is, over the next month, send in your fake cards to fakecards@nick15.com. Then on January 1st, 2001, I'll update the Fan Fake section with your fake cards! Wheee!

So don't hesitate! Send in your fake cards right away! See your name in PA! fame! 

(Disclaimer: Due to the great number of submissions and the limited time I personally have to add them to the site, some cards won't be added to the Fan Fake section. Also, only cards submitted to the above address will be accepted. Cards sent to any other address will not be added to the page.)

Wednesday, November 29th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• More TCG Mistakes / I've got quite the collection!
• MORE More Safari Zone Cards / 10 times the fun

BTW, the ECSTS report was supposed to be really badly done. It was a joke I made up with a few of my friends at my local card shop, I really didn't go to the thing. That's why it was labeled as HUMOR!

Oh yeah, also planned for next week or so will be... NEO Blanks (since Neo Genesis will be released soon), and Neo 3 translation cards, like what I did with the Safari Zone. Score!

More TCG Mistakes

TCG Info - 2:00 PM PST

Hey hey! Here are a few new TCG mistakes that I haven't been able to post until just now. It's the mistakes on Rocket's Minefield Gym and Master Ball. Don't know what they are? Then check them out!

Ain't No Master At Gramma'
(Master Ball; Gym: Challenge)

The True Rocket Sneak Attack
(Rocket's Minefield Gym; Gym: Challenge)

Other TCG Mistakes

MORE More Safari Zone Cards

Translatons - 2:00 PM PST

We've got 10 cards this time, to make up for yesterday's 8. Currently, I'm up to 63 cards finished, more than half way though the set. I sure hope at this rate I can get the set finished by this weekend. (@_@)

The new cards are: Dewgong, Fearow, Machop, Sandshrew, Venonat, Doduo, Geodude, Nidoran F, Pidgey, and Seel.

Safari Zone Card List
(Also, check out the Safari Zone Un-FAQ)

Tuesday, November 28th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Nick15's ECSTS Report / I lied, I DID go to the ECSTS.
• Yet Even More Safari Zone Cards / More-o More-o.

Remember, I overcame his idiotcy and remembered that I CAN in fact recieve email though my webserver. So if you want to contact me, send it to pokemon@nick15.com.

Second of all, I've added a general topic for each section on the news. That's so you can tell if it's a news bit, a piece of rumor, a fake, or something else.

Third of all, I've got a few new TCG Card Mistakes for you tomorrow, so be sure to be here when I be putting them up... be.

Nick15's ECSTS Report

Humor - 12:00 AM PST

Hey! Well, it turns out that I DID go to the East Coast STS. I just pretended that I was sick during that weekend just so that I can surprize you! My photos just got developed from the ECSTS, so I've decided to share it with you. Enjoy!

Nick15's STS Report

Yet Even More Safari Zone Cards

Translatons - 12:00 AM PST

This time around I finished a number of Uncommon and Common cards, particularly those who are the pre-evolutions of the rare Pokémon I already did. Man... I'll bet by the end of this week I'll have the entire set finished. Hoo hah!

The new ones for today are: Koffing, Poliwhirl, Porygon, Abra, Cubone, Gastly, Krabby, and Poliwag. I would have done more, but I'm busy working on another web site. I'll see about getting more in tomorrow.

Safari Zone Card List

Monday, November 27th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• More Safari Zone Cards / Rares Finished with one bonus card
• Cool Pokémon Crystal Info / Battle Ani-mania!
• Burger King: Episode 3 / Revenge of the Poké-Toys

Boo-yah! I'm back with more fun. Oh, aside from me redoing some cards from the Mayakashi Edition, I MAY even redo the entire Fake Edition set, using the new blanks and new fake technique. Hmmm....

[Nick15 slaps himself in the forehead] What was I thinking? All this time I've been saying I can't recieve email. Then just last night I remeber that I'm running a web server... WITH POP3 email support! [grumbles] That means that if I set up an account (which I have), I CAN recieve email. Whoo.... So... now if you want to email me, send your email to pokemon@nick15.com! (Remember though, I may not be able to reply to all your email.)

Oh, and I plan to update my Neo 3 sections with some better card scans. And maybe if I feel like it, I'll do set translations for Neo 3 like what I'm going with the Vending Machine set--- er... the Safari Zone set! Hoo hah!

More Safari Zone Cards

12:00 AM PST

Here's some more Safari Zone (aka Vending Machine set) edition cards for you. I've finished up the rares, and made a bonus cards... Pikachu! Yes, otherwise known as Promo #27 Pikachu. The promo Pikachu originally came from this set. However since I didn't want to break the even number of 108 cards in the set (as said in my original Safari Zone fake advertisement), I decided to not take it out. (And since it is a promo card, that's probably why I turned it into an uncommon instead of a common.)


Safari Zone Card List

Cool Pokémon Crystal Info

12:00 AM PST

If you didn't know already, Pokémon Crystal, the next Pokémon game, will have BATTLE ANIMATIONS. Whoo! ... Now one of my hosted sites, Mew's Hidden Forest has come across a few Crystal battle animations. Hmmmm.... so... if you want to see them, pop by MHF!

Mew's Hidden Forest, Chock Full of Crystal Info

Burger King: Episode 3

11:14 AM PST

The word on the street is... "STOP AHEAD"... No no no....! 

Actually... the word on the street is that Burger King is going to do another Pokémon toy promotion. SCORE! Here's the info I've recieved on the topic: (Thanks to Pokenutboy64 2000 from the PA! Forums for this info. Score!)

  • The entire promotion begins on December 11th, and ends on January 7th. 4 weeks of Poké-Goodness!
  • The different types of Pokémon toys will be: 
    • Changers (Uhm, maybe they have those little picture things that move every which way you turn them.)
    • Gamers (They have a little pin-ball game inside them.)
    • Lighters (They have little lights in them, like Mewtwo and Mew from the first one.)
    • Movers (Maybe these are the ones with the moving pictures. Uhmm....)
    • Shooters (They fire little foam disk things.)
    • Spinners (Like the Jigglypuff and Magnemite spinners from the first one.)
    • Squirters (They squirt water.)
    • Talkers (They talk! Whoo!)
  • The toys themselves will be sort of like the last promotion's "Power Cards", only that they'll be shaped like Game Boy units. They'll also include a fake Game Boy game cartridge in which you can insert into the fake Game Boy toy which will show a Pokémon in it. There will also be a "secret" compartment which will reveal a 3D picture of a different Pokémon. Oooh!
  • The toys Burger King will make are ones from Pokémon G/S. Word has it that they'll make all 100 new Pokémon (#152-#251). This may mean Celeby could be in it! I doubt it though.
  • Each toy will NOT include a PokéBall. (Phew!)
  • Each toy WILL include a holographic (more like holo-foil) card of a Pokémon G/S Pokémon.
  • There will be over an estimated ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND different toys made! Yes, you heard me right! Here's the math: 
    • 100 Pokémon focused
    • 12 different Game Boy color schemes
    • 100 different 3D Pokémon images on the Game Boy (remember the "secret" compartment?)
    • ... 100 times 100 times 12 equals 120,000 (100 x 100 x 12 = 120,000)
    • .... Of course, all of this is just rumors, I seriously doubt that Burger King has the money and the time to do ALL 100 Pokémon. I'll bet it'll only be like 35-40 different ones, like in the first and second promotions.

That's just about all the info I have on this. I'll be checking out eBay and other auction sites for pictures and such. (God bless the internet!)

Sunday, November 26th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

Vending Machine Safari Zone Cards / Half the Rares and all the Trainers Finished
• Download Really Cool Desktop / Cool is a relative term... uhm... uh...

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I suggest... no, DEMAND that you stay in doors! Traffic out there right now is chaotic since everyone's out doing their holiday shopping. (@_@) If anything, walk to where you need to go now until after Christmas has passed. It's a mad house out there....

Then there's the power company... whom are probably VERY happy since the holidays have arrived. People putting up their Holiday lights and lighting their Christmas Trees and whatnot. It's profit mania come December. :D That's my holiday rant for the day.

Oh, and on a side note, I plan to do a bit of a re-do on my existing Mayakashi Edition cards (like using a Baby Gym blanks for Rocket's Igglybuff and renaming Wooper).

Vending Machine Safari Zone Cards

12:00 AM PST

Here's some more Vending Mach-- er.... Safari Zone cards for you. I've finished half of the rares and all of the Trainer cards. That's just about about doubled what I had before. Wow! I sure am making some progress with this set! Come next week, I'll probably have the entire set finished. Whoo hoo!

With the 35 cards I've done by themselves, this is the internet's BEST Vending Machine Safari Zone spoiler out there! Enjoy!

Safari Zone Card List

Download Really Cool Desktop

11:12 AM PST

And the LORD doth say "download all ye who are faithful, for thine image is thus great to thine desktop". And the people did download, and the LORD was pleased. - 1 Doublgulp 7:11

Hey... uhm... you know Brock's T-Shirt on the card Blaine's Quiz #3 (I believe)? Well, I've decided to make that into a T-Shirt, sort of like the PA! one I made for the WCSTS. So while I was making the image, I decided that it would be a real smashing idea to use the final image and turn it into a another desktop image for you to use. Hoo hah! Enjoy!

Iwapokemon (Rock Pokémon) T-Shirt Desktop

Saturday, November 25th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• More Vending Machine Set Spoiler Cards / Holo-Foils Are Finished
• Neo 3 Golden Gyarados Found / A-Mazing!

We're still on the look out for the Neo 3 "Golden Gyarados" ULTRA-ULTRA-Rare card. Hmmm.... Ooh, looks like I've found it.

Also, I've added a "Time" to each post so that you can see when I updated the news.

More Vending Machine Set Spoiler Cards

12:00 AM PST

I've got more Safari Zone "fake" spoilers for you. I've finished up the Holo-Rare part of the set. They look REALLY cool and REALLY real. Hoo hah! Hopefully before Monday, I'll have the Rares also finished for you. At this rate, I'll probably have the whole set finished in about oh... a week or two. Then it'll be ready for you to DL and play with. I personally plan to just print them out and show them off in my rares binder. :D Enjoy!

Safari Zone Card List

Neo 3 Golden Gyarados Found

11:00 AM PST

Score! Pao Khang (I spelt your name right!) from the PA! Forums found it at an auction site. It isn't the best picture in the world, but it DOES explain a lot.

Wow!!! Golden Gyarados is a BASIC POKÉMON, and also used FIRE AND FIGHTING energy to use it's attacks. Score!!! Remember folks, you saw this one at PA! first!... Uhm actually... Second! Whoo!

Friday, November 24th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• More Neo 3 Card Images / We Got'st Dem All Nows!
• Vending Machine Set Update / I've Really Outdone Myself This Time

My flu is beginning to clear up now.... but I'm still sort of sick. Aaawww....

More Neo 3 Card Images

(Thanks once more to Pho Khang at the PA! Forums! You've Really Helps PA! out. Wheee!)

Pho Khang finished up most of the Neo 3 set card images with the follwing few scans. Wow!

Neo 3 Uncommons
Neo 3 Commons

Then we also have.... GOLDEN MAGIKARP!! Yup! PA!'s the first site... sort of... to have a picture of the mystical GOLDEN MAGIKARP! Here we go...


OK, I've had my fun. I'm going to see about trying to find the GOLDEN GYARADOS! [thunder and lightning]

Vending Machine Set Update

Remember that Vending Machine edition I was talking about a while back? (If not, pop by the Vending Machine Info page right there in the side bar.)

Anywat, I was thinking.... right now WotC is still mulling over whether they should translate the Vending Machine set or not. It's getting quite tedious, since there are a number of cool cards found in the set (ie Haunter). So.... while WotC is thinking, I've decided to translate the set for them! You heard me, PA! will be the first site in history to translate an ENTIRE Japanese card set into English cards before WotC does. WOW!

Now what I've done is went ahead and named the set SAFARI ZONE, since the name Vending Machine won't fly very well in English. (Don't bother mentioning that a number of Pokémon from VM aren't found in the real Safari Zone. I mean... Moltres is not a fossil, but it's in the Fossil set, right??) I've already designed the packs a long time ago. Just yesterday, I've organized the set into Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Holo-Rares, and numbered each card. Also yesterday, I made a number of cards for the set (7 to be exact). I'll have more of them as time goes on. Hopefully soon enough, I'll have the entire set translated into card form and ready for you to download and play with. Cool, huh?

So now... stop by the Safari Zone Card List page to check out all the cards I've made so far and the card list for the set. Whoo! (I've really out done myself this time! ;)

Safari Zone Card List

Thursday, November 23rd 2000 (Mid-Day)

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Takin' a Break / It's Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day, y'all! Today's the day where we PROUD Americans sit down and fill out gabs with food until our buckle bursts. It's also where we celebrate those plucky Pilgrims for landing at that there Plymouth Rock. Whoo!

As for the world of Pokémon, all the hot news is all old news... Neo: Gensis being out before "the holidays", Neo 3 out in Japan, etc... so just sit back and enjoy this Thanksgiving. Be back tomorrow though for some more Neo 3 info and other fun stuff. Hoo hah!

Wednesday, November 22nd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Pokémon Crystal Box Shot / Oddly Enough, It's Cool
• Neo 3 Ho-oh! / Give new meaning to the name POKÉMON AAAH!
• Neo 3 Info!! / It's about time!

I've still got the flu. In fact, I'm doing this update while my Niteqill is taking effect (with extra-drowsy action)... things are a bit wooozy right now... uuuhh.....

Also! Neo 3 is out in Japan. Find all the hot info here, don't bother going elsewhere... (@_@) I command you!

Pokémon Crystal Box Shot

(Thanks to Delibird from the PA! Forums for this news tidbit.)

Really quick before my Niteqill knocks me out, it's the Pokémon Crystal box out.

It has Suikun on it, which (excuse the pun) is really cool. (^_^)

[falls asleep]

Neo 3 Ho-oh!

(Thanks to Pho Khang at the PA! Fourms for this info!)

Words cannot extress the extreme coolness of the Neo 3 Ho-oh. Let's just say that it'll give Rocket's Mewtwo someone to look up to.

Click here to view Neo 3 Ho-oh!
(This is a PA! First!)

Neo 3 Info!!

Since Neo 3 is finally out in Japan, here's some Neo 3 info I've picked up for you.

  • The symbol for Neo 3 is unknown... actually it's an Unown. I guess I was right the first time. The original Japanese advertisement for Neo 3 said cries from the Alpha Ruins woke up the Ledendary Beasts, so... I suppose it's an Unown shouting.

    If not, it's probably a water drop landing in a puddle of water and the things coming out are more drops of water. Use your imagination!

  • The card list for Neo 3 is.... [deep breath] (Thanks to Edo's Pokémon TCG Page for the info.)

    Click on the names to view the card. (Thanks to Pho Khang at the PA! Fourms for the pictures.)

    • Zubat - Common

      Golbat - Uncommon
      Kurobat - Rare-Holo
      Paras - Common
      Parasect - Uncommon
      Skiploom - Common
      Jumpluff - Rare-Holo
      Slugma - Common
      Magcargo - Uncommon
      Entai - Rare-Holo
      Ho-oh - Rare-Holo
      Goldeen - Common
      Seaking - Uncommon
      Staryu - Common
      Jynx - Uncommon
      Quagsire - Common
      Quilfish - Common
      Remoraid - Common
      Octillery - Uncommon
      Kingdra - Rare-Holo
      Suikun - Rare-Holo
      "Golden" Magikarp (?!?!)
      "Golden" Gyarados (?!?!)
      Raichu - Uncommon
      Chinchou - Common
      Lanturn - Uncommon
      Flaffy - Uncommon
      Ampharos - Rare-Holo
      Raikou - Rare-Holo
      Geodude - Common
      Graveler - Uncommon
      Aerodactyl - Rare-Holo
      Shuckle - Uncommon
      Swinub - Common
      Piloswine - Uncommon
      Starmie - Rare-Holo
      Misdrevus - Rare-Holo
      Celeby - Rare-Holo
      Unown B - Uncommon
      Unown K - Common
      Unown Y - Uncommon
      Smoochum - Common
      Farfetch'd - Common
      Aipom - Common
      Snubbull - Common
      Stantler - Uncommon
      Porygon 2 - Rare-Holo
      Blissey - Rare-Holo
      Murkrow - Common
      Houndoom - Rare-Holo
      Magneton - Rare-Holo
      Unstable Bridge (Trainer) - Common
      Field of Iyashi (Trainer, Stadium) - Uncommon
      Pokémon Day Care (Trainer) - Uncommon
      Rocket Hideout (Trainer, Stadium) - Uncommon
      Balloon Nut (Trainer) - Uncommon

    That's the card list.

  • (Card images coming soon.)

Monday, November 20th 2000

Posted by: Hackman

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• East STS info / We weren't there (unfortunately) but we know who was...
• Hackman's Silver Version Escapades / What has Hackman found?
Neo: Genesis Notification / More Fuel on the Rumor Fire
• Neo 3 Posters & Semi-Better Card Images / Yeah!

Nick15 sez: I've got a touch of the flu, so I'm going to have Hackman update the news for a few days.

Info on the East Super Trainer Showdown

Well, it seems that we're not that big on news from this event that took place this past weekend... but we know who does.

Echidna and Purity both went to the ESTS and they brought back a full report... among the cool stuff they have there were...

- The Super Trainer Showdown! (duh...)

- Big people from other places, such as the PokéGym, Pojo, and even Wizards!

- Ken Sugimori shows up! (you'd better know who he is... pokémon's original artist...)

- Display Preview of Neo: Genesis Packs and PC-Decks!

Wish all that stuff was at the WSTS... oh well, there's always next year... if you want the details, go visit Zeo's ECSTS coverage.

Hack's Silver Version Escapades!

On Monday I finally bought the game I had been saving for... Pokémon Silver! And as to not bore you with every detail, I'll recount some events and details I found along the way.

- With my starter being Totodile, I taught it Ice Punch early on... 

- I hate fighting Steel pokémon, lacking ANY fire or fighting moves really hurt as I began to face Magnemites. (and you know how much Totodile/Croconaw loves electrics...)

- I caught Suicune, only to find that is has, among other moves, Water Gun. And LEER!!!

- It took me 25 levels to evolve my Eevee... I finally got exasperated from training it after blowing away Gary and fed it Rare Candies. It only needed one... so I turned off the GBC, restarted, cloned Eevee, and evolved Espeon, and then Umbreon ten minutes later. (6:00!)

- I'm also increasing finding that many G/S pokémon have strange uses...
 - Through accident, my Smeargle now knows only Leer...
 - Wobbuffet is a staller... Destiny Bond...
 - Shuckle is almost useless... except as a staller as well...

- Trading from Blue to Silver is fun... Now I have to decide wether Jigglypuff gets a Pink Bow or a Polkadot Bow.

- Mystery Gift is also fun... Except that I got a Pink Bed (it's neon!) and my friend got a Super NES... If only he could play Chrono Trigger on it, he says.

- Last, my friend Mike now has... oh... about 20 Ho-ohs. (of course, this has almost nothing to do with me... except that I'll have to battle them later...)

Hope you're having as much fun with Gold/Silver as I am.

Neo: Genesis Notification

Pop by http://store.wizards.com/signneo.asp and fill in your email address so what WotC can contact you when Neo is in their stores.

On a side note, the page says that "the first of three Neo trading card sets, arrives just before the Holidays".... as in probably before Christmas. Uh-oh.... the rumors may be true.

Neo 3 Posters & Semi-Better Card Images

Found at the official Japanese Pokémon TCG site, here are some card images and little posters. Enjoy!

Click here to view them all!

Friday, November 17th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Neo 3 Binder! / Be On the Look Out
• Neo 3 Booster! / Boost Me Up!

Nothing hot today, except for Neo 3 stuff.

Also. REMEMBER FOLKS: I can't send or recieve email from you guys. Look at the Daily Reminders for more info.

Neo 3 Binder!

The title explains it all. Remember I mentioned about a day or two ago about Media Factory (makers of the Pokémon TCG in Japan) releasing another 9-card binder for Neo 3 (like in Neo 1 and 2)? Well, I've got a picture of the Neo 3 binder. I suppose it'll sell itself.

The cards in the 9-Card Set are:
Lugia (Psychic-version)
CELEBY (Serebii, Hidden though, it's the Grass-type one.)

Hoo hah! Here's the picture.

Click here to view the Neo 3 9-Card Binder

See, we think of everything here! More Neo 3 info coming your way soon. Keep on stopping by PA! for it!

Neo 3 Booster!

Here's a clearer, larger picture of the Neo 3 booster for you.

Thursday, November 16th 2000

Posted by: Hackman

PA! v4.6.2

Here's what's NEW for today, (besides the name up above)

• News on the PTM2K video/DVD / Pic et all.

We're doing the best we can with the news we get... and some other miscellaneous stuff like this...

(Nick15 Sez: Check Out Yesterday's News also!)

Pokémon the Movie 2000 Video/DVD

Just as we get Neo 3 news, we also get info on something closer to home: Pokémon the Movie 2000!

What's in the DVD? Find out here!
• The video and DVD will indeed have the Vending Machine Pikachu.

• It also has... a little Lugia coin! =D

Thanks to Rikoshi for the awesome scan!

Wednesday, November 17th 2000 (Late)

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Neo 3 Updates / I got some stuff for youse.
Ooooh.... New Symbols Sheet Idea / For All You Advanced Young Go-Getters

News is still quite boring these days. Oh well.

Oh.... I'm going to work on 3 new site ideas for Nick15.com. Dragon Ball Zaaah! will be finalized. I'm also going to make Transformers Aaah! for Transformer news and a new card game for TransFans, and a personal site Toasterleaves which show cases my art. More on all of this on Friday.

Neo 3 Updates

Hoo hah! Site number 1... 2 actually to have this stuff. I mean it had to pop up on some other site for me to get it. Hee hee...

Let's see....

• Neo 3's release date has been pushed from the 6th to the 23rd. That's why we haven't had much info on Neo 3 recently. ;)

• As you can tell by the quazzie-nutronic title above.... it's.. uhm... going to have that title. It's a long shot, but I think the title (ÇþÇ¥ÇþÇÈì`êý) is literally "to wake up - legend/folklore", or "The Legend Awakens". Hoo hah! A PA! First! (This probably means that Neo 3 when it's released in the US will probably be Neo: Legends.)

• On the Japanese Pokémon TCG web site, there's a little (text) teaser on Neo 3. It's in Japanese so lemme translate it for youse:

Check it out! The third set in the Pokémon Neo series, "The Legend Awakens" will be out on November 23, 2000! The entire Pokémon Neo series is based on the recent Pokémon adventure, Pokémon Gold & Silver.

This time... cries from the Alpha Ruins travel to Ecruteak City, where the Burned Tower is. Inside, the three legendary beasts, Entai, Suikun, and Raikou awaken and escape the Tower.

You must posses great skill in order to play the Pokémon TCG. And once again, there will be another 9-card "Premium File" binder released. Check out this site for more info on the final Neo set. It'll be on sale soon, so just keep on waiting!

That's just about it... it seems that this Neo set revolves around the 3 legendary beasts (like Fossil was for the 3 legendary birds), and will include ooh... mysterious and powerful Pokémon. I sure can't wait for it to come out!

Then with that tid bit, check out this web site for Neo 3 info, like card scans, other images, and info on what's in the set!

Ooooh.... New Symbols Sheet Idea

Hey Martial Arts Fans! Are you ready to get your guts kicked out?? 

As for you fake card makers using Photoshop (and possibly PSP), here's something that might interest you.... LAYERED SYMBOL SHEETS! Whoo! Yes, instead of having to deal with that regular GIF file which is not very useful in Photoshop, I've got a really cool symbol sheet made especially for Photoshop users (and possible PSP, I'm not too sure). Plus they're better quality than the GIF ones, since basically they haven't been dithered and it's in millions of colors. Hoo hah! 

Click Here to Download the Photoshop Symbols File!


Tuesday, November 14th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Update Later Today / Sna.

Check back later today for a better update.

BTW, if you have ANY questions on the Shockwave Pokémon game (like why the icons look familiar) and other stuff, email Jonathan at jonathan@liquid-idea.com. OK?

Update Later Today

Never mind... there's nothing to mention today. Not even site deals or anything. (@_@)

Monday, November 13th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Pokémon: Gotta Play the Game / A Shockwave Adventure

Uhm.... check out yesterday's update, if you missed it.

Pokémon: Gotta Play the Game

(AKA Project Free Advertising)

I get this email from a Jonathan from www.liquid-idea.com about a Pokémon game he wants to add to my site. Hoo hah! It seems that the game is official material commissioned by Warner Brothers for the launch of Pokemon the First Movie on DVD. Cool, huh? He wants me to put it on the site for some free advertising. So I say, what the heck, why not?

The game is quite addictive, basically what you're trying to do is capture falling Pokémon and preventing them from hitting the ground to their deaths. [gasp] But enough about the game... let's talk about me! :P

OK, before you play the game, you need to download the Shockwave player onto your computer. It's free, and it costs nothing. To download it, pop by: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download

If you've got your Shockwave downloaded, click below to begin playing the game. Hoo hah!

Pokémon: the Simple, yet Addictive Shockwave Game

Sunday, November 12th 2000 (Mid-Day)

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• A Few New Mayakashi Edition Cards / Steel These Pokémon!
• New Blanks / Hoo hah!

So I didn't update yesterday. Boo hoo hoo.

Also, as you've probably noticed earlier today, the server wasn't up. Well, someone in my house installed some program on the server I didn't want to install. I told them not to, but they did it anyway, and it screwed up the server. Anyway, as you can tell I got it fixed, so no problems. Heh heh.

Oh, I've also updated to Flash sidebar to reflect the new page changes. Hoo hah!

A Few New Mayakashi Edition Cards

Two new fake cards for you... Onix and Steelix. As usual they're drawn by me, and as usual, they also include cool desktop images for you to use on... uhm... your... desktop. Hee hee!




More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Uhm.... that's it for now.

New Blanks

OK, so I'm a day late. It doesn't matter really though... a day won't kill the coolness of these new blanks. Hoo hah! I've got Dragon and Poison for youse mugs... pop by the Blanks Workshop to DL them.

Friday, November 10th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• A Couple of Pointers / News is Boring
• Uri Geller Rant / Gold Diggers Deserve NO Respect

Nothing in the news today...

A Couple of Pointers

Just a couple of ideas and foot notes.... since I can't get to my email (because of that stupid ISP problem of mine), I'll just make a few announcements here.

To the PA! Staff Guys: Sorry I can't contact you about any work. Right now, all I can ask you to do is just keep on working on stuff that I hired you for, and I'll keep on working on stuff for you on my side (like the layout for the Pokédex and such). Then when I can get all this stuff up on the site, I'll have a lot of material from you to add to the things. But other than that, just keep on working, and I apologize that I can't get in contact with you.

Now tomorrow I'll have some new blanks for you from the Blanks Workshop (probably Dragon and Poison), I'll also update the Flash sidebar for those extra sections I've added in the past fortnight. Also, after I finished the Dragon, Poison, Sand, and Diamond blanks, I'll probably work on some new blanks ideas (sort of like Duel blanks or something). Probably also when Neo: Genesis comes out in English in a few months, I'll probably make Neo blanks. If you have any suggestions on what I should do, pop by the PA! Forums, I'm open for suggestions.

Also, to the guy who suggested the Sand and Diamond blanks, I didn't want to do "Lava" since Fire is lava, and I didn't want it to seem redundant. ... Sort of makes Sand seem sort of useless since Sand and Ground are the same... I'll figure something out.

Ooh, and I've also got some MayakashiEdition cards for you tomorrow, pop by to see them.

Oh, and my hoax secrets will remain that, a secret. I know a number of you are wondering how I did =that last hoax, but for right now, I'm going to keep it a secret. ;)

OK, that's it for announcements for right now.

Uri Geller Rant

El yawn-o.... the famous "psychic" Uri Geller is suing Nintendo because he said they used his name on a Pokémon, Yun Geller (aka Kadabra from Japan). Uri says that Yun Geller resembles Uri a lot (because of the spoons), make Uri Geller look "devilish" and "evil", and it "disrespects" the line of work Uri Geller is in. Pshaw, I say. If your line of work is a psychic, I say prepare to be "disrespected". Psychic are just a bunch of actors, I can bend spoons by wiggling it in my hands (wiggling it liquefies the object, it's common physics). Aside from that, bending spoons is not Geller's MO (uhm... special symbol). Bending spoons is your "psychic standard", as in ALL psychics do it, not just Geller. He can't say that Yun Geller is Uri Geller because of the spoon.

To make matters of this situation, reporters (and I'm sure Uri does too) claims that Kadabra is a "symbol of Nazi hatred" because of the star on it's forehead resembles the star the Nazi's gave the Jewish to determine they're Jewish, and the stripes on it's chest resemble the the logo of the Schtzsaffel, or the "SS". PSHAW! I say! Now it doesn't help that Uri Geller is Jewish (seriously, it doesn't help defend his case)... but... First of all, in all SERIOUS thinking, why would Nintendo do something of the sort, like make references to the Nazis in subliminal messages of this sort. There are more Nazis in the States than in Japan. (@_@) Secondly, NONE of these symbols resemble anything the Nazis did at all. The Star of David (which is the star that the Jewish normally use, and was also the star that the Nazis used to point out Jewish people) is a SIX cornered star. Kadabra's star is a FIVE cornered star. Five and Six are two totally different number. I hardly would consider that offensive to the Jewish population. As for the stripes down Kadabra's chest... you be the judge.

Kadabra (aka Yun Geller)
Waffen SS Symbol

Do they look alike to you? Unless you're blind, your answer would probably be NO. Kadabra's streaks are more smoother than the "lightning bolts" of the SS symbol. And it being smooth makes all the difference in a technicality case.

Uri Geller has GOLD DIGGER written all over his face, Him, like so many people in the past (remember www.pokemonkills.com?) just wants to get a cut of Pokémon's popularity, since they're just to lazy to earn money for themselves.

Personally, I don't think Geller has a case. First off, the literal pronunciation of the Japanese name is "Un Geraa". If Uri Geller is suing because it SOUNDS like his name, why not sue ever back in the world of the use of the name "Automated TELLER Machine"? Plus, I'm sure there is a Mr. Pikachu out there in the world (there is one in Macon, Georgia actually), and I don't hear that guy suing. If anything, Nintendo can call is a coincidence, provided that the Mr. Pikachu steps up in Nintendo's defense. Heck, if Geller wins, I'll have my name legally changed to Mewtwo and then sue Nintendo for damage to my self-esteem. Hahahahahah!

Now if this man was a reasonable person, he's understand that Nintendo (if anything) used his name with a level of awe and respect, like a tip-of-the-hat to Geller's work. Sort of like Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee's name came from Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (respectively). Unfortunately, Geller thinks he can grab some cash from this tip of the hat, which is very sad.

Oh well... hopefully this'll all blow over. No real loss to the consumers.

Thursday, November 9th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Hoax: Pocket Monsters SF Beta / Coolness!

More junk in Pokémon news... Uri Geller is suing Nintendo because they used his namesake as the Japanese name for Kadabra. Pppffft. Like he's going to win it. More on this rant tomorrow.

New Hoax: Pocket Monsters SF Beta

If you guys didn't know, I like making hoaxes. Heee! But I don't try to trick people with them any more. Oh no, those days are long gone. These days, I just make hoaxes just to entertain people with without having to trick them. I really don't need to, they're cool just looking at how real they hare. Hoo hah!

OK, enough with the cute little disclaimer... on to the hoax! And remember, EVERYTHING BELOW THE LINE IS NOT REAL!! IT'S ALL FAKE!!

The Following text below this line is FAKE and NOT REAL. But enjoy the story!

One of my friends, who lives in Hong Kong, sent me a quite interesting email about something he found. Here's what he wrote:

hey phil

every friday theres a swap meet near my house. i go there to get cards and stuff. but just last friday, I found a really cool game that you might like. it's a pokemon for super famicom! i spliced the game onto rom, i'll send it to you in a few days. check it out i sent some scans and screenshots for you

Sure shooting, attached to the email were three pictures of the game! One of them was a cartridge shot and the other two were screenshots from the ROM. Take a look:

Now yes, it is Pokémon on Super Famicom (aka Super Nintendo). But the deal is... this looks like a Beta version of a game that never happened.

So now what's a "beta version"? A beta version of a program or a game is a semi-working copy of the game, before it's officially released. It's used to test out differenet things of the game, find bugs in the programing, etc. Then when everythings fixed, it's finished up and shipped as a "Final" version. Something like this happened about a year ago with "Sonic the Hedgehog 2", where someone who lived in Hong Kong discovered the beta version of the game.

But what's interesting about this is is that there was no Super Famicom version of Pokémon. Actually, the first Pokémon game was for Game Boy. I'm guessing that Nintendo was going to make one, then canceled it at the last minute. Hmmmm....

New Info: I did a little research on some Japanese sites on this, and I discovered a number of things. Let's see...

• There was a going to be Pokémon game for Super Famicom, slated to be released on January 1995. It was to try to boost flatering Super Famicom sales. Unfortunatly, Nintendo decided to axe the project and continue it on Game Boy (as Pocket Monsters Red and Green). There was only one advertisement seen in Japanese magazines under it's SF version. There were some scans of the advert on one of the site, but they were just too blurry and compressed beyond recogntion. Here's one of them just to show you:

• The Super Famicom version was NOT going to have a split version (like Red/Blue/Yellow/Green). There was only 1 verson planned for it's final release.

• The game was going to include a Game Boy cartridge to save your data on and transfer. The cartridge itself was not compatible with a Game Boy, it would have said "Sorry, you can't use this" or something similar if you pluged it into a Game Boy. Unfortunatly, the beta game my friend picked up didn't have a cartridge with it. No doubt the retail price for the Pocket Monsters SF game would have jumped in price because of that.

• The game play was going to be as if Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Red/Green were mixed into one game. It was going to have an RPG function (like Red/Green), and also a battling function to play other people (like Stadium). That's what the cartridge was for. You also could trade between two save cartridges, but to constantly trade would get annoying (since you can't lug two Super Famicoms all the time). That was probably one of the reasons why the project was canceled.

• Since it was going to one of Nintendo's big game releases, it was going to sport impressive graphics. You can see that already in just the beta shots. My friend said he's been playing it for a while and says the graphics are better than Final Fantasy 6 (which for 1995 is pretty good).

• My friend also said that the maps are almost identical to the Game Boy version, grid for grid. A few differences are seen, like the trees are twice as high (like in G/S), and that there are a couple (easy) trainers to battle on Route 1. There also isn't a rival in the game, at least so far my friend hasn't encountered him.

• A number of Pokémon names are different in this version. Bulbasaur is known as "Ekiunkon" in the game (it's actually Fushigadane[sp?]), and Rattata is "Mousu" (which is not it's original name). There are also a great number of "Missingno" type Pokémon, ones that have no data since probably it wasn't programed in at the time. My friend also said he ran into a Marril once while testing out the ROM... hmmm....

Now as to why the project was axed, I have no idea. I'm guessing that since N64 was around the corner, Nintendo fealt that they didn't need to make any new games for Super Famicom, so the project was switched over to Game Boy. This a pity though, it sure would look cool on Super Famicom/SNES.

So how did my friend get it? It's common practice among video game makers to dispose of any beta copies they may have. Some times, those beta copies are smuggled out before they're disposed of, or are retrieved later on. Either way, they are packaged and sold as the real deal on the black markets of Asia. That's how some guy discovered the beta version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This is really a wonderful discovery, since now we can unlock all the different Pokémon secrets, like what Pokémon didn't make it to Red/Green and such. Mmmm... good times.

Tuesday, November 7th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Blanks and the Backdrop Workshop / Hoo hah!

Sna. OK, so I didn't add anything cool yesterday. If you don't like it, tough.

If you didn't read it already, check yesterday's news for Neo: Genesis info.

New Blanks and the Backdrop Workshop

Dig it!

Today I have some new blanks (and energy sheet) for you... find them in the Blanks Workshop link on the sidebar (in the Fake Cards section). Today's blanks are Ice and Bug. I also have Ice Energy and Bug Energy fake cards for you. Check them out:

Ice Energy

Bug Energy

More "Other" Fake Cards

I also have the Backdrop Workshop (it rhymes!) for those of you who are too bored, lazy, or tired to make your own. They're really cool (especially the 3D ones!). Dig them over at the Backdrop Workshop link on the sidebar (in the Fake Cards section).

Hoo hah!

Monday, November 6th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Under The Weather / Sick and Dealing With It
• Neo Mania / Neo is Announced; Part 2

Sna. I may add more Nick15 Sez as seen in the top of the page. Tres cool, no?

This main update happened because I worked some sort of linking deal between the server and my main computer.

Under The Weather

I'm sort of sick... it's the cold season in my area... most of my day yesterday and this morning was spent being asleep and being sick. Ugh...

I do have some plans for today... I've got some new blanks and other things for you... just check back today.

Neo Mania

Score! WotC's Pokémon site has just officially announced the release of the next Pokémon TCG set, Neo: Genesis.

The logo for Neo: Genesis is seen above. The "Neo" part is the name of the 3 set series. Meaning... the next set will be called something like "Neo: Ruins", and the one after will also have the "Neo" name, all with that snazzy "Neo" style title. Cool, huh?

Also, this may some to a relief for most of you... on WotC's Pokémon site, the news bit specifically said "The Pokémon trading card game will release three Neo card sets in 2001 featuring never-before-seen Pokémon." Tadah! Meaning that Neo: Genesis will NOT be released this December, if anything, next January or even February 2001. Hoo hah!

Plus... the news bit also gave you a bit of a teaser... it tells you to come back on December 1st to the WotC's Pokémon site for more info. Not only will that day have new Neo news for you (wow, that rhymes!), my sources indicate that that'll also be the day when WotC's does a FULL SITE MAKEOVER for their Pokémon site! Hoo haha! It'll also be a chance to grab a "Birthday" Pikachu also! WOW!!!

... Stay tuned to Pokémon Aaah! for more Neo: Genesis info and such to come.

Saturday, November 4th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Now What's In Store? / PA! is STILL Kicking even after that Internet Deal


Now What's In Store?

Well, before my internet connection gets disconnected, I've decided to take a number of you people's advice and go hog wild with some fake cards and new blanks and such. I still have a great number of blanks to give you, like Bug, Ice, and Dragon, along with some new Mayakashi Edition cards. All this will be done as quickly as possible.

Also, since even though I don't have access to the internet at my home, it doesn't mean I don't have internet access at all. I may use a very old Geocities account that I signed-up for back in 1996 (has it been 4 years alread?), which I can use as a temporary spot to update PA! with. Of course, it won't have the full site since Geocities only allows me to story up to 11 megs of info there, and PA! is 153 megs large. (@_@) But it will have some recent news.

And again, let me reassure you that PA! is NOT dead, and that all of this internet problems will only be for a short while. It's just a little set back.


Thursday, November 2nd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Prop15/3C.... For One Event ONLY?? / Wha?! Prop15/3C won't be around any more??

Seems to be very boring in the world of Pokémon News. Again....

Prop15/3C.... For One Event ONLY??

D'oh... well, for those of you who don't like Prop15/3C (I see nothing wrong with it), you might be interested in this little tid bit.

At the PokéGym Forums, MT Mike (from the WotC Chats) said something interesting about Prop15/3C at the East Coast STS and how long it'll last:

The 15/3c proposal was primarily made (for this ONE event only) to encourage thinking and originality. Is it perfect? Of course not! We are hampered in many ways though, by what is possible (we don't own the game, must be easily deck checked, can't change game rules, etc.).

Whether someone likes the 15/3 proposal or not, it was primarily made so that player's would have a new environment to try their skill at (much as Magic has done over the years).

This format is ONLY for this event. The game is going to get shook up pretty hard when the Neo sets start coming out. We will want to observe what the new tournament environment will end up being before we create any new formats (if we even do at all).

Personally I like being challenged in new ways but if that is not your cup of tea, then realize that it is not a permanent format and new things are on the horizon.

What does this mean? Well, Prop15/3C will be seen in and ONLY at the East Coast STS in New Jersey. By the looks of it, it won't see the day light in another DCI-Sanctioned tournament ever again.... at least not anytime soon.

MT Mike also mentioned that the TCG will get "shook up" when Neo comes out. I wouldn't doubt it for the slightest... when you take a look at some of the cards found in it, it does even out the environment very well. Wigglys and Trapper decks are no longer effective. Score.

Next, "Dark" Master Trainer Mike (a different Mike) posted this about Prop15/3C at the Pojo's Message Board:

Some of you are under the false impession that 15/3 was designed to eliminate Hay/Wiggly from the environment. This is not the case. We designed 15/3 for a lot of reasons but this is not one of them.

We designed it to make you think about different stratagies and possible new Archetypes.

We designed it to get you used to "Tournament environments".

We designed it to have some effect on existing Archetypes.

We designed it to have an effect on a rather stagnant playing environment.

But most of all we designed it for only one event! We believe it will add to that event not detract from it.

You don't have to agree with us. You don't have to play in this one event if you don't want to. We think you are making a mistake if you don't and that is our opinion.

There was once an event that took place a while ago. It was the first big event where there was a funky format. People said that it would not work. People refused to play. The format was more funky than this one.
Guess what.
The people who came had a great time.
The people who came learned something.
The people who came were at the first Pro Tour New York.


Right on.

Tuesday, October 31th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fabulous Festive Fakes For My Friends / Fuzz?
• The Blanks Workshop
/ Introducing New Blanks!

Seems to be very boring in the world of Pokémon News. Humph.

Oh, just on a cool note, PA! has almost hit the 400,000 hit mark! Wow! It seems like only yesterday when the site was at 4,000. [sniff] And unlike other sites, I don't need to put a counter on every page to get extra clicks on the counter. Ahh...

Fabulous Festive Fakes For My Friends

As promised from yesterday, I have some really cool Halloween Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar cards, plus a "Ghost Energy" card to use with the new Ghost blanks (see below). I would have made a "Ghost" style Misdrevious cards, but there wasn't enough time. [sigh]




Ghost Energy

More "Other" Fake Cards

I really like the way these cards came out. Especially the energy. I am VERY impressed with this work! Enjoy!

The Blanks Workshop

Today is the day when I release my Ghost blanks! Hoo hah! Since something this cool sells itself, let me just give you the link and you're off to make Ghost fake cards!


Monday, October 30th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• New Blanks Section / Yeah.

.... Sure has been dry, news wise. I got nothin'.

New Blanks Section

Hee hee! Well, I took a number of people's advice and decided to make totally new type blanks. To be released over time will be Ghost, Poison, Ice, Dragon, and Bug blanks (all in American & Gym styles with Classic & Dark Borders). Then afterwards, I'll probably be making reverse holos, probably.

On Halloween day (that's tomorrow), I'll be releasing the Ghost blank, along with making a Ghost Type Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, and the Ghost Energy card. These won't be part of the Mayakashi Edition, so they'll be in my Other Fakes section.

Now all of these new blanks will appear in a new section in the sidebar, called the "Blanks Workshop". That will be a page for blanks that won't appear in the Pokémon TCG at all. Sort of going above and beyond the regular blanks. Or something like that. I'll probably also make a background section, with realistic backgrounds. I don't know about that one...

Sunday, October 29th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• WotC Rep Officially Announces NEO / Yup! You heard it here second... possible third...
• New Mayakashi Edition Cards / Woah.... not in 3D for once!
• New Blank Added / Something found in Japan can now be found here!

Boo hoo hoo, so I didn't update yesterday. Sna!

WotC Rep Officially Announces NEO

Dark Master Trainer Mike, a WotC representative who frequently visits the PokéGym, announced on the PokéGym Forums about a slightly vague, yet very important tidbit on Neo.

Thus quoteth DMTM:

Wizards of the Coast will be releasing Neo TCG products within the next few months. Release dates for these products are still to be determined.


Within the next few months? Does this mean we might see Neo 1 in December, Neo 2 in February, and Neo 3 in April?? Could we also see a WotC/MF combined set in fall 2001?? [Yiddish accent] Who knows? ... WotC Representatives did mention they are trying to play catch-up with the Japanese TCG sets... hmmm.....

He does mention that the release dates for the Neo sets are still being determined. This may mean that Neo 1 will not necessarily be released in December. I'm sort of iffy on that fact though.... it's cool that they release Neo 1 in December, and it's not cool to release it so close to Challenge. [grumble....] Then with Magic's Invasion set, I can hardly afford to keep up (cash wise). Humph.

Now.... Taking a look at last Thursday's WotC chat, it doesn't seem like there is much info on it available. HOWEVER, I did get the impression that the Neo sets will be mixed, like Gym: Heroes/Challenge was compared to Japanese Gym 1/2. I mean, how will WotC manage to squeeze in the 9 promo sets from Neo 1 & 2? Hmmmm? Plus there's also the bit where Dark Raichu was released in Neo 2... we already have it, so why add it to American Neo 2? So... there might be a high chance that the Neo sets will be mixed for their American release. Think about it!

More on this as my tongue unfolds.

New Mayakashi Edition Cards

Yeah yeah. Today I've got 3 of them for you. 2 of them AREN'T in 3D. Woah!





Poison Darts

More Mayakashi Cards

Let's see... Magby is done in the style of my favorite Pokémon TCG card artist, Sumiyoshi Kizuki. So sue me if you don't like it. The picture for Magmar is one of my favorite pictures I've ever drawn... but the mouth is a bit too big. Oh well. The card I'm not too impressed of, but then what do you expect from an Uncommon card? ... Poison Darts is the one in 3D, but I'm not to impressed by the picture either. The card is ok... it's a common... so it's not too powerful. Remember, I'm trying to make this set as realistic as I can get, meaning crappy commons will be in it too. Hmmmm.... oh well, Onix and Steelix are up next. And boy do I have something cool for these two.

New Blank Added

Check it out, a new blank has been added to the MYOFC section. Hoo hah! It's an "Illustrator" card, something seen a few times in Japanese circulation. Perhaps you've seen it also.

The Illustrator Trainer Blank

Friday, October 27th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• My... God.... / (@_@)
• Gym: Challenge FAQ / Now... uhm.... yeah.

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I got nothin'.

Oh, keep your eyes pealed, I'm going to show you another cool "Other Fake" within the next few days. Hoo hah!

My... God....

Why? WHY?!

... If you didn't already know by now... our affiliate, Pokémon Forever, has closed it's doors. [sniff] Meowth346 give his explanation of things at his site. Basically it's economical problems, but it extends to more than just that.

[plays "Taps" on a trumpet] Au revoir, mes amis. A bientot.

... I'm speechless.

Gym: Challenge FAQ

On a slightly higher note, WotC released a Gym: Challenge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for some... uh.,.. questions that were frequently asked about Gym: Challenge. ...[slight pause] Yeah.

To check it out, point your browsers to http://www.wizards.com/pokemon/main.asp?x=challenge_faq

Thursday, October 26th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Since You Were Good Boys and Girls... / You'll Get a Surprise Today!
• American Neo Info / Wow!

Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

Since You Were Good Boys and Girls...

You'll get a surprise today! Check it out, I've updated the Fake Blanks Page (click on Download the Blanks in the sidebar). In it you can find new Steel blanks, and also Baby blanks! Wheee!

American Neo Info

Two things to tell you.

  • Neo is rumored to be released on December 11th 2000 (@_@)
  • Neo in North America will be called "Neo Genesis". Spiffy!

Tuesday, October 24th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Please Help This Good Cause! / On Behalf of ALL Animation Fans!

Here, read the section below.

Oh, I made a mistake yesterday. That Dark Charmeleon was not found in Australian Topdeck magazines, but were inserted into packs of Cheese. Mmmmm, Cheese....

Please Help This Good Cause!

It's a good cause on the behalf of ALL animation fans all over North America.

Gadzooks! One of my favorite cartoons on TV today, Batman Beyond, we going to have a made-for-video movie that was going to turn the American Animation world upside down. It was going to be called "Return of the Joker", and it was going to have people dying and blood and stuff (which is something you'd never though you'd see in an AMERICAN cartoon).

(Now although I don't really condone violence in a kids cartoon, I just want to point out that this movie really wasn't supposed to be aimed towards pre-teen, mainly ages 13 and older.)

It was going to be released today, however the suits at the WB saw it and pushed it ahead to December... TO CENSOR IT!! I can't believe they were going to censor one of the potentially greatest American cartoon movies ever!! Aaargh!! I mean Japanese Anime is running circles around American Cartoons. Something like Return of the Joker would have really gave Anime-fans a second take at Cartoons... something I'd like to see.

How can I put this.... OK, having the WB censor Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is like having Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing censored. You people who love those shows would hate to see the censored version, right?? Well now you know how I feel!

Now since you know how I feel about all this, can you guys do me all a favor and sing this petition saying how you want to have an UNCENSORED version of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker release? (If anything, have a "Censored" and "Uncensored" version of the movie for both kids and fans alike.) Please?

Click here to sign it: http://www.123petitions.com/sign.cgi?id=bbeyond@yahoo.com$8

If you signed it, then thanks a lot for your support.

Monday, October 23rd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Change of Pace / The Main.HTML page has reverted....
• Mayakashi Edition Fakes / Uhm... Usocky to them...?
The Aussies Have ALL The Fun... / First the 9-Set Olympic Promo set, and now this...

Wow, back to where I started from. Back to good ol' pre-v4.5.

Oh, on a side note, a few of the pages are getting an update. I'm going to see about adding more cards to the PA!CA.

Change of Pace

Well, after exactly 3 months, the news is going to be updated on this page now. (Well, after today it will be.)

Anyway, this is only for the time being. It won't stay like this forever. When MacOS X comes out "before early 2001" (sez Apple), then the news will be updated through NewsPro. Then at that time, I won't have to worry about one person updating the news since I'll have like 5 people doing it.

Anyway, Hackman's still updating the NEWS section, just in case there's some hot NEW news that I may have missed, or I may not be around to post it. Check there for stuff!

Mayakashi Edition Fakes

Two new ones for today... #16 and #20. Sue me if I skipped a few numbers.



Soul Matrix

More Mayakashi Cards

OK, so I'll add them later today. Like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.... I've got nothing.

The Aussies Have ALL The Fun...

In the Austrialian Top Deck magazines, their Dark Charmeleons get the "W" stamp on them, while ours didn't. Humph.

Click here to view them.

Sunday, October 22th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Hey, let's see what we've got in the magic bag here!


OK, I've got some interesting Gym: Challenge Print Run info for you (it's about half way done). It's right here: Here.
(If you don't know what this Print Run thing is,
click here for more info.)

Then I also have an example Steel blank for youse mugs. I'll have the rest finished later. It's right here: Here.

Then for tomorrow, I'll probably have sone new Mayakashi Edition fake cards for you. Sudowoodo is up next...


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Saturday, October 21th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

I got nothin'.

To show that I truly have nothing, check this out:


DUPLICATE ITEMS AND POKÉMON IN G/S! (Thanks to julien89 at the PA! Forums for this tidbit.)

Probably you guys already know about this already, but.... julien89 sez:

Ok. Here it goes. save near a computer in a pokémon center. turn on the computer and go to bills pc. Deposit the the pokémon/item you want to duplicate. Change boxes. while it says "SAVING. DONT TURN OFF THE POWER," disobey it, and turn the gb off (no it doesnt erase your game). Turn it on. look at your party. Now look at your box.

Hoo haa! Try it! Now you can (slowly) get 999 Masterballs and 45 Ho-ohs and.... ooohhhh!


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Friday, October 20th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday Dear... Me...
Happy Birthday to Me!

Tee hee! Yes, today it's my birthday. I am finally 18! Now I can vote and legally buy cigarettes! ... Nah, I won't do that. Smoking sucks. But I can do all sorts of other things adults take for granted! And in another 3 years, I can buy beer! ... Nah, I won't do that. Drinking beer sucks. :D


Here are two more Mayakashi Edition cards for you, along with desktop-sized images of the pictures I used for the cards. It's Meganium and another "Matrix" Card.



Praesidium Matrix

More Mayakashi Cards

Wheee heee! .... That's it for today.


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Thursday, October 19th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

OK, so I've been busy these past few days. Meh. So sue me if my birthday's tomorrow. (Hee hee!)

To entertain you a bit, here are two Mayakashi Edition cards for you, along with desktop-sized images of the pictures I used for the cards.




More Mayakashi Cards

OK, so I don't have Meganium. I'm working on the picture right now. Later I'll have another "Matrix" card (which are cool), along with Sudowoodo, Magby, and Magmar.


Bored? Want to watch some anti-videos from Radiohead? They're really cool!


1.5 MB


1.8 MB

Flying Bears

1.5 MB


2.1 MB


2.1 MB

Morning Bell

508 KB


632 KB

Thom's Angel

1.2 MB


604 KB

Wake Up

308 KB


724 KB


1.7 MB


1.4 MB

Night Vision Forest

432 KB

Thom Cards

1.1 MB

Break Down

740 KB

Screaming Bears

1.0 MB


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Tuesday, October 17th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

I got nothin'.

To show that I truly have nothing, check out Puffy, the official dog of PA!.


Monday, October 16th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Oh well, so I didn't update yesterday. Boo hoo hoo.

Today I have more Mayakashi Edition cards for you, and later on this week I'll have some new Metropolitan Masters cards. Hee!





Charge Matrix

More Mayakashi Cards

Hoo haa! It's another set of cards drawn by me! Next off I plan to do the starting Pokémon (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile) and their evolutions. I'll see about making them in 3D also.

Other than this... I got nothin'. Maybe I'll "upgrade" my Fake Edition cards later on... hmm..... oh, plus I'll have another "Other Fake" to entertain you. It has to do with a Red/Blue "Secret" (remember though, anything in the "Other Fakes" section is not real). You'll have to wait to find out.... :D


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Saturday, October 14th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Oooh oooh! The Johto Journeys start today! Wow! Better set your faces to stunned, since:

See, even Ol' Granny here agrees with me! The Johto Journeys will kick ax!

Speaking of which, I watched the whole thing today. And it's about time they got a good theme song! I liked it at least 100 times better than the other two theme songs put together. Of course neither of them can beat the theme song for.... Transformers! :D


In other news, I might humor you with some new fake cards later today. But I can't right now, since I've got a million things on my shoulders right now (me Birthday's coming soon on the 20th), plus the hypnotic effects of Pokémon Silver (which I got) have just kicked in and I can't...... stop..... play....ing.... it... .... Can't. ... Sna.


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Friday, October 13th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

[gasp] There's a message in my Alpha-bits cereal.... it says "Oooooooo...."

[everyone out there in Internet Land] Nick, those are Cheerios.

Anyhoo... today is Friday the 13th (spooky!). What makes it even more [gasp] scary is that this month is October. [gasp again] Woah.

Ok... Here's what's new for today, site wise:


Today's the day when I debut my [slight pause] Gym blanks! Yes, that's today! And today's the day! Just pop by the Make Your Own Fake Cards! section to download them.

More in fake cards blankness news stuff... also found in the MYOFC! section are: an updated symbols page, a holo sheet for holo rares (one I made myself), some Gym leader badges, a Stadium (Trainer) card blank, and... (finally) preconstructed packs for ALL the files that you can download at the MYOFC! section.


Yes, it's about time I redid the Preconstructed Packs. How many fake sites do THAT? ... What a minute, are there OTHER fake card sites? [pauses to think about it]

... Next in line are the Steel blanks (Dark and Gym and whatever versions, also gives me another excuse to make "Steel this blank" jokes).... and then my own Neo blanks, since that's what all the people seem to like to use. Hmmmm...

Other than this, I... I... I got nothin'.


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Thursday, October 12th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

Hmmmm.... still been pretty busy lately. I'm still working hard on the Gym blanks. These will appear in the Make Your Own Fake Card section sometime tomorrow.

Also planned for the MYOFC section (maybe as a separate addition), a "Tips" section, for all you aspiring fake card makers. It'll list all sorts of tips and tricks for fake card making from the ONE and ONLY fake card master (that's me if you didn't know already ).

Also, more Mayakashi Edition cards coming your way this weekend. Oooh, this is gonna be sweet.


In other news, reports have been flying in all over the place that Pokémon Gold & Silver has been shipping early! You may no longer have to wait until the 16th to get your copy of the game! Hoo haa!


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Wednesday, October 11th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

Nothing new with PA! today. Just a few links, that's it.


Download the OFFICIAL English Gold & Silver ROMS! You heard me correctly. get them before you can actually buy them! :D Point your browsers to http://www.mewgod.com/. Remember though, ROMS are no excuse to buy the REAL Game Boy games! I know I've got my Silver version reserved!


Also, thanks to my affiliate Pokémon Forever, the new Johto Gym Leader names have been revealed! Click here to read it.


Read the Daily Reminders, and that's all for the day.

Monday, October 9th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! This will effect those of you participating in the Main Event at the East STS in New Jersey on November 18th, 2000. The following may shock, you, it may even amaze you. ... So here goes nothing, straight from the PokéGym and their anonymous contact, it's the deck rules for the East STS.

[a quite hush]

Deck Building Format

Deck Rules

• 60 Cards Total Per Deck (This is your basic, obvious rule.)

• You may have any amount of Basic Energy in your deck. (Another basic, obvious rule.)

• No more than 3 of any single Trainer Card, Basic Pokemon, Stage 1 Evolution, Stage 2 Evolution, or Non-Basic Energy in your deck! (Meaning, you can't have 4 Wigglytuff in your deck! The limit is 3 of them, or ANY card per deck. Wowza!)

• No more than 15 Trainers per deck. (Your basic, regular Prop15 rule right there.)


Un-Playable Card List (Otherwise known as BANNED Cards)

• Ancient Mew (So suitable translation for it, plus, regular tournaments have it banned anyway.)

Any Jumbo Card (That's the Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, Pikachu Jumbo, and any other Japanese jumbo card.)


Foreign Cards and Expansion Sets Status
Foreign Cards may be used in a deck on a few guidelines:

• If you have any Japanese cards in your deck, you MUST have opaque sleeves on ALL of your cards. (Opaque sleeves are the ones that you can only see the front side of them, and are colored like black or red or green or whatever.)

• If you have ANY foreign card in your deck, you MUST have an English version of the card set aside from play. (Does card from England count as foreign cards? Anyway, I saw a lot of people at the West STS get busted for this. You HAVE to have an English card for reference.)

• The following expansions may be used in your deck: Base Set 1, Base Set 2, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym: Heroes, and Gym: Challenge. Promo Cards #1-23 may all be used in decks. (That's basically all the English cards ever made by Wizards of the Coast.)


Errata Card List (Errata'd cards are cards with an updated ruling on them to make them evened out, if they were rendered unplayable by a printed mistake.)

• Blaine's Charizard's (Gym: Challenge, #2/132) first Attack (Roaring Flames) reads, "Discard all (Fighting) Energy Cards but 1 attached to Blaine's Charizard." The correct text (and the way it will be played) is "Discard all (Fire) Energy Cards but 1 attached to Blaine's Charizard."

* Rocket's Minefield Gym's (Gym: Challenge, #119/132) text reads, "Whenever a player puts a Basic Pokemon onto his or her bench, from his or her hand, flip a coin. If tails, put damage counters on that Pokemon." The correct text (and the way it will be played) is "Whenever a player puts a Basic Pokemon onto his or her bench, from his or her hand, flip a coin. If tails, put 2 damage counters on that Pokemon."


The way the tournament will be played (time limits, etc.) will be announced at a later time.

And there we are. The OFFICIAL Deck Building Format Explanation for the East STS. Those of you may cringe at the fact that you can only have 15 trainers and use only 3 of the same card per deck, but hey... that's the way it goes. This is the price for a more EVEN and BALANCED tournament format.

Hoo haaa!

That's just about all I have for today. Right now I'm busily working on Gym Blanks, and when I have those done, I'll have more Mayakashi and Metropolitan Masters fake cards to show you. Toodles!!

Sunday, October 8th 2000 (Mid-Day)

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

Aargh! eAds is ending their banner service, meaning that I have to go through EVERY page and replace the banners with something new. Grrrrrrr......

Oh, and up above is a "Daily Reminder" section just giving you some notes about things that are going on around the site. On the left is a little advertisement to the PA! Forums, if you haven't joined the chat, today's the right day for it then! On the right is a little Gym: Challenge experement I'm doing. If you want to learn more about it, click on the underlined link.


OH! Be here at around 12 AM EST (9 PM PST) for the format announcement for the STS! THis announcement will be the deciding point on what format will be used at the East STS in New Jersey! Will it be the current format or the Prop15 (15 trainer per deck limit) format?? Find out in a couple of hours!!!


Gyna. OK, I'm done for the day.

Saturday, October 7th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

What's up for today? ... I got nothin'. ... Well, actually I don't have anything RIGHT NOW, being 1 AM PST. However, I'll be back LATER today to give to some hot new stuff.

Right now however, I have the form for you to fill out for this little Gym: Challenge Print Run experement. Click here for more info.

Also, there is a NEW mistake in the TCG Mistakes section. It's the mistake with Blaine's Charizard. Click here to view "Fighting Fire With Fire"


Also, PA! is looking for a few good staff members! Click here to learn more! (Remember, this is a "first come, first served" opportunity, so you have to be quick in convincing me to hire you!)

That's all I have for today.

Friday, October 6th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

Hackman updated the news today.... so check it out!

Oh, speaking of news, a WotC employee announced that December 1st, WotC's Pokémon site will be getting a total make over... and on that day, you'll be able to sign-up to recieve your very own Birthday Pikachu! Wow! ... There is more info on this somewhere, I'm positive of it. I'll be back later with it.


OK, I've finally appointed a GS Pokédex Writer, along with a Walkthrough writer and GS Item Info writer. Score! Now all we need is a hardworking RBY Pokédex writer, then we'll be in business!

Now in other site news, I've just received some new material for the Metropolitan Masters fake card set from David Klug (one of our long time staff members)! Wow, now this means I need to begin working on my Fake Gym Blanks now, so that I have Gym Blanks to use for MM!

Oooh! Even cooler, WotC has finally posted some cards from the West STS which were created by the fans in their "Create a Card" area! Yes! They've even ranked them by "Best Art (3 Entries)", "Best Game Mechanic (3 Entries)", and "Best Overall Card (3 Entries)", along with a lot of "Honorable Mentions". They also have cards made at the East STS Qualifiers! Check it out: http://www.wizards.com/pokemon/main.asp?x=cyoc

Oh, and guess who got one of the "Best Game Mechanic" rankings? The fake card master of the internet, yours truly (aka Me)! http://www.wizards.com/Pokemon/Images/cyoc/LA5.jpg

Hoo haa!


Also, PA! is looking for a few good staff members! Click here to learn more! (Remember, this is a "first come, first served" opportunity, so you have to be quick in convincing me to hire you!)

That's all I have for today.

Thursday, October 5th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

Right now I'm busy with a great many things, so I don't have much to report on, site wise. Staff applications are going smoothly... I've already got a great fake screenshot artist, and am currently working on a GS Item info page writer, GS Pokédex writer, and a walkthrough writer. Who these people are will be announced later on Saturday (ooohh... a mystery!).

Also some new Mayakashi Edition fake cards are in the works... along with an update to the PA!CA. That's it.


Also, PA! is looking for a few good staff members! Click here to learn more! (Remember, this is a "first come, first served" opportunity, so you have to be quick in convincing me to hire you!)

That's all I have for today.

Wednesday, October 4th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

I don't have much today... Hackman updated the news. Check it out, it has some handy information.


In other news... I've got an idea. When Gym: Challenge comes out, I might construct a "print run" analysis of the set. Something like this hasn't happened in the history of Pokémon sites (to my knowledge), and so I wish to be the first one.

Commons and uncommons aren't 100% randomly inserted. They are packaged in a certain order, like Bulbasaur, then Squirtle and Pikachu ALWAYS follows in the card order... and so a pattern emerges. This is quite helpful in determining what your opponent gets in a pack if and when you play a Pokémon booster draft tournament, or just fun info to read about. (Like having fun with your friends in trying to predict the order of cards.) Now this pattern (when dealing with Magic cards) is for every 3rd or 4th cards. No doubt something similar occurs in Pokémon.... but I'm not to sure on what it is just yet.

So... When Challenge comes out on the 7th, I will have a form for this. What I'll need for you to do with the forum is to fill out what you get in your packs. Instructions on it will be explained there.

If this becomes a success, then I will try to make one for Heroes and all the other sets ever made. Cool, huh? (I'm always trying to make some new and original stuff for this site! :P)


Also, PA! is looking for a few good staff members! Click here to learn more! (Remember, this is a "first come, first served" opportunity, so you have to be quick in convincing me to hire you!)

Oooh... staff update, the "Mapmaker" job has been dropped. All I need is someone to a walkthrough and Pokédex.

That's all I have for today.

Tuesday, October 3rd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

Hmmm... no new site news today. Hack may have some Pokémon news...

Ooh! In my spare time, I was making some Flash animation quicks. They're based on some movies found at one of my favorite anti-rock band's website, Radiohead.com. If you want to look at them, click on the links below (remember, the style is intentionally "sketchy"). If you want to see more, pop by Radiohead's website. They're really cool! (Even cooler, Thom Yorke of Radiohead is SO Pro-Macintosh. Score!)

Bear Zoom
Bear Spread


Also, PA! is looking for a few good staff members! Click here to learn more! (Remember, this is a "first come, first served" opportunity, so you have to be quick in convincing me to hire you!)

Oooh... staff update, the "Mapmaker" job has been dropped. All I need is someone to a walkthrough and Pokédex.

That's all I have for today.

Monday, October 2nd 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.1

OK, updates have been made to the Flash and NonFlash sidebar, plus I've finished the DARK American blanks! (Cooler too, this size of a fix give the site a tiny version update, now it's v4.6.1 :P) Now you can FINALLY visit the news section with the Flash Sidebar! Just head over to the Make Your Own Fake Cards page to get them! .... Next up is steel... hmmm....

Now Fake Blanks News for you, I DO have plans to make "Gym" style blanks (both 'regular' and 'dark' styles). Score! Now you can REALLY your own Pokémon fake cards! :P Then after that I MAY do Neo blanks, I'm not sure about that though (fact is, I don't have ANY Neo cards....no score).


Man, I am so not used to be updating the site like this.... especially with the Ech gone and Hackman doing the news. Oh well... all I can do now is entertain you with more Mayakashi Edition fake cards. Today is Rocket's Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff. Heee!

Rocket's Igglybuff


Rocket's Jigglypuff


Rocket's Wigglytuff



Also, PA! is looking for a few good staff members! Click here to learn more! (Remember, this is a "first come, first served" opportunity, so you have to be quick in convincing me to hire you!)

That's all I have for today. Hey, here's a tip for you to think about.... reputations can be destroyed as easily as they can be rebuilt. Think about it!

Sunday, October 1st 2000

Posted by: MegaX

PA! v4.6.0

Well, I've been "sub-webmaster" since the beginning of PA!, so I thought I'd test out my abilities... BEWARE ALL! I HAVE POWER! [insert evil laugh here]


PA! is going through some weird times right now. Ech is gone, and now pure has followed. That leaves me, Nick and Hack to handle the page by ourselves. Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

Much like I hired news scouts not too long ago, Nick is hiring new staff to help with PA! Just click here for more information! Just be warned that just because you e-mail us DOES NOT mean you are guaranteed to get a staff position. We've already received a lot of e-mails about staff requests. Remember, you only need to send one e-mail, we will get them and review them all, have no fear (that's our job).

Well, anywho, I'll be signing off now. See ya!

Friday, September 29th 2000

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.0

Well, I'm back as your main webmaster. The Ech is off on his own web venture, Pokémon Zeo, which I wish him luck on. Now with his absence, I've decided to resume the role of head webmaster again. But this time it's for keeps, no matter what goes on. (Don't worry, I won't kill of PA! anytime soon. I have plans for it. ;P)

Let's see..... hmmm... OH YEAH! Notice anything new? Yes, version 4.6 is finally up! (I said it would be before September is over. :P) Here's a run down of what's new:

  • A Flash Version of PA!
    Finally, something to compete with OTHER Flash Pokémon sites (which is like one or two). It's still just cool all around! (No doubt you're looking at the Flash site right now.)

  • The Official Release of the Mayakashi Edition Fake Cards!
    Yes! Gold and Silver Pokémon are in a greater abundance in this set! It'll be better than my Fake Edition set, since it'll have more "serious" cards, a better Fake Card making Technique, and a better all around format. Check out the new cards!

    One of the coolest things that has been updated for v4.6 is the Fake Card backs. Out are the original backs, the ones I've had here for over a year... in are the newer, crisper, sharper fake backs for y'all to use! Also a new face here are the "Rocket Dark" blanks, as seen in the Team Rocket edition cards. Score!

  • The Debut of the Pokémon Aaah! Card Archive
    A lot of hard work and time has been put into bringing you the best TCG info page on the 'net. Right now it's still being worked on, but you can get a great look at what's to come!

  • The Nitpicker's Guide to Pokémon
    The PA! version of the common episode guide. Aside from giving you the basic plot of the episode, we also say what's not right with each episode! Plus this is also your chance to get your name seen on PA!, even if you don't make fake cards.

  • New Pages of Info
    We've got new info pages on new Pokémon stuff, including Pokémon Crystal and Gym: Challenge!

  • Minor Tweeks and Edits
    Just general site performance edits and info updates. I've also added something new on this page, a "posted by" section (seeing who posted the topic), and a version number, giving you an idea of where we're at. Many of the sections got a major face lift, just check out the "American Promo Card Archive" found in "Pokémon TCG Info".

  • Staff Signups
    This might be a good thing for many of you, we're looking for young go-getters who are interested on being on staff at PA! (requirements are listed).
    Click here for more info.

Now I know you're asking a few other questions.... here's what will be appearing later:

  • The New Flash Intro: Almost finished with it, but not in time for today. Trust me, you'll like it. Also, I have plans for an even funnier Flash intro. More on that later.
  • Dark & Steel "American" blanks: Also still working on it. The Dark blanks WILL debut within a few days.
  • Edits to the Flash Sidebar: Eep... I left out a few sections on the Flash Sidebar, mainly the "Daily News" and the Tomodachigai Edition section (Pure is still around but Ech is gone, so I don't know what to do with it right now.)
  • Intro Screen: Technical problems sprouted up, I couldn't get the picture up in time.

    (Remember though, all of these errors will be fixed within the next couple of days, so hold your horses.)

Hoo haa! Well, I hope you enjoy the new additions! I know I will!


Let's see... if you're too lazy to actually go to the Mayakashi Edition page to see the new fakes, here are some quick links:











Enjoy the new cards! And enjoy v4.6! Toodles!

Read the Echidna's Last Post

Monday, September 11th 2000

We've got news today! Really cool news at that. Aside from all the regular junk, Nick's uploaded a Pokémon 2001 movie trailer. It's for the 4th movie in Japan, you know, the one with Serebii in it?

Nick reports that today's news is HOT! Be sure to check it out today or else your computer will melt!

Sunday, September 10th 2000

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

That's right folks... after God knows how long, everyone's favorite Psychotic Webmaster is back, and better than ever. Well... better in the sense that I have cable and will no

longer have to curse the PeeCee users that insist on sending me huge freakin' BMPs rather than nice cuddly JPGs. No longer will i have to worry about tying up the phone line while trying to upload images... No longer will I be confined to the recesses of a Modem... I shall rule the World!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

Saturday, September 8th 2000

(Guest Director: Nick15)

Well, it seems as if the Echidna's home computer is on the fritz, so I gues I need to updated. [bashes his head on a table]

There's not much news wise for both PA! and the world of Pokémon. Dum de dum... The Mayakashi Edition is on it's way.... Right now I'm rendering one of my card images in 3D.

Speaking of fake cards, I have 1 card to share with you... like my Nick15's Gally and Deckman 601 cards, this too is also from that manga series, "Gunnm". It's GR-3.

Click Here to See GR-3
(Click here to see the big image.)

Other than this, there's nothing much to speak about.

friday, september 8th 2000

(guest director purity)

hey hey....look who got saddled with today's update!! eh, i'm not complaining...HEY EVERYONE I GOT A PASSWORD TO POKEMON AAAH AND YOU DON'T!! YEAH!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

moving on...my cohort the echidna and i thought it might be fun to have a fake card contest of our own...keep your eyes on fake card mania for further developments.

we're getting closer and closer to the release of gold and silver...i'm pleased to note that the nintendo gold/silver tour will be stopping in dear old nyc, so i don't have to go to boston or something. hurrah!!

gah....this is hard...i mean, i get on aim and nick invites me to a chat, and after we're done yelling out names to each other, he says hey pure update pa! and now here i am....

for those of you planning on attending the ests, i hear you need FIVE badges to get in, not 3 like the west coast one. bear it in mind if you're planning on going...it would suck to show up and not get in, huh.

what else...no one ever tells me anything so i don't know. i've been over in fake card mania all day, and since there are few things in life more annoying than someone with nothing to say who won't shut up, i'll just hustle on out of here....thanks for your kind attention, and hopefully tomorrows updater will have something a tad more relevant to say!!

weeeeeeell, gooooodbye!!!

Thursday, September 7th 2000

(Guest Director: Nick15)

Hello, it's me again. Did you miss me? I'm getting back into my old updating habits, which is something I DON'T want to be doing right now (I'd rather be in bed right now). [grumble]

I've got some minor news for youse bums... Remember that Thunderstorm Gift Box I mentioned a while back, well I've got the card list for it. (It's amazing what you can find if you just look. :P )

Let's see... I had an idea for another new thing for v4.6, but I can't remember... uhm... bah. Just come back later today to read about it.


[The Echidna slowly enters the room]

Hey guys... remember me... your favorite monotreme that seems to have slacked on his Webmastering duties... let's see here...

"Due to some weird and kinky shtuff, I might resume the task of being webmaster"

<gasp> Am I being... FIRED?!?! Wait... there's more...

"Maybe New Staff members"

New... staff... members?!? Does this mean...

Nah... chill out folks. Ech will be back, its just right now is my busy season and thus I have NO time at all to update.

Tell ya what though... I'll try and have a huge update for Monday or Tuesday... including the highly awaited Holy Blank!



Wednesday, September 6th 2000

(Guest Director: Nick15)

Well. more chaos at the Forums.... I shant get into it just yet.

Hackman has taken over the news again yesterday... but considering how he's in shool right now, and that MegaX is gone, it seems that I'll be updating it when Hack doesn't. At least you'll get more Nicky goodness every other day (especially those who forgot who I am).

As for the Next Major Update, version 4.6 (sue me if I skipped a number), here's what is officially planned:

  • An Ultra Keen Flash version of the site, and a New and Updated Flash Intro
  • The beginnings of a browsable Pokémon TCG Card index, along with tips, combos, (possibly translations,) and official rulings for each (Take that, Team Compendium! :P)
  • Updated Blanks (Includes "Classic" and "Dark" versions)
  • New Mayakashi Edition fake cards (with more drawn by me)
  • New Metropolitan Masters fake cards
  • New Pages Altogether
  • Maybe New Staff members
  • And minor page tweeks

I don't like setting dates whenever I make a mega site update, so I'll just say this will be around sometime soon.

Toodles people!

Tuesday, September 5th 2000

(Guest Director: Nick15)

Due to some weird and kinky shtuff, I might resume the task of being webmaster (which is something I really don't want to do)... some stuff is going around which concerns PA! Community happenings which I'm not really pleased with. :\ Aargh, who ever though running a site like this would be so much trouble! (-_-) Anyway, there have been talks between the Echidna, Purity, and myself, about a numerious number of things concerning the people level of PA!, like what's going on behind the forums (something I don't want to get into right now). I mean it's grown to the level to where MegaX, one of the longest staff members at PA! resigned. (0_o) I've been thinking about just staying out of such happenings since it doesn't really concern me personally, and just let things run their course. Hmmm... boy, this sure is a real thinker right now.

More stuff later today.

Monday, September 4th 2000

(Guest Director: Nick15)

Today is Labor Day, the Worker's Holiday. To the uneducated (or those who want a good laugh), today is Communist/Socialist Day, the Worker's Holiday. :P

Hmmmm.... it doesn't seem like the Ech has updated this page in a while. Can't blame him though... that lazy person (:P) has been busy with personal events and hasn't been online much. At least that's what I've pieced together.

Anyhoo, first off the last few days have been slow news wise in the world of Pokémon. Even the Pojo has been news-less for 4 days-ish. .... Speaking of news, I'll do today's installment later today.

Speaking of news, word has it that MegaX, the original news editor has a better internet connection and will resume the job as news editor in a few days or so. Before, Megs was the news editor, but since he has a slow as snails PeeCee with a slow as snails internet connection, it was next to impossible for Megs to do any news updating. So Hackman took over for him as a temp.

In the world of fake cards, it is September.... so that means the Mayakashi edition will be beginning soon. As soon as I get my new blanks finished, I'll begin immediatly on the new fake card set.

Aside from that, I have another non-Mayakashi edition fake card for you. It's the second of my Gunnm-related fakes. And yes, it was drawn by me again! No doubt that this card will knock your socks off. :P Well, enjoy!

Deckman 601
(Click here to view the full image.)

More of these kinds of cards will be appearing in Mayakashi. My 3D abilities has grown from leaps and bounds since about a month ago.... all this will provide for some really kick butt fake cards!

Also, PA! version 4.5.1 is in the works, many pages need an update. Also planned in v4.5.1 is a browsable TCG card index, with scans of each card. Kind of like what I have in the Promo Index page.

OK, well, that's it for me right now. Toodles!

The First of September, The Year Two Thousand


There has been massive amounts of speculation about it, but Friday is finally here and all shall be revealed.

Six months ago today I took a chance. I decided to go to someone's knowledge compition. It was just another person from the newly established
PA! Forums and I thought "What the hell... why not try and meet the people.

So I take the directions that were given to me and I am welcomed by this awesome picture of Team Rocket, Zorak, the Tick, and a cute little redhead.

Anyway, the actual compitition was a bust... I was the only one that showed up! However I got a lot more out of that contest than a pack of Neo cards... I gained one of the best friends I will ever have.

Happy Six Month Anniversary, Purity. [kiss] I know that this is just the start of many, many more...

Okay... so now what?

Well for starters we have a reall new card for y'all to look at. I made the Holy Blank a while ago, but never had anything fitting to make a spectacular release... that is until now.
Purity & Echidna

...and this is just the start of many things planned for today. Check on the
Forums or talk to us on AIM for more detail as time goes on.

Uh.... hack may have updated the
News. I've been too busy to find out...

[Nick15 walks in for a minute]

Hoo haa! I control the News for today! Take that.. uhm... current news person. ... And Ech. :P

Oh yeah, speaking of new cards, I too have a card to share. It's not an official Mayakashi Edition card (which I need to start working on sometime soon), but it is a cool fake card done by me. Much cooler than anything the Ech can do. :D

Anyway, my favorite anime/manga (Japanese cartoon/comic, respectivly) has always been and will be Battle Angel Alita, Gunnm in it's native Japan. It's main character is Alita, or Gally in Japan. So for the heck of it, I drew up a "Nick15's Gally" card to share.

Nick15's Gally Card
(The original picture)

Now this card was VERY popular at the PA! Forums, so I've decided to make 3 more Gunnm related fakes. I shant tell you what they are yet. (To learn more about BAA/Gunnm, click here.)

Also, I'm about half finished on updating my REALLY COOL 'CLASSIC' blanks that EVERYONE uses (no one uses Ech's Neo backs). I still have to do Psychic, Colorless, Dark, and Steel. :D But I'm sure you're DYING to learn more about my blanks so here's a de-fact-o sheet for you.

• The new "Classic" blanks are crisper and cleaner than the original blanks. The colors for them are also vibrant and bolder than they were before.

• Also, the Classic blanks have been fixed so that they look more 'official' than the original blanks. The original blanks were ones that I scanned before the "shadow" versions found in Jungle onward.

• Aside from that, I'm going to made "Classic" version of Dark type and Steel type Pokémon found in Neo. Even cooler, I'm starting from scratch on them, and not using any help from the Ech (take that).

• Plus a new set of blanks are going to be made... "Dark" Version, like the ones you saw in Team Rocket edition. Wow!

• (Good news for me) There are new security features in each card. Now I'll know even more if someone stole a card from me or not. (^_^)

• And above all, the new blanks will have the copyright's updated. It now says "2000" on them!


Now to give you an idea of what the new blanks will look like, I've decided to release this Stage 2 'Dark' Grass blank early. It's free for you to use in blank making, right now! Enjoy!

Stage 2 "Dark" Grass blank! Free for you to use!

Thursday, August 31st 2000

If memory serves me correctly...

....today is the day that Hackman celebrates his Birthday... [Evil Webmaster Mode] so I really suppose I should give him the day off... But he's taken the last two days off already! [/Evil Webmaster Mode]

Heh... just kidding Hackster. Since Nick doesn't seem to bite at any of my taunts anymore, you'll have to do. Guess Nick just realized the truth, eh? ^_^

Anyway, have a really good birthday Hackster, and I can't wait for your draft tournement. ^_^

Speaking of memories...

Tomorrow could be interesting... if all goes according to plan that is. Something big is slated for the morrow and all you have to do is stay tuned here for details!

Hmmm.... seeing as how people are back to school, you may want to Check Out the
PA! Forums and get a feel for them before things start getting crazy again... Winter Break is just around the corner...

Wednesday, August 30th 2000


Hack wants to talka bout tired... let him live in Ech's World for a bit. He will think that Hack's Life is an Afternoon nap!

Yesterday for instance... I stayed up until 3AM Monday night talking with a friend, then I had to get up at 6AM, get to work by 9, and then I had a 12 hour shift! To top it off.... last night I didn't get to bed until 2:30!

Now what was this about your lack of sleep Hackster? Hmmm.... well as of right now, tehre is no
News but you never know... he may get the urge to do some updating later on..... right Hack? ...Hack?

Speaking of news...

I would just like to say that I have Officially been Gym Leaderized at the Pokémon League. Now I know that this is probably not a big thing for most of you, but you guys have no idea what a Jerk the owner is... Anyway, I shall vow to restore Honor and Dignity to the newly renamed "Echidna Gym" (aka Sportscard Superstore in Calgary) and take over as Supreme Gy Leader Type Person!

Hmmm.... seeing as how people are back to school, you may want to Check Out the
PA! Forums and get a feel for them before things start getting crazy again... Winter Break is just around the corner...

Monday, August 28th 2000


Another weekend and nothing to show for it but a lot of work. Blech.

Anyway, I'm sure that most of you guys out there have either already started that evil called School, or are pretty close to starting it. "It's times like this I'm glad I flunked out of Medical School..."

Well, have yourselves a good Final Week, and make sure to laugh at oll those poor sods that are already back in school.

Let's head on over to
The News and see what dear old Hacky has to say.... Oooooh! Apparently I sent something in.... Oh yeah! That's what it was. Want to know... Too bad! =P Check the news yourself.

In addition to my news bit, dear old Hackster has info on Pokémon Crystal, Prop15 (shudder), and giant mutant Charmanders. Well... maybe not quite mutants...

Hmmmm.... [The Echidna looks at his mail] Looks like we have something for some guy called 'Nick15' ...Says here he's the former head hancho of PA!... hmm....

Anyway Nickie Boy here says that he's actually going to redo his Aging American Blanks.... Guess that letter from Timmy really made him think.

Moving on... hmmm... there is also something about a history lesson? Hmmm.... I wonder what that's about. He says here that he's going to pop in upon occasion and give us all a history lesson... Guess we'll have to wait and see....

Friday, August 25th 2000


I do these early updates and what happens? Hack goes and does something cool with the news. Once again our Plucky interm News Guru has created a
video news report.

[The Echidna turns into a giant fire breating monster and starts stomping around.] Take THAT Pojo! Take THAT UPN! Take THAT Bulbagarden! Take THAT PA!.... Oooops... that's my site.

Well still you get the point... remember, in a few weeks when everyone starts doing this, remember that you say it here first.

"Pokémon Aaah! Often imitated, never replicated"


You know what REALLY ticks me off.... There was this HUGE Tournement just a few hours north of where I live. It was for a chance to go to the Mega Tropic battle in Hawaii. The winner was this guy Trevor that I beat on a regular basis. Like most people, he can't touch my Tentacool Deck.

So then you're asking why is he going to Hawaii while poor Echy stays here? I'll tell you why... it's because *(&#$@ WotC thinks that only people under 14 should be allowed to go! That **&^#@$*& #(*$&#@(*&#$!!!!


Oooooh.... Tomorrow we get another New Epsiode of Pokémon.... <sniff> I've been dreading this epsiode for a long time... that is if the spoilers I've read serve me correctly. I guess only time will tell.

Have a good weekend Folks!

Thursday, August 24th 2000

Ugh.... Well I'm not going to be the only website out there that doesn't mention Survivor... all that I can say is WTF were they thinking by letting Rich win?!?! Arrrrg! That is just Nuts! Even lazy old Gervase would have been better....

If you want to scream and holler about the outcome, go to
Survivor Sucks, because after last night... it really does.

Ooooh,,, let's see what Hack has in sotre for us in the
News... even I don't know.. once again I'm doing an early update. ^_^

Fan mail! Don't you just love it! Here's a rather interesting one...

Dear Mr Echidna

I love your site so much. I think that Pokémon Aah! is waaay better now than when Nick was doing it. Nick was just waaaaay too boring. You are so cool and you rock. I love your Neo blanks and think that they are a lot better than Nicks old ones. He should really redo them if he wants to be as good as you.

I think that you can Purity are the best fake card makers in the whole world, and I think Purity is a really good artist, and I hope to be like you two when I grow up.

Timmy, your biggest Fan.

Aaaaw.... doesn't that letter just bring tears to your eyes? <sniff> Thanks Timmy... you're the best!

Wednesday, August 23rd 2000

Well... back again with a new update. After a very brutal Tuesday, including a beating from Hackman in the news, I am back and hopefully better than before... although you never know.

Yesterday Hack had some cool GS Screenshots, Pokémon Puzzle League shots, as well as information on the new Pokéball Blasters. Today I'm sure he has even more cool stuff... but for once I'm on top of things and am working on this before he does the news.

Hmmm.... to make up for the lack of an update yesterday... how about 6 new Cards from the masterminds of Purity and myself?

You can find them all in the....
Tomodachigai section!

...and on one Final note... my email server is screwed (Thank you very much Mr. MJ....) and thus have not been able to get it all week... what more is that it looks like it will be out of commision for another TWO WEEKS. (I TOLD you to give me TB2 access but noooo.....) so until further notice, please send any email for me to
Purity and she will forward them to my personal account... thanks.

Monday, August 21st 2000

As you can probably tell from the lack of updates on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday are NOT the best days for me.

During this time I generally have to do all the stuff with my company that I don't get a chance to do during the week... and it's pretty hard considering all the banks are closed.... Arrrrg!

Anyway, it's a fresh week, and for most this is either the last week of summer vacation or the first week of school... either way I'm sure it sucks for most of you. =)

Let's see what Hackster has in the
news for us today...

[The Echidna quickly peeks into the news folder....]

Oookay... he has nothing. Hmmm... I bet I'm going to get blamed for this.... it's ALWAYS the webmaster, huh?

...and on one Final note... my email server is screwed (Thank you very much Mr. MJ....) and thus have not been able to get it all week... what more is that it looks like it will be out of commision for another TWO WEEKS. (I TOLD you to give me TB2 access but noooo.....) so until further notice, please send any email for me to
Purity and she will forward them to my personal account... thanks.

Saturday, August 19th 2000


Finally after months of waiting... (7 if you live in Canada like me...) we get new episodes of Pokémon! Cool! ...and if you're into something different... today also is the start of Digimon2 on Fox! Coincidence, I think not!

Wouldn't it be cool to have a website that let you WATCH the
news instead of just reading it... I mean hearing about all the cool Pokéness stuff out there by having some well informed intellectual person reading it to you...

Well PA! can't give you that... but we have Hackman! ...and we also have the ONLY Pokemon Website to give you

Yes... Hack really IS that insane... fits in perfectly here!

As if Hackman's News wasn't enough... we have some more cool Tomodaichigai cards for you! Here we have two cool Prerelease cards that have been shown on the forums...
Tomodaichigai Prerelease!

Ooooh.... spiffy....

To view the actual cards and not some cheezy ad, Pop on over to the
Tomodaichigai Page. Well... what are you waiting for... Do it! Now! =)

...and on one Final note... my email server is screwed (Thank you very much Mr. MJ....) and thus have not been able to get it all week... what more is that it looks like it will be out of commision for another TWO WEEKS. (I TOLD you to give me TB2 access but noooo.....) so until further notice, please send any email for me to
Purity and she will forward them to my personal account... thanks.

Friday, August 18th 2000


Just another Lazy Friday... not much seems to be going on right now... kids are getting ready to back to school if they haven't already, and I'm preparing for the onslaught of University Freshmen that think they're better than me, but will be forced to call upon ole Echy when their computer gets fried...


I was going to UL some Tomodaichigai Edition last night, but then realized after my HD crash and then Nick's HD Crash, I don't have any of the final versions... Purity has them all. Oh well.... looks like it will be a few more days then

Taking a peek at the
News Page, I see that Hack has yet to update... Thats cool... just a Lazy Friday afternoon....

In fact, I think it's safe to say... "I've...."

[Nick creeps in and glares at Ech]


[Nick: Don't do it man...]


[Nick screams in anguish]

Heh... have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, August 17th 2000

Our impromptu News Editor Hackman has a bunch of cool info, including some people's comments on Proposition15, the act to limit trainers to 15 per deck ala the Japanese style of play.

15 trainers would totally kill decks like Trapper and Insanity, and give decks like my Brains vs. Brawn deck in a more viable position. Go Psychic

Read about this, as well as things like Stadium 3... all in the

Well... I promised fake cards, and fake cards is what you're going to get!

It's a Neo! No... it's Rocket! No wait... it's Gym Leaders! No... it's.... a.... Refractor?!

Yup... for some time now Purity and I have been working on these suckers, and just released them to the forums, but now EVERYONE can see them!
Echidna's Mewtwo
Purity's Mewtwo

Oooooh..... refractory....

Any comments/questions/praise, please contact the creators,
Purity and Myself.

[Nick15 creaps in for a moment]

Hello again, it Nick15 again...

PA! has teamed up with Nick15.com to provide you with PA! Hosting. More into on THAT tomorrow. (hee hee hee... I'd like to keep people in suspense).

Grab the latest issue of Beckett Pokémon Monthy, because guess who makes an appearence in it? Me (Philippe Van Lieu)! Check towards the back, there's an article about me, along with about 5 other people who got top dog in the STS Qualifiers. The person who interviewed me, Mr. Steve Diamond, is one great guy, and I still thank you so very much for interviewing me for the magazine!! (^_^)

Also, many of you people have been constantly asking: "Nick15, are you STILL going to do the Mayakashi Edition fakes??" Well, I did a bit of thinking, and I think the answer to all those questions can be summed up in this ultra cool PRERELEASE card!

Check out the Prerelease Mayakashi Edition card!

Tuesday, August 15th 2000

You know, it takes a lot of work to resurect a Web Page from the brink of death... slowly but surely everything is coming back around...

I'd like to thank everything that has supported me in the past week and to those who doubt me, belive me, I'm getting the hang of this... I really am!

Well... as part one of my Promise, we actually have some
News! Coming aboard as Temporary News Editor is Hackman, one of PA!'s affiliates for quite a while now.

So with Hack playing News Editor for a while, that leaves Megs open for some new endevours... like perhaps a Deck Doctor section so that he can show off his Elite TCG Skills. Look for this addition to PA! soon.

[Nick15 creaps in for a moment]

Hello! Just because The Echidna is the head webmaster and I'm not anymore, it doesn't mean I can't update this page once in a while! Here, today I have a few things I need to say.

One... Happy Korean Independance day! Wheee! I hear that North Korea has warmed up to South Korean and have began reuniting families that were split apart after the Korean War. [sniff] Good times...

Two... Happy Apple iMac 2nd Anniversary! This was the day when counter-culture design took a turn for the better. Because of the iMac, half the things you own are clear and have wild colors! :P

Three... I'm working on MY bio, so I'll get to read about yours truly sometime soon. Trust me, my story will be so good, Ech and Pure's life will seem like a bore to you. Just kidding guys!

And four... something tells me you want to know what Ancient Mew says. [uses all the power of his brain] And chances are that you searched for this through Yahoo!. Well, look no further, because PA! has the info. Wheee!

Click here to read the really cool PA! Translation of Ancient Mew

Monday, August 14th 2000

Server Problem. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

As you can see for the past few days PA! hasn't exactly been the most up and coming website out there... It stems back to Friday when Nick's Server ate my Main.html and Purity's Bio. I just never bothered to restore them.... too busy.

Anyway, as I start my second week at the PA! Helm, I assure you that we WILL have news this week! We WILL have more Neo Blanks this week! (I'm redoing them all....) We WILL have Fake cards this week! And we may even have something else... I don't know what, but we may have it! ^_^

Well... the second Biography of the Elite 4 is posted.... Read all about
Purity: Brains, Beauty and Talent.

Hey! Did you notice that the Staff page as been revamped? I bet you didn't!

That is officially the first page that has been 'Echidna-ized' but trust me... it WON'T be the last...

Read the PA! Restructuring Announcement!

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