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So really... what is EX: Sandstorm? Here are the facts:

Set Size: 53 in Japan, 100 in the US
47 NEW cards were added to the 53 cards in the Japanese ADV2 set to make EX Sandstorm. These cards were actually pulled from Japan's ADV4/EX1 set.

Set Order: 20th set in Japan, 17th set in the US

Release Date: April 18th, 2003 in Japan, September 15th, 2003 in the US.
Players managed to get a sneak peek at Sandstorm in various Pre-release tournaments on September 6th, 2003.

Other Goodies:
• We're starting to see more and more old skool Pokémon being released, as well as the stats for them. For example, Cyndiquil is not in Ruby/Sapphire (through the normal progression of the game that is), yet it's numbered in the 300's. So... for those who don't own a GameShark, this is an interesting development.
• As mentioned above, this set had 47 cards added to it on top of the 53 cards from the Japanese set. These 47 cards were pulled from Japan's ADV4/EX1... but don't expect to see them again in the English release of ADV4/EX1.

Other Images:
EX Sandstorm Prerelease Draft Checklist
EX Sandstorm Pack

Symbol: The symbol for EX: Sandstorm is a Claw and Root Fossil.

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