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Make Your Own Fake Cards!
Step 1

To begin making your very own image fake cards, you need to have a graphic editing program. This is most important because without one, you can't make image fakes!

The best program you could use you make your fake cards is on a program called Adobe Photoshop. However this is a program for PROFESSIONALS, and could set you back around US$600. Obviously if you don't have $600 to toss around, this isn't an option.

But don't worry! You don't need a $600 program to make fakes at all! Image fake card making can be done on something as simple as MS Paint, which probably came with your PC. Mac users can use AppleWorks, which also probably came with your Mac. Isn't that cool?

If you don't have any of those program, there are plenty of other FREE art programs avaliable on the internet. Just pop by or and search for something. Here are a few programs we recommend:

• GraphicsConverter (MacOS)
• Gimp (Unix, and maybe Linux)
• PaintShop Pro (Windows)

Now that you have your graphics program, just click on the link below to go on to the next step.

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