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The Base Set that never was.

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So really... what is Crosstrainer? Here are the facts:

Set Order: ??? set in the US.
This set was never released in the US. And since this was a set devised by Wizards, chances were that it wasn't going to be released in Japan.

Set Size: 151+ in the US.
This set was said to contain all 151 "Kanto" Pokémon (Bulbasaur to Mew) including a good rotation of Trainer and Energy card. Although 151 is the bare minimum of cards in the set, it wasn't the actual set size. (Technically there is no set size since it wasn't released, but we figured it to be in the 170's.)

Release Date: July 10th, 2001 in the US.
Well, that's what its original release date was planned to be at, however it was never released.

Other Goodies:
• Officially, this set was called Crosstrainer, although it did go through a number of name changes (which included Pokémon X, Tournament Set, and BS3).
• This set was going to be a Base Set Three type set, however it was going to introduce 30 "new" cards. These 30 cards were actually part of a set from Japan which hasn't been released in English, Vending.
Crosstrainer was rumored to include cards from Base Set 2 (which was Base & Jungle), Fossil, Rocket, and the said 30 cards from Vending. Other rumors had said that it was going to include cards from Gym Heroes/Challenge, but we doubted that from the beginning.
• Wizards axed Crosstrainer in the summer of 2001, saying that they wanted to focus on releasing Southern Islands and Neo Revelation.
• However, even though Crosstrainer is "dead", it's not really "dead-dead" since we're pretty sure Wizards will ressurect the concept sometime soon.... maybe when Base Set 4 is on the horizon, say mid 2004?

Symbol: The symbol for Crosstrainer is unknown. We assumed that it would be a Roman-numerial 3 (III) with a PokéBall in the middle of it.

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