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To Be A Fake Master
Other Fake Tips and Tricks

This page contains all the other tips I have for you. Uhm... enjoy!

Better Quality Cards:
Using MS Paint and your cards looks like this?

Then this tip is for you!

First off, I know in Windows there is a function called "Font Smoothing" or "Anti-Aliasing". Turn it ON. The same thing goes for Mac users using MacOS 8.5 and up. This will help you out also when making fake cards.

Now I believe that MS Paint has a function where you can resize an image. If you can, resize the card blank you want to work with by 200%. (Do the same with your symbols and picture and anything else.) Then start making your card.

When you're done with the card, SHRINK the image by 50% (thus bringing it back to it's original size), and Tadah! Your card looks better already!

Bonus Tip: The BIGGER you resize your card, then the better it'll look. Make it 400% larger when you make your card, and it'll be even better looking that the one above!

ALRIGHT!! That's all the tips I have for you though.


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